Another Soul Foods ✨This is US✨ series offering: we created #soulfoodsforthepeople for YOU! What does this mean? It means that we have a vision, a vision of offering nourishment, connection & community and we understand that growth comes from #sharing our #hearts our #stories & giving voice to our #needs - we have a whole lot of empty shelves and need to know from YOU! What do you need? What would you like to see on the shelves of your #conscious #neighbourhood #grocer!? ✌🏻💜

Comment below, tell us what you’d like to see! Tag a friend and help us build your #Riversdale community grocer! •

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Happy Monday! ❤️ We hope everyone has a great start to their week. ☺️ Our office is closed today. We open tomorrow 9am! The office is open this week until Friday at 3pm, then closed for the Canada Day weekend! 🇨🇦

Did you know? 🤔

Juvederm (filler) can be used in the nose area for a non-surgical rhinoplasty! 💉 Check out this before and after of our wonderful patient! 😍

New item: minimalist beaded necklace. Perfect light summer jewelry and goes great with a white tee. Can also be looped into a layered bracelet! Made from glass seed beads. I will have these available at my Clearcut Coffeehouse pop-up in Martensville on August 11th. $10 each.

Espresso with Ethiopia from Hambela Estate in Guji, and an AeroPress of the Dreamy Tangerine Gesha from El Obraje in Narino, Colombia. Roasted by @enjoylunacoffee

h u n n i e . b u n . .

She couldn't wait to  chop off all her hair off.  Gave her a undercut and texture soft short bob for fun! I just love doing my clients' kids!

This delicate textured buttercream cake went out to the Women in White charity event for the Children's Wish Foundation on Thursday. #givingfeelsgood #yxe #yxecakes #yxebaking #localyxe #supportlocal #humblebeecakes
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School's out for summer!
Chocolate on Devil's Food for a chocolate loving kindergarten grad :)
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Summer blondie 🌼 @luxebeautycompany

A fun “extra”: I will be offering 4x6 photo cards at my pop-up at @clearcutcoffeehouse in Martensville on Saturday, August 11th. I just love these. You can use them for postcards, bookmarks, vision boards, scrapbooking, decor, birthday cards, decorating work bulletin boards...etc etc. And this is just a small sampling of all the fun prints! 💕🍩💕 $1 each or 5 for $4!

c h a n g e .

I chopped at least 4 - 5 inches of her length! I craved this shaggy cut using just my scissors (not texturizing scissors. Just blow her hair out with a round brush. She can now just wash and go and still have style!

Canada day is quickly approaching! How are you celebrating our country?
This beautiful piece of art is done on a pallete and is on sale from $350 down to $250! We have tons of other amazing art instore for you to chose from!
Open until 530 today!
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Another angle simply because I'm in awe of it. Pick up yours at @river_layne_chocolate. The customer service and chocolate quality is top notch!! .
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We are wishing Lana the absolute best, as today is her last day here at the office until the fall! 🍁 Enjoy your summer Lana! ☀️ We will miss you! We look forward to seeing you again in the fall! ❤️

I came across a post by @amandalatona & she spoke about accepting, and understanding things come in ‘seasons’ and how sometimes things might just be finished or the timing might be off ⏳🕰 I’ve been there. I’ve been in a place where I’ve WANTED to push but things weren’t budging - this certainly can happen with physique goals. Sometimes life just literally gets in the way and prevents us from reaching our goals OR we are pushing so damn hard but it’s a no-go.
I try really hard to refocus and become determined to follow through with said goal but I do recognize when the time has passed or when it’s not necessarily the TIME for something ❤️❤️❤️ But before I throw in the towel I try to: Recognize I’m hitting a wall, reevaluate and redirect my energy so it fosters success in the goal💃🏻 You might need to look at time management skills, schedules, efforts, and the desire you have towards the goal! Sometimes a goal SOUNDS cool but it might not be exactly what you want ya know? Realize what it is YOU want and go after that: authentically, and being true to yourself. If it’s not the time, shelve this and come back! No use wasting creative energy on something that just isn’t working ! Then once you are ready, return to it. But if you don’t return there is no shame in this either, this personally happened to me when I was working on my website - it just wasn’t the time! I was going through relationship stuff and it just was - NOT a priority... SO I shelved it and have been working on it again! And I LOVE IT AGAIN! ❤️❤️❤️. Tell me, what is something you have tried for, shelved, re-evaluated and maybe returned too??.
Photo: @dave_laus.
Location: @studiotwo22.
Weekend: @ufeshows #ufeworldchampionships.
Attire: @calvinklein.

Get Up || Feel Amazing ☕️.
It is ALWAYS enticing to stay in bed a little longer... to press snooze or to not show up for your morning spin class - or heck, if you’re an introvert, to cancel on your gf for your coffee date 🤭☕️🙈.
You will have days that you need extra rest, or just need a break from everything and everyone! But I can almost guarantee you will always feel better || more refreshed || excited about life || rejuvenated, if you incorporate healthy doses of healthy things!.
Healthy ‘things’ to incorporate often:
✅ Exercise (weights AND cardio).
✅ Socializing with family & friends.
✅ Sleep.
✅ Healthy skin habits!.
✅ Doing yourself UP every now and then (hello nursing scrub life ➡️ @uptowncasuals ).
✅ Daily goal setting.
✅ Occasional treats (Lol 🍩).
Being the best version of you requires moderation, care and the ability to practice mindfulness - to know when you need an extra push, but also taking the responsibility with yourself when you need rest ❤️❤️❤️ - in my coaching we teach and focus on EMPOWERMENT. The ability to become empowered allows us to be able to understand when we can PUSH harder but to also know when we need to pull back, it’s this mindfulness that allows so many of my clients to not only lose weight ... but get back in the drivers seat of their lives, gain control and become the BEST version of their ‘ideal’ self ☝🏻🙏🏻.
I just opened up one more online spot for a custom client - Contact me and I’ll send you a free assessment today 👀 ➡️ holly_legge@outlook.com ⬅️.
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Believe & You Will Succeed 💫
In any circumstance if your goal is to improve your health and you are up against: travel, schedules, people who don’t see eye to eye with your goals - there is ALWAYS a way 💕💕💕.
Be limitless and know what it is you want: a better life, better health, longevity... and put it at the forefront of your current situation, anything you make a priority will prosper 💛👑 I chose during my last preparation that despite travel, full time work, managing clients and preparing heavily for the biggest competition of my life that IT (HEALTH) was #1 and I carry that mindset with me in my off season as well 💃🏻😍🙋🏻‍♀️ Choose YOU today! Have a beautiful day everyone! Happy #Tuesday ✅!!.
Location: #Shenzhen #China.
Organization: @mrs_globe representing @mrscanadaglobe 🇨🇦 🇨🇳.
Leggings: @riosportsfashion.
Fuel: @mydynamis.
Sweaty bellies: @tc1gel 🙊.
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Hey everyone, the Killa Bees want your bottles!

Bring your bottles with you to SRDL’s Hitditch Cup this Saturday, at the Archibald Arena, and drop them in our recycling bins to donate them towards Bees travel costs ❤️
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