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If only you could have heard his little giggle this afternoon! Who would have ever thought watching your mom run backwards was HILARIOUS?! Well actually I think he was laughing because he thought he was running away from me! Oh the joy a child brings! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve found myself reflecting back on the past year. I’ve been reminiscing on special memories that we’re made with my sweet family, looking back on all the growth and change, laughing at all of the “I’m a first time parent” moments, and thanking Jesus for guiding us along the way. Our biggest accomplishment of 2017?? Surviving our first year as parents! I only sent my sisters about a million text messages asking if something was normal, googled “my baby {insert question here}” about 5 times a day, and made it through the year without calling 911 for something ridiculous {I may have called them when our dog was getting sprayed by a skunk}! More about our life in 2017 over on the blog! #linkinbio #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

My little water babe made his way back to swim lessons today! He’s such a good boy and just waits on the side of the pool until it’s time to get in for class! He has tried to dive in without me {I was sitting right next to him thank goodness}, but since then he knows we sit and wait until mommy gets in! We will see how long that lasts though! 🙃 #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth #morganfamilyymca

We had fun exploring the Children’s Museum yesterday! The water section was for sure our favorite! I’m actually surprised we didn’t have to leave there kicking and screaming. However we did leave there pretty hangry! I’ve never seen Lleyton eat a peanut butter sandwich so fast! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

I Costco-ed today with my partner in crime! His favorite sample?? Cream puffs! I mean who doesn’t like cream puffs?! I do need to teach him a little bit about sampling etiquette! #1 We don’t scream when we like something and want more. People just look at you, well they look at me, and think you are out of control. #2 We don’t chew something up and spit it out when we don’t like it. Thank goodness I have cat like reflexes and caught it before it hit the floor! Never a dull moment with this cutie! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, because well, LIFE. Getting adjusted to being home + Hawaii + Halloween + Idaho for Thanksgiving + Holiday parties + Suncadia + Christmas + A few colds here and there. Oh and my TEN year old laptop decided it was time to retire. Thank goodness Santa brought me a new one! So I thought it was necessary to break the new laptop in with a blog post! So here’s Lleyton’s WILD ONE birthday! Link in bio! By the way, I couldn’t help myself with this photo, I’m sure he will appreciate it when he’s 18! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

If this guy is along, it’s not a trip to Chambers without a little swinging! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth #chambersbay

Awww the sweet memories from this past year! The pictures say it all, Lleyton is our whole world! He brings so much love, laughter, and joy to our family! {swipe right to see 2016} #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth #topnine

When did he get so big?! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

He finally discovered how fun the ornaments are! Which last night he was pulling at the tree trying to grab a super sparkly ornament that was about a foot out of reach! Thank goodness the tree won’t be up much longer! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

15 MONTH check up! Our not so little babe is 24 lbs and 2 feet 8 inches tall! He is in the 80th percentile for height! His daddy said “he’s a lean mean passing machine!” I can’t really argue with that, just look at those long arms and legs! His favorite part of his appointment today?? Eating the paper! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

His smile makes me melt! 😍#thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

I don’t ever want to forget those little baby fingers {well I actually don’t want to forget anything, even those little hairs standing up}! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

I tried putting him on Santa’s lap, but the second I leaned down he dug his little fingers into my arms and hung on for dear life! So family photo with Santa! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

Exploring the snow this morning {with toothbrush in hand}! #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth #suncadia

Mr. Lleyton Ross Hjelseth 🖤 #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth

Christmas photos are in and I am in LOVE! {don’t mind me over posting in the next few days}🌲 #thehjelseths #lleytonross #babyhjelseth 📷 credit: @kristaljoym

Yesterday was one of those days where I wish I could slow down time. Lleyton had his first hair cut! In a matter of minutes, our baby transformed into a handsome little boy. A BOY!! After his appointment all I could do was stare at him. I just couldn’t believe how old he looked. This first year has gone by so fast and I can’t believe how much Lleyton has changed. Every moment I have with him, every milestone we reach, I cherish and hold near and dear to my heart! On a side note, does this mean I have to quit using #babyhjelseth?! #lleytonross #thehjelseths

We tried Toddler Gym for the first time today and Lleyton LOVED it! I was actually surprised we didn’t have to walk out of there kicking and screaming! I’m sure he won’t let me leave the Y now without making a trip into the gymnastics gym! #lleytonross #babyhjelseth #morganfamilyy

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