11:00-13:00 JAZZ初級/DAISUKE→休講
13:30-14:30 ピラティス/佐藤陽子→休講
14:30-16:00 JAZZ HIPHOP初級/TOMOYA
16:00-17:30 AFRICAN/tantan→休講
17:30-19:00 BALLET入門/古野薫
19:00-20:30 JAZZ初級/古野薫

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A little corner of Strasbourg...
..the Drawbridge!
#strasbourg #alsace #france #beauty #drawbridge #canallock #lock #waterlock #bridge #corner #quaint

Pressing deep into our flesh the lock on our back keeps our story hidden within. The sky above reaches towards the ground and we retreat further into our caves. There we find comfort in the empty solitude. But inside grows a desire for the lock to be turned and our story to be let out.
What do we hide within? What parts of ourselves and our stories do we keep under lock and key? What memories bring a smile to our face? There are little spaces inside of our hearts and minds where we tuck in memories and emotions. Parts of us that are a little too painful to share and a little to raw to be let out. But they are part of us nonetheless. We are made up of each little moment of our past and our hopes for the future. Everything we do and think adds up to who were are. And what a beautiful creation. Our life is a journey of changing and growing on the inside. It doesn’t matter what we look like on the outside. Just like a book, it’s never about the cover. The important part is found on the inside. We are all the main character of an amazing story, our own. Each and every day this story is being written on our hearts, buildings up into a beautiful work of art. Don’t be afraid to open up that book and share different parts of it with the world. It’s not about what we have on the outside, it’s about what we have on the inside. This is what makes us unique and simply stunning. Don’t be afraid to unlock your heart and put out the pure, beautiful you.
Creating this image was an absolute blast. The day I shot the main pose it was an utter downpour, I was soaking wet and bit cold and felt completely alive. As I continue on my photography journey I’ve begun to realize that I occasionally hurry through the photoshoot to get to the end product, a part of the creation process that I absolutely love. When we create we should allow the piece of work to take it’s time to form. Enjoy the process, don’t rush to the finish line. Create for the in-between moments when we feel alive the most. This is when we will feel the most satisfied.

Every day, Voices of Hope can make a difference because of your support. A donation of $100 will pay for a locksmith to put a new lock on a sexual assault survivor’s door to increase his or her safety. If you or a friend would like to make this donation for Give to Lincoln Day, click the link in our bio 💕

As artists we tend to create selfishly. We create to tell our own stories, in each image (or any other type of medium) we place our feelings into it, capturing our thoughts and emotions. There are times when we use art to mend parts of ourselves and other times when we use it to release something. Art is extremely selfish and it should be.
Not often would I deliberately say that something should be selfish, but I believe art was intended to be that way. By creating self-interested work the meaning behind the pictures blooms bigger than we could imagine. We pour our souls into the image and it is apparent to anyone who views it. Selfish art attracts people because it is meaningful. What story do we know better than our own? What emotions do we feel more strongly than our own? Create for yourself, to express feelings and share moments in our life, to give a part of yourself to the world and to share your story. When we do this, others see the emotions behind the work and are drawn to it. Why? Because their hearts were touched by your life and the way it resembles something in their own. Never are we alone in what we feel. Someone somewhere will understand the exact emotions you placed into your work. They will feel as you do and will be drawn in. Selfish creations draw in people because of the rich story that is placed behind the surface. And when others see it and say 'I understand', it's not selfish anymore is it?
Create selfishly and share selflessly.

Electronic keypads installed for new homeowners ⌨️🚪🔑🛠🇺🇸
The real estate company's previous go-to locksmith retired and they were referred to me by a previous client 👍🛠🚪
Rekeyed all 8 locks on property to operate with 1 key, even the electronic deadbolts. Happy customers and good future business from the real estate company! #locksmith #electronics #electronic #lock #metalwork #woodworking #woodwork #carpentry #padlock #door #homeowner #newhome #fixing #mechanicalengineering #locksmithlife #technology #tech #newschool #retro #retrofit #mechanic #mechanics #metal #tools #handtools #milwaukee #toolsofthetrade #solo #customer

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