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This month is a special one for me because I celebrate 10 years of growing this crown of mine. A full decade of truly amazing memories, forever locked into these roots. As I reflect upon this momentous achievement, I cannot help but reflect upon all the people who have played a role in my journey. There was the very first inspiration, a dready guy at the local hippie shop, who I of course had a crush on and who sold me my first tub of wax (I do not recommend this method, friends). Then there was my brotha from anotha motha, @devinkellyglass who installed my very first dreadlock. Then there's my homegirl forever, @kaleid0katie who proceeded to install at least half of my locks. And other friends who helped 17 year old Koda put that work in. And of course there are all of the strangers I've met along the way, solely because of my hair. People old and young, bold and shy, so so so many people I've talked with and danced with and cried with and loved with I otherwise maybe never would have. Subsequently, some of those meetings took me on journeys near and far that I cherish so deeply in my heart. Most importantly though, my hair introduced me to me. As it grew, I grew. For me, my crown is so much more than hair, it's my spiritual antennae. Like tree roots, growing and reaching closer to Source. Always guiding me home. #locsoflove #locjourney #decade #womenwithlocs #happy

"God told Adam no no.. Eve made him say yes yes..."👑 #locnewbie #locdqueen #locsoflove

Our Baby Lauren got Married! 💍🤵🏽👰🏾 Congratulations Mr & Mrs. Williams. What you two share is rare and special. Love you both! 😘 #LocsOfLove

My hair is growing like grass if you haven't noticed 😫 📸 @thewoman.in.red #locjourney #locnation #locs #locsoflove

10 months loced bihhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!! 💁🏽😆 #loclovin #locs #locs4life #locsoflove

For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. #locsoflove

So the weekend was too good to me thanks to my bride tribe @beautiful.chaos @prettycertain and bomb ass sister @brandycltrealtor(#overthetopevents) I love you guys sooo much. #coctailswithLaurenbridalshower #locsoflove #lessthanamonthaway #cantwaittosayido💍P.S thanks to everyone that came and showered me with love and support. You guys are the best friends/family a girl could ever ask for. 📸: @j_aka_julio2


It was yoga day for me it is crazy to think that I bought this program off of an infomercial 3 years ago

I was super depressed at that time and was so looking for a solution to just feel better.

When I got the program I was super excited and put in the yoga dvd because yoga is supposed to be easy right?? I felt so defeated because I couldn't do it, it sat on my counter for 4 additional months

Until my friend and old coworker invited me to a fitness support group
I thank God that I didn't say well it didn't work for me before why would it work for me now

Because now I am a whole lot stronger

I hear that so much from people and I get it, its so easy to look at the past and not be willing to try it again, but what if this time you succeed  Its okay to try again and try again until you do succeed. Failure is only the stepping ground to success if you let it

I love it when my bestie comes and sees me. I always get to make her dreadies pretty again :) I started these dreadlocks around 3 months ago and they are doing so well! Today we added 6 more dreads into the top of her head to take some more of her fringe away. Secretly I'm making a full head but gradually 😏
#dreadlocks #dreadhead #girlswithdreads #ladieswithlocs #lesbianswithlocs #blondedreads #3months #freshdreads #dreadmaintenance #locsoflove #loctician #locstagram #locstyles #megslocks #alternative #shavedhead #dreadlocksdaily #instagood #instadaily #hippie

It's something about Sundays that I absolutely love. Maybe its the quietness in the house and the peaceful mornings

This is my day to reflect on the week behind, I focus on what I can improve upon and also celebrate what I already have improved on.

It's my day to plan for the week ahead
I spend a couple of hours meal planning and prepping my foods for the week

I have learned that just because its been 3 years when I don't plan I fail
I set the stage also in my business, I set up my working hours, plan for my fitness groups, and work on my materials for my team calls.

Who else loves Sunday and what do you love best?

Late night movie with my not so littles

Watching the ninja movie, have you seen it did your kids like it?

It was pretty good to me!!

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