How can data from your garden’s soil be converted into a piece of art?
The primary objective of this #GROWData course is to make learners feel more comfortable and familiar with collecting, analysing and using their own soil and food growing data, and most importantly, to act on it to create positive change in their plots, their local areas, and the wider world!

Join the course that only started on Monday - search GROW Observatory on the Future Learn website or paste bit.ly/GROWData2Action into your search bar.

“I have never participated in a citizen science project but I’m more than willing to do so in GROW. I do believe that science is the driving force of humanity. However, in most cases science is a vague and alienated idea for most people. Citizen science bridges exactly this gap.”
-Christina Chrisoula, from our first MOOC (from Soil to Sky)

Contribute to #CitizenScience on this MOOC #GROWData - Search GROW Observatory on Future Learns website or paste bit.ly/GROWData2Action into your search bar.

As we move into Winter, wouldn’t it be great to have more accurate planting information for your region? Or maybe your experience has already led to you producing a harvest like this.
GROW Observatory would love to connect you with other growers to better equip both you and them with the knowledge needed to grow. Through #CitizenScience you can be of help or get help from others through our Edible Plants Database.

This database helps give informed information to our new GROW Observatory app for Android & iOS - download now:


The app will also be a learning feature of the new free #GROWData course. Join by searching GROW Observatory on Future Learns website or paste bit.ly/GROWData2Action into your search bar.

"Sometimes I get a little discouraged about participation in climate action. 😢

It can feel daunting and discouraging – as if I am fighting a losing battle.
For example, I’ll see another person carrying another plastic bag…another plastic bottle… another Styrofoam cup.😐 But today, my spirits were uplifted to heights I can hardly find words to explain. 😍 🌏 I was overjoyed to attend this Youth Leadership Class in Sustainability at Trent University. 👉The students had downloaded the Random Acts of Green app, spread the word, and even went on to tell their parents about it. 👉Students were competing for Green Points to get onto the leaderboard, learning about more actions they can take, and motivating one another to participate!
I was moved by their positive feedback and enthusiasm for our app.
It reminded me how important our work is.
How important it is to engage people.

To speak up.
To stand up.
To stand out. 🤗

Thank you for inviting me, thank you for re-igniting my spirits, and thank you for your belief in our movement, project, and our new App as a tool to initiate change.

You meant more to me than you know ❤️💚" #RandomActsofGreen #green #sustainability #gogreen #greenpower #sustainable #students #localaction #action #youth

Tomorrow, @globalcoffeeplatform 's GCSC18 kicks off.
At EFICO we look forward to the results ☕️🍀👏 #GCSC18 #localaction #globalchange


You may have heard of #soilsensing but have you ever wanted to find out about how a sensor collects your #data?
Or what you can do with that data for your own benefit or for a larger scale impact?

Citizen Science: from Data to Action began yesterday. Join today!
Paste bit.ly/GROWData2Action into your browser or search Future Learns website for GROW Observatory.

We will be sharing content from the course here over the coming weeks. Watch this space

Dobrodošli. Ovdje ćete moći da pratite naš put ka realizaciji ideje - povezivanju lokalnih medija u Crnoj Gori u cilju kreiranja zajedničke digitalne platforme. Naša ideja podržana je grantom USAID, uz stručnu podršku Internewsa i nagradu na prvom regionalnom Media Innovation Labu 2018, koji je održan u Sarajevu. Projekat je osmislio autorski tim @rtvcetinje i @aktivna.zona. #lokalno24 #localmedia #localaction #Montenegro

We start today! Excited!
Join hundreds of GROWers who have already signed up - and who are interested in making environmental change happen.
Citizen Science: from Data to Action is free! Just 4 hours this week and you can do them when it suits.

Or search FutureLearns website for GROW Observatory

#DataMatters - Do you remember the Great #GROWExperiment earlier this summer? This experiment aimed to assess how effective polycultures are compared to monocultures. ‬
Find out what happened on our upcoming free course #GROWData starting tomorrow: bit.ly/GROWData2Action

We’re building up playlists of helpful videos over on our YouTube page! From a playlist on #soilscience to videos on the positive food movements… check it out at bit.ly/GROWYouTube

Also see the trailer for our upcoming MOOC that starts tomorrow! Still time to join for free #GROWData 
Search Future Learn’s website for GROW Observatory.

