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the queen of victorious
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for @mckinleysglee

— legends live forever.
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the one and only queen of Hollywood Arts
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cc: i forgot i‘m sorry :(

did u really think

fallon carrington
— cc. me | dt. NADIA bc ur edit made me watch 💕
// this is so simple sry

fallon who ??
— cc. me | dt. sarah ❤️
ac/ib. @xxdreamxawayxx 💗
// MY CHILDHOOD IDOL !! yes instagram pls make this off beat PLEASE

— in four episodes i got really attached to this ship and they’re already gone. i knew from the original that they wouldn’t last but i hope this isn’t the end for them
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my girl is serving looks
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shakes maliexotic

call me mom.
okay i love them both i just really wanted to use this audio ajfjsjfj
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Me: drawing in colors is difficult
Also me: hold my beer I can do this
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Songs for today :
#River by #Eminem ft. #EdSheeran (thank God the new album is finally out!) @eminem @teddysphotos
#Crooked by #gdragon @xxxibgdrgn
#Fastcar by #LizGillies @lizgillz
Enjoy ;)
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― ended all your faves
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—[1.09 ; Rotten Things] —

Espacio por favor

and when one day they ask me what I thought of day and night? I'll talk to her about her because I've never felt lonely when I thought of her. ♡@lizgillz #lizgillies

—[1.09 ; Rotten Things] —

Two precious beans who deserve the world. 💕

[1x08 - The Best Things In Life]
QOTD: Most interesting part of the newest episode?
#dynasty #dynastycw #cwdynasty #falloncarrington #elizabethgillies #lizgillies #rafaeldelafuente #samjones @lizgillz @rafaeldlf

I loved this episode! But that ending tho! And Fallon sang! Ugh I don’t want too wait until January to watch Dynasty again! 😩😁
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—[1.09 ; Rotten Things] —

Fallon never disappoints no matter where she goes! 😂👌

fallon carrington [collab part]

i made this a few weeks ago and it's very ugly lmao —
dt melissa [ @melisza_z ]

Okay, time to rant about this week's episode. First off What the actual f**k Monica? Sleeping with Culhane to get at your best friend, when he dated both Fallon AND Kori 😦 And Jeff, I knew we couldn't trust him and I feel like he's done something with that virus thing he gave to Fallon. I don't know where to start with Culhane, why he jump from girl to girl so easily?! I'm kinda glad Blake got Steven ' s ex in jail and I hope Steven won't go down that destructive path, because we all know that he's probably gonna have some near death experience and then have a sudden epiphany that he needs to get help. 😧Sam, Crystal and Iris were Ok. I think the fact Crystal killed his Dad or that Iris blackmailed her sister for the money weren't the biggest shocks or twists and I was over it pretty quick. Now I only really wanna see if Blake will stay with Crystal, how Jeff's plans will unfold and when Alexis will finally come. Agree/disagree? ?
#dynasty #thecwdynasty #teamdynasty #elizabethgillies #lizgillies #natkelly #robriley #rafeldelafuente #jamesmackay #samadegoke #grantshow
@lizgillz @natkelley @rafaeldlf @robrileynyc @grant_show @jameswmackay @samadegoke

Fallon you are the best!!!❤🔥

@lizgillz #elizabethegangillies #lizgillies #jadevictorious #fallondynasty

Omg...TBH i prefere brunette 🤭🤫😁 but i really like blonde too omg i cant decide
@lizgillz #lizgillies #elizabethegangillies #jadevictorious

They are soo cute together❤😍🔥
@lizgillz #elizabethegangillies #lizgillies #jadevictorious

@lizgillz I fucking love my queen. She is beautiful and amazing! Her beauty is just wow 😍 #lizgilliesfan #lizgillies #lizgillz

—[1.09 ; Rotten Things] —

Even though some of the stuff coming out of his mouth was truly rotten, @smittysmitro saved this episode.Now I know where Fallon gets it from! 😂😉 DM me or comment on my previous post if you want to discuss the episode.☺

ariana x lonely
- ac; me 👀
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—[1.09 ; Rotten Things] —

Episode Discussion.Beware spoilers below 🛇

So what did you guys think of that episode? Honestly my head is spinning right now.So many twists and turns.All I have to say is that the Colbys are the definition of snakes! Jeff?! I saw that coming I knew he was going to hurt Fallon by using her to get back at Blake! As for Monica not only did you stab Fallon in the back but KORI aswell! What she do you? You call yourself a friend?! *Begs writers to give her more screen time and that is what they deliver* 😒

Poor Steven I feel for him but Ted Dinard is not the answer!!! Nor is cocaine!! Blake, I'm glad his father put him in his place and cut him down to size.

Cristal/Sam/Iris - Poor Cristal, she may be a lot of things but her sister is obviously a scammer and a liar.Cristal has obviously broken herself backwards trying to make up for leaving her.Iris has been playing both her and Sam this whole time because heres what I think, she knew for awhile now that Sam's dad is alive and well and now the big plan is to get back at Cristal for stabbing him in the back and for "abandoning" Iris! Iris Machado we are onto you!!! Way to many hisses this episode but kisses to Bo! and Anders!
Filter Credit : @bugheadfilters Thank you for this.I loved it so much I had to start using it right away!

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