it's ben.
Talk about a glow up. My first reference of this boi and then a quick redraw. Glad I've improved since 2015 lmao. #lksfabart #fateofencounter #artglowup #pokemongijinka

Revamped an ancient oc for a drag group on da. Their name is vanja, drag name is kitty kattenberg. never thought I'd do rainbow hair on an oc but here I am, living the scene kid dream. #lksfabart

Doodle from yesterday of the babby royals from my fe group. what a functional group of siblings. #lksfabart #doodle

GLOW UP TIME. after working hard for a lil over a year in a silly rp group that means a lot to me, I finally got around to long and doing the flats for Yaku's upgraded art. I remember a lot of people really liked his design back then(I was really proud of it then too). But now I'm a lot better at character design, especially when it comes to mixing what's practical/makes sense and what Looks Cool(tm). Some things are subject to change still, but this is really something. I started working on this months ago and it's been through so many edits.

Anyways I'm proud of my froslass boi and he means so much to me and I'm happy he got the redesign he deserved. #lksfabart #pokemon #pokemongijinka #characterdesign #artglowup #froslass #fireemblemoc

every time I draw LK it's literally the "I lived bitch" meme.
Anyways I'll probably open sketch and design commissions soon until I can get a stable job. So be on the lookout for that ig? #lksfabart

More poor quality screenshots lmao. Here's Gamma, my first encounter. He's a beautiful boi. #lksfabart #pokemongijinka

Started a heart gold randomlocke. Here's my starter, Axel the larvitar. He's got the most anime hair I've drawn for a long while lmao. Also rip image quality.
#lksfabart #pokemongijinka

I don't usually draw actual pokemon but I'm a part of a new pmd group on da that's only pokemon, so wish me fuckin luck. #lksfabart #pokemon #trapinch #archen

Quick like,,, 35 minute thing I did so I'd have something to give my mother for mother's day. Yeah it's shitty but it's something (and also marginally better than the last thing I gave her). #lksfabart

Some dolls that I'm making/ going to make. They're a group of idols, so they'll (hopefully) get matching outfits eventually. Also the style is unusual because I tried to sort of emulate the MH style to a degree.
#lksfabart #pokemongijinka

Gift I made for my beautiful boyfriend @redthebattler 's b-day. Space is Gay sorry I don't make the rules. #lksfabart

Have you ever seen a girl so beautiful? #lksfabart #fireemblemoc

shitty tag urself feat. me n my best buddies. also feat. my shitty handwriting. #lksfabart #iguess

AND I CANT FORGET MY NEWEST CHARACTER!!!!!1!!!! :3 #lksfabart #pokemon #kawaii #cute #artistsoninstagram #art #allhaillordgoomy #sugoi #goomy

CHECK OUT MY NEW AND IMPROVED ART STYLE!! I really love how I improved my anatomy and my coloring ^-^ #lksfabart #pokemongijinka #animu #chibi #kawaii #sugoi #desu #owo #artistsoninstagram #art #nohateplease #killme

Here's some content of something I did a week ago feat gay ghosts(grape ghost belongs to @pengykun ). Scroll for progress, finished product at the end!
#lksfabart #pokemongijinka #chibi

some shit from february. the second one is a collab between myself and @ salt--prince on da (met I'm fuckin blanking on ur ig name plz help). #lksfabart #pokemongijinka

This women leads an army. Bask in her glory.
Fara is a meme lord and I hope the people that join my group will appreciate how beautiful she is.

Sorry for not posting much! Recently, I've been working on a fire emblem rp group on da. If you've seen my story then you already know.
Anyways, here's the main "lord" character, Fara. She's ready to KICK ASS. #lksfabart

iTS HIM!!! Thinking about making some bnha keychains like this??? #lksfabart #bnha #myheroacademia #bokunoheroacademia #kirishimaeijirou

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