Late night fishing last night on #jpercypriestlake ending with a catch and cook today. Sarah brought home the dinner!! Yum!! #catfish #fishfry #tnoutdoors #whatgetsyououtdoors #livinofftheland

Caught us some crayfish for dinner #juniorsurvivalist #notmuchmeat #livinofftheland

Country life suits me. We went for a walk on the property today collecting raspberries from the wild bushes as we went. When I was a child watching Little House on the Prairie I always thought I was meant to live in the 1800s with braids and a pinafore. Who needs modern medicine when you can live off the land?
I do. I really, really do. Guess I'll just keep visiting my mother in law. #julymonthoftravelgrams

My garden is finally producing in full swing. 🌱 Being able to use fresh herbs and veggies that I grow myself is so satisfying. Using this fresh mint to flavor our next round of kombucha 😍 Livin' off the land, pesticide free ❤️

Idk why but I'm in love with this picture of my hand today so glad we were able to find these berries made my week! CAN NOT BEAT WILD BERRIES!! #foraging #livinofftheland #eatwild - photo creds to @mmladventures

Had a good day long polin’ on lady bago! Safe to say dinner shall be served! #perch #livinofftheland

fresh raspberries from my garden. sweet and warm from the sun ☀️🌱 #livinofftheland

These boys are at home on the farm. We love visiting the local farms in our area and every single time we experience confirmation that this is their happy place. Their love for animals, gardens, and wide open spaces make me smile. Maybe one day we will make the dream a reality, but until then we will just pretend on tractors. 📷@toddba #farmlife #farmboys #livinofftheland #kentuckyproud #kentuckyboys #summerlivin #summertime

So many things to eat. I never had breakfast because I ate so many raspberries during my continuing #battleoftheblackberries the cherry trees are ladden this year so even with the normal rot and split from the rain there are still too many for me to eat. It appears like we will have a record breaking apple crop. Local folks, plan on coming to pick in September! Also the back end of the property is being overtaken by neighboring blackberries, I'm just going to pretend like I can't see them. This summer is for #raspberryrescue
#summerinthepnw #livinofftheland #washingtoncherries #bingcheeries #applepacalypse2018 #raspberries #fruitforbreakfast #blackberriesarethedevil

I’d say it was a good day! #freshclams #crabs #njseafood #livinofftheland

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