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Eu simplesmente amo Orgulho e Preconceito da Jane Austen, sendo assim, gosto de ler todas as adaptações que encontro desse clássico... Encontrei o vlog The Lizzie Bennet Diaries no YouTube e comprei o livro logo que lançou, mas não conheço ninguém que já tenha lido... E aí? Você também ama OeP? Ama adaptações? Já leu O diário secreto de Lizzie Bennet?

1. Só eu que li? Um livro que a maioria das pessoas desconhece, mas você leu.

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Playing Jane Austen surrounded by my Bennet Sisters. Only @shipwreckedcomedy could provide such a fun reunion. Happy Poe Party Finale Day! #poeparty #lizziebennetdiaries #thelbd 📷 by @higgaroni

Can you believe it's been 3 years since the last episode of The LBD?? 😢 What are some of your fave moments of the show?

This reunion video is the best!! The Bennet sisters & Darcy playing Marrying Mr. Darcy! Watch it now on @mkwiles YouTube channel!
#lizziebennetdiaries #prideandprejudice #janeausten #lizziebennet

Today I got to meet some of the great Rio @pemberleydigital fans! Also did a discussion about adapting #prideandprejudice and #emma into the #lizziebennetdiaries and #EmmaApproved. I'm so honored and inspired by their continued passion. Thank You.

What a lucky thing that our new coworker Christine has a round suitcase and that she brought it today! It's #bookfacefriday !
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Enjoyed our night in Celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, hosted by @cape_usa and sponsored by @hennessy - Hanging with some all around amazingly talented Asian Americans. With my love @laneya4 and some old and great new friends
@berniesu @dantebasco @lewistanofficial @parryshen .Thank you to #LeoChu and #MichelleSugihara @michsugi and everyone at CAPE who put this together, I was so honored to be a part of the celebration and excited to Bring Much More Awareness and Opportunity to Asian Americans in the Entertainment industry.
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Taking an ambitious break at work.... we are playing both Marrying Mr Darcy and the Emma expansion at the same time.... crazy yes.... fun even more so! #mrdarcy #lizziebennetdiaries #prideandprejudice


Wish my house was like this 🏡

This made me giggle 😃💙 For #matchmaking mothers everywhere!

#authorsofinstagram .

Beautiful 1st edition Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen's satirical take on the gothic genre that was so popular in the her time.

We forget novels in this period were published in a pack of slim volumes. Perfect for sitting on a shelf in some aristocratic library!


#ProDash fans: now’s your chance to get your hands on Project Dashwood merch AND support our next show. We have signed postcards and scripts available! Link in profile

199/365 progress (out of frame is emme, asleep on my hip) (and rewatching @thelbdofficial ) #cultivating365 #lizziebennet #lizziebennetdiaries

Let's do another Pride and Prejudice post. Because, I don't do them enough. 🙄
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You all should know how much I love Jane Austen by now. All of her books. (I only post about P&P because the rest of her books are in storage in AZ.) And this candle from @wickandfable is amazing too. God, I love it. Also, this should come as no shock to you, but, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is one of my absolute favorite web-series. I really do think it was done brilliantly. Emma Approved is really good too!

Love a bit of Wilde in the morning

What a lucky thing that our new coworker Christine has a round suitcase and that she brought it today! It's #bookfacefriday !
@touchstonebooks @simonandschuster @katerorick #RachelKiley #lizziebennetdiaries #adventuresoflydiabennet

😁😂 this has got to be one of the funniest photos I've seen in a long time! The #kardashian sisters, demure Regency maidens of virtue. #priceless

Retro kitsch gold! Fans of GH will know that the blurb would have her turning in her grave. Hilarious 😂


We all have a favourite 'footman', don't we? 😉 (I wonder if the word footman might stem from this? Can anyone clever illuminate us?)

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