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I wanna do some, carne, circus, freakshow people. And of corse I start with the Lady of Fortune.
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Lacey doing handstands, standing up, and jumping over horses!❤️ #lacey #jamieson #rip #bianca #forrest #gemini #horse #horses #horse #love #tagsforlikes #i #miss #you #lacey #riplacey #ljlook

I had to write a ballad about a recent event for English and I chose Lacey.
What do you guys think of it???

Yes Lacey you guys are so cute ☺️❤️💃

I love this video!! 😍😂 it's so true! Comment below if you are Canadian! Me and my co-owner both are!!! ❤️💃#laceyslegacy #Canada #laceysperf #ljlook #laceyjamieson

This is awesome @laceyjamieson got 99k lets make it too 100k!! #laceyslegacy#laceyjamieson#inspiration#ljlook#laceyisperfect

Happy birthday Lacey
You have taught us to smile in the times we forgot how to
You taught us to try when we weren't
And you taught us to fly when we thought we couldn't!
We owe it to you and all to you, you helped us achieve and helped us dream without you we would be left without so all I can say is a very big happy birthday🎁🎈🎈🎊🎉 @laceyjamieson @ljbam @forre_door_car #forrelook #forre_look #ljlook #riplacey

Just some of my favourite videos of Lacey 😊💃🐴❤️ •

Today it's been 5 months! 65 days ago Lacey went to join her and they both have earned there wings!! They won their battle with cancer and HLH and now they can have peace only hoping that the people that were around Talia and Lacey are starting to have more peace! They will be forever remembered! Talia Joy -1999-2013 Lacey May Louise Jamieson- 1997-2013 This one year, 2013 is probably one of the worst years... We lost Talia Joy Castellano a month before her birthday and 5 months before christmas and we lost Lacey 2 months before Christmas and 3 months before her birthday!! #taliajoy #taliajoy18 #taliaslegacy #talia4ever #laceyleagacy #laceyjamieson #talialook #ljlook #laceyswings #taliaswings #neverforgotten #fightcancer #fighthlh #theywonthebattle #findacure

Dear Ellen,
This is my best friend Lacey May Jamieson. She was 16 years old and from Ontario, Canada. Lacey was an amazing equestrian, inspiring more than 81,000 people around the globe through her Instagram account @laceyjamieson.
Lacey had an amazing bond with her horses Gemini, Forrest and Bianca (Bonkers). She could do anything with them. Some of which most would consider stupid or idiotic, others would consider amazing and beautiful. Lacey knew a lot of the stunts she did were dangerous, and she would never have done any of them if she didn't have the bond that she had with her horses. Lacey was an insanely talented equestrian and she really loved what she did.
On October 13, 2013 Lacey was taken from us. Lacey lost her battle to a rarely diagnosed disease called HLH, which had a 99% fatality rate. Lacey is now part of that 99%. Her loss was sudden and tragic, felt by tens of thousands of people all over the world. She was truly loved.
Lacey lived everyday by "be kind to one another." At 8 years old, Lacey was bullied because her teeth were crooked. She was told she had a horrible smile, when in reality, just because it wasn't perfect by definition, her smile lit up the room. When she smiled, you couldn't help but smile back. Because of the bullies, at 8 years old, Lacey wouldn't smile in fear that she would be made fun of. Lacey was a strong girl though and overcame the Bullies. She realized they were wrong. Lacey reached out to help thousands of bullied kids because she knew that it was our flaws that are what's truly make us perfect.
So please Ellen, mention Lacey on your show. And help us keep her legacy alive. Lacey did so much for me as an equestrian and a person, getting her story out and making sure people know what she stood for would be kind of a final thank-you to her, because I never got to do it in person. ⭐GET @theellenshow TO NOTICE THIS POST!!⭐keep tagging her!

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