#Data, #Art and #Policy are part of this new online course we're starting on Monday - but its great for growers too! In fact, its great for growers & features the first results of our #GROWExperiment, where we trialed monocultures vs polycultures. ‪#GROWData #GROWpolycultures

Check out our stories for the 'Aftermath' of what we did today... taking down some beds we've hardly used this year.
We need a space big enough to squeeze as many people in to a space ..to learn things and do fun things like talk about compost. (I'm not even joking)
It was slightly Impromptu today but thoday was so nice ... we had to get stuff done while we still have some mad sun vibes.
Our Toms are defo done now tho... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Shed soon friends... Shed soon.
#sunvibes #shedsoon #shedsuprise #workspace #conversationspace #cheshunt #localaction #allotment #communitygarden #community #growingspace

📣 Speaker announcement!
We're honoured to be hearing from Kolbassia Haoussou - Co-founder and Coordinator of Survivors Speak Out - at our national student conference on 17th November! .
Survivors Speak OUT (SSO) is a survivor-led activist network made up of men and women who have fled persecution and sought protection in the UK. Network members are all former clients of Freedom from Torture and come from around the UK. .
Kolbassia explains: “Our common ground in the network is that we all have a lived experience of torture and we have all had to, and some continue to, seeking protection from the UK through the asylum system." #survivorsspeakout #localaction #globalimpact #studentconference #students #refugeeswelcomehere #STARconference2018 @freedomfromtorture

A friend of mine wrote this, and I couldn't have phrased it better myself. Voting should not be the only thing you do. But if you have the ability to vote, you should vote for harm reduction measures! Vote in rent control measures, vote in trans rights measures, vote in safe injection sites! The whole system needs to topple, but until then, help out your local community! LOCAL ACTION IS THE BEST!! #vote #localaction #community #communityaction #ballotmeasures #voting #november #harmreduction #localmeasures

We recently announced that we are accepting applications for our inaugural fellowship program, which will run between January 2019 & April 2019. This is a unique opportunity for 2-4 young people to join our team, immerse themselves in the climate justice movement, and receive mentoring from one of our core team members. It will give them the opportunity to develop a portfolio of work centered around arts activism and storytelling. Fellows will work remotely. We are offering 1-2 fellowships in each of these positions:
• In order to ensure that each fellow truly benefits from this program, by the end of the term, each fellow will spearhead an OCV story from start to finish. We are particularly interested in engaging the leadership of young people who have been impacted by the climate disaster and are organizing in their communities.
• We are accepting applications until *December 2, 2018*
• Please share this opportunity widely with anyone who might be interested! & don’t hesitate to contact us with questions (fellowships@ourclimatevoices.org). For more information, link in bio. .
#climate #change #climatechange #climatejustice #environment #youth #youngpeople #youngleaders #frontlines #globalwarming #community #action #science #opportunity #climateaction #apply #storytelling #artsactivism #local #localaction #activist #resist #waterislife #blacklivesmatter #student #students #peoples #knowledge #actionclimate #change

This Saturday 1-3pm.
Rules are simple.
1. Bring yourself
2. Bring some small bits that hang around your house and are never moved because you have got used to them being there.
3. Don't bring big things.
4. See if theres anything you need
5. Swap it.
6.Have a cup of tea
7.Converse with us.
8. Then come back for the Open mic at 8pm that night .
#swapshop #community #cheshunt #share #exchange #localaction #gettogether @cheshuntevents @broxbournebc

Next Monday, November 5th, we launch the free course Citizen Science: From Data to Action.
Sign up and design strategies for moving from insights from datasets to positive change making using citizen-generated data from environmental monitoring!

See the course trailer: bit.ly/GROWDataTrailer and join other growers and citizen scientists: bit.ly/GROWData2Action

Together with @woodhamsasha I delivered a cheque to a local charity, the Toon Hermans Huis in Tiel. JCI raised a nice amount with an auction and small lotery. It's a great cause to support! #charity #ditisjci #giveback #localaction #togetherstronger #contribution

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