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The Panjim church looking glorious as always ⛪
Shot by @whimsicaldiary

My Pasifika Voices Family!! 😍Such Inspiring Individuals who's just passionate for Music and so much more!! A crazy Fun bunch of Beautiful Souls that I'll never get tired of Seeing!!Thanking God for this journey 🛤 #Vsco #fiji🌴 #vscocam #localtourist #pasifikaVoices

Picked up our marriage license this morning. Can't believe @allisterx & I will be married here in 3 short weeks! 💕👬💕

Last Saturday I got to experience Amsterdam from the best point of view; on a boat 🚣 with @bootuitjes, @bmd_danielle & @thegirlnextdoorsite 🙌🏼 As you can see I even got to take the wheel for a minute or two haha 🤗

¿Les ha pasado de visitar una ciudad y quedarse hechizado? ✨
A mi me paso con Napoli, una ciudad que te sorprende en cada esquina donde vas.
Durante mi visita encontré esta tiendesita de antigüedades que me dejo encantada 😍
Así es esta ciudad, te sorprende siempre: con sus lugares, con su gente, con su cultura, con su comida, es una cuidad de mil colore 🌈 #pasosverdes #napoli #exploremore #igersnapoli #beautifuldestinations #love #greentravel #travellikealocal #mochilera


Extra personal touch at...
🚪Esther Rooftop @estherrooftop
📍Centro, São Paulo
🔍Esther Rooftop sits on top of Edifício Esther in downtown SP. It is located right across from Praça Republica and has gorgeous views of the high-rises in the city. Chef Olivier Anquier has known its charm for a while and that is why he decided to remodel the space along with his brother and open a modern bistro/restaurant/bar in its place. 🗝The experience starts from the moment you walk into the building to the time the same security guard sends you off in an uber personally walking you to the arriving car. Every detail is carefully thought through, the staff friendly, welcoming and extremely professional. The space indeed IS gorgeous. I ordered the country-style terrine (pictured) that was brought out to the table and a generous portion was prepared on the plate in front of me. The Esther brioche for dessert is delicious as well, oh and of course they have a full bar! Overall experience really 👌🏼👌🏼. Next time would like to check it out at night or on a Saturday!

The Mansion is the official summer palace of the President of the Philippines.
#themansion #baguio #sunny #localtourist #vacay

Late night strollin' about town with a cone like a couple of tourists 😂 #paesanopizza #icecream #cone #glasgow #localtourist

Plane spotting while the animal hunts for a suitable couch.

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Teaching the girls how to #bocce ! Loving that patio weather is here!

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