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JP, rank 2, and has the cards pictured above! Please comment if taken!
#llsiftrade #llsifgiveaway

giving away an account with Riko's SSR idolized by copy and 1 or 2 SRs, comment a number between 1 and 50 !!
don't enter if you won't use it

First acc is rank 2
Second is rank 15
Third is rank 36!
Just looking at offers and only looking for jp accounts! #llsif #llsiftrade #llsifgiveaway

ok guessing game~ winner can pick whichever they want out of these! guess my favorite ssr (thank u grace), 3 guesses each ill like ur comment if its wrong! #llsifga #llsifgiveaway

comment when taken
no ss abuse

tricolour third year srs donated by @andraputra28 !! comment when taken💫 -nico [ #llsifga #llsifgiveaway #llsifgiveaways ]

If anybody is interested in a card guessing game, read below!
Swipe to see the prizes.
1st place: Pajama Rin & Christmas Nozo.
2nd place: Valentine Mari idolized.
Both accounts are extremely farmable, and the 2nd is a donation from Anonymous.
How to enter:
> Follow me
> Comment below that you want to enter.
Starting in 1 or more hour(s). If i don't get 10 comments in 1 hour, i will cancel the game~
I will tag you 5 minutes before the game begin!

Mkay so here is it like I promised!
Repost with #toomanycoolursga (I couldn't think of a better hashtag sorry) and tag me in the *picture*
Make sure to be following btw as this is a giveaway for my followers! If you're just following now because of the giveaway then dw that's fine but don't even bother to join if you're just gonna unfollow after it's over. This ends in a week one the 27th ^^ And I think that's all, if I forgot something please tell me!
Good luck everyone~!


Repost! It's about time for another giveaway lol. I'm going to buy one starter pack on the english server for someone!
-Must be following me.
-Repost ONCE and tag me IN the picture to be counted.
-Use the hashtag '#succspackga' in the caption.
-RNG will pick the winner.
-If you're private or plan to be private you can dm me your entry!
-ENDS JUNE 25TH (or June 30th > depends on how many people enter)
Important Info:
-I've already redeemed the itunes card so I'll have to go onto your account to buy the starter pack so if you do not trust me do not enter. I do have people that can vouch for me and the fact that I'm trusted.
-I'm ios so if you're android you'll have to be okay with me using the ticket and 5 gems.
-I've seen too many winners harassed lately so the winner will not be announced unless they want to be.
-If you use multiple accounts to enter and I find out, unfollow me after the giveaway, or harass the winner, if they're revealed, you WILL be blocked which means you won't be able to enter any future giveaways.
-The giveaway will be cancelled if it's a flop (basically if not enough people join I'll cancel it).
Good luck everyone! And a huge shout out to Rica (@/happyhanamaru) for making me this edit. :-)
#lovelive #sif #llsif #lovelivegiveaway #sifgiveaway #llsifgiveaway #sifga #llsifga

Comment when taken!
#llsif #llsifga #llsifgiveaway

'S post
ILL FARM 50 LG (if started or semi-starter) FOR YOU

Last code of the day
#llsiftrade #llsifgiveaway

When I hit 50 followers i'll giveaway ur starters
#llsiftrade #llsifgiveaway

To avoid silent takers and all those other stuff I'm going to do TOP 10 COMMENT INSTEAD. Just comment "Yohane" And I'll DM you a random Code.
#llsifgiveaway #sifgiveaway #sifga

Kinda decent
Cwt #llsiftrade #llsifgiveaway

Comment when taken
#llsiftrade #llsifgiveaway

LF: Highball or Equal
(I don't play en anymore so)
#llsifgiveaway #sifgiveaway
#siftrade #llsiftrade #sifga #llsifga #llsifen

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