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One of the pros of having to drive to the station each day is that I get to walk over a bridge first built in the 16th Century, and cross an ancient trackway named after the local Hicca tribe. These anglo-saxon fellas lived in the area that now makes up Hitchin, and were technically ruled over by King Offa of Dyke fame in the 8th Century-ish. Following the set-up of a Danish fort near Henlow, the Hicca were required to pay a 'Danegeld' to the invaders to secure peace, and the path follows their route along the River Hiz.
Not-coincidentally the path now runs parallel to the main commuter railway line that heads into the city, and the medieval bridge has been replaced by the Big Concrete Flyover that led me to school for 5 years. We're creatures of habit, and it'll take more than huge technological advancement to get us to give up our ancient routes through the land... Finding the original steps taken is the easiest form of time travel.

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Can we rouse your curiousity with this week’s #mysterypic? Can you guess this intersection as it appeared in the 1870s? #flashbackfriday #fridayfun Image: Port Phillip City Collection, 1873

#flashbackfriday #lostvincent This week we are going back to 1952! Here we have John Hendriks on his scooter with Toni Giele outside Giele Bakery at 145 Oxford Street, Leederville. What’s there now? Why, @guzmanygomez of course! For more vintage gold check out our Local History Image Library on our website.

E.M. Skinner Opus 299 (originally built in 1919) received minor tonal revisions as Opus 299-A in 1928. Among these changes was the replacement of the Antiphonal Vox Humana with an Echo Gamba. The Echo Gamba was removed in the 1960’s and thought to be lost. Today, through sheer luck, we discovered the entire original Echo Gamba on top of the Antiphonal swell box. It is in very rough, but restoreable condition.
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This week's #ThrowbackThursday features a photograph of the Campbell Library when it resided at the Country Woman’s Club. The Country Woman's Club is now Palazzi Salon in Downtown Campbell. Photograph captured in 1923. #CampbellMuseums #architecture #bayareaarchitecture #DowntownCampbell #CountryWomansClub

Soon. 😎👍🏻

You guys, this is the last page of OCR corrections to metadata before I am D.O.N.E. with my apprenticeship in #librarianship. All I have to do is write a wrap-up paper and you can officially call me a #librarian. #librarianlife #history #localhistory #digitalarchive #williamsport @clarionu

Children bidding farewell to Catholic Missionaries in Macao, 1926

Today we are remembering Second Lieutenant Kenneth Wastell.

23rd March 2018 marks the centenary of his tragic death following the collision of his plane into the spire of St Ives Parish Church. - -
At 6.30pm on Saturday 23rd March, 1918, the spire of St Ives Parish Church was hit by an aircraft. Most of the spire was demolished and the pilot of the aircraft was killed. The bombing of two world wars caused great devastation, but All Saints' is still the only parish church in this country to have actually been hit by an aircraft. 100 years later, we still do not know why the crash happened.
The pilot was Second Lieutenant Kenneth Wastell. He was just 19 years old and came from Birmingham. He was flying a De Havilland DH6, serial number C5453. This type of aircraft was used for training at Wyton from about 1917. The plane was flying north-east when it hit the spire. It’s wreckage fell into the north aisle. Most of the church spire collapsed into the south aisle. Newspaper accounts agreed that the pilot had landed his aircraft on Hemingford Meadow. One story claimed that he had asked directions to the Royal Flying Corps airfield at Wyton (It was quite normal in these early days of flying for pilots who had lost their way to land and ask for directions!). However, it is more likely that this account was a cover- up for the fact that the airman was carrying a passenger against regulations whilst he was still learning to fly. An eyewitness, Freddy Favell (aged 15), said: 'We watched as the plane landed on the meadow opposite and a member of the RFC got out. He had come to St Ives for a Saturday night out. He was a sergeant. The pilot then turned the plane round, revved the engine and took off'. So why did he hit the spire? The Board of Enquiry dismissed mechanical failure and blamed the accident on pilot error - maybe bad visibility or inexperience?
We shall never know for certain. - - #pilot #churchspire #stivescambs #localhistory #socialhistory #rafwyton #houghtonandwyton #memorial #centenary #commemoration #history #heritage #huntingdonshire #huntingdonshireheritage #lieutenant #kennethwastell #ww1

Houghton & Wyton History Society’s talk next Wednesday focusses on life as a Victorian GP via the personal diary of Dr Thomas James Walker. #victorians #heritage #localhistory #medicine #socialhistory #huntingdonshire #stivescambs #peterborough

Looking for a great local history book? Stop by our Museum Shops to find the perfect book for you or someone special! #horrycountymuseum #lwpfarm #museumshop #localhistory #books #shoplocal #neverstoplearning #perfectgift

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