Come thru and get your treats! We are here at @wynwoodsglassnvape in #Wynwood #miami #lmaoedibles

Come thru and get your treats! We are here at @wynwoodsglassnvape in #Wynwood #miami #lmaoedibles

Come thru and get your treats! We are here at @wynwoodsglassnvape in #Wynwood #miami #lmaoedibles

We will be in Wynwood this evening for @soflo_painting_with_a_spliff today Saturday @ 7pm. Come check us out #lmaoedibles

❤️❤️❤️ #weloveourcustomers #lmaoedibles

The CEO of #LMAOEDIBLES trespassed on my premises today by somehow breaking through my locked complex gate, came to my door and began banging on my window yelling for me to come outside —continuing his harassment that has been ongoing online for months—from stalking my Twitter and posting my personal tweets on his page, tweets he shouldn’t be able to see being that he has been blocked on all social accts since April 2nd, 2018, now this!? IDK this man, never met him a day in my life, and IDK how he got my address but he showed up to my apt aggressive and irate.
@lmaoedibles has been harassing me online ever since I first posted about @chynatownn ripping off my membership campaign because she works for them and is using my campaign idea for the store they’re opening (@44thcave) in which THIS man here☝🏽owns. @chynatownn has been stalking me online since May 2017 when I cut her off for being an envious/shady friend—she went crazy after I blocked her and said nothing to her—ever since then she has been obsessed with tearing me and my company down and now she has brung that obsession to @lmaoedibles. I’ve blocked them in attempts to ignore them but they still find ways to go on my Twitter, screenshot tweets that have nothing to do w/ them and then post those Tweets on their page slandering me, ridiculing me, telling Cannabis Companies not to work with me, calling me out of my name, and now THIS?! I ignored the post they made on June 23rd, because unlike them I do not stalk their accts and didn’t see it til a month later, but I addressed a cupcake they made that looked very similar to mine and this man became so irate he trespassed on my gated community telling me to come outside and fight. Wow!
I currently already have a lawsuit with @chynatownn over this issue, once the lawsuit is over I will be posting the evidence to dispute any bullshit she has been going around making up about me.
As far as you, Edward Raymond CEO of @lmaoedibles @ercustomspecialty @ercustomautomotive (Yes, I see your name in the initial lawsuit now!) Get ready for your own personal lawsuit! I’m coming for everything y’all got!!!
Nothing justifies the bullshit you pulled today!!!

Tonight! We hope to see all of our current and new family at @_g5ivemiami with @dbd_inc at @takeflightmondays #lmaoedibles #weloveourcustomers #takeflightmondays

Niggggaaaaa bofl i ate this shit on top of smoking a gabba leaf😂😂😂😂 lets just say remember the movie "Rundown" with "The Rock" and the white boy🤔🤣😂😭 remember they ate the fruit😂😂😂😂😂🤦 im still alive tho #PoundcakeEdibles #lmaoedibles #LoveThisShit #StonersOnly #239 #305 #CreasieCohe' #QueenPenDroppin'Soon #PrettyUgly #NewSingle #ISmokeWeed #&;EatIt2

Gummies on Deck! #lmaoedibles

Cheesecake pudding Cupcakes on Deck! #lmaoedibles #weloveourcustomers #takingorders

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