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"La vida es suficientemente real para tener que oscurecerla con mentiras..." 💛
#livingthelife #livingthetruth


"By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before."
Be YOU! God created you uniquely and with a purpose in mind. You are beautiful just the way you are. Don't be afraid to go against the trends or speak your own opinion. We can't all be clones in this world, that's no fun 🙅🏼 Instead of fitting in, be bold and stand out!

How great is our Lord, y'all?!

My mindset going into this morning's 30 min workout, was be INTENTIONAL w/ my drive/mindset/actions. Doing it with purpose. And yes I workout in my Jammie's!! One perk from working out at home 💁

Too many times we rush through our workout, to just get it done. But do you ever stop & think about the amount of effort you could put into your workout & think how today's efforts will benefit you in your tomorrows? If you live w/ that mindset insight daily, you'll soar above & achieve what you want.
Live w/ intention in your life, w/ every choice you do daily, and there will be a great meaning behind what you do.
#jointhemovement DM your e📬for info on how to get you started on your own Fit journey w/ success!

There's so much room for ALL of us to succeed! Please Never compare yourself to someone else...you're damaging YOURSELF at the end. Instead, LEARN & be INSPIRED from others! I can guarantee you this...if you see someone succeeding at something, they would be glad to share w/ you what is working for them...and the mistakes to avoid 👌

Speed 25 X2 was completed just in time! ☺️ Walking upstairs from the basement, where I was working out in, my lil monkey was awake & waiting for me in my bedroom. 🐵

Remind yourself this:
Your daily workouts are your "me time". For many of us, including me, it's the only time in the day that we have for ourselves. It's a block of time that YOU put in your schedule, to take care of YOU! Remind you too, fitness isn't always about weight loss. It's part of the journey for some, but there are many other benefits that comes w/ this lifestyle! Use your workouts to help improve your inner-self talk...encourage yourself, learn to stand up for what you want, get so determined to out beat that negative thought in your head that says you can't do this, etc. Burn off the stress. Clear your mindset. For some of us, we do our best thinking while working out...figuring our solutions to the situations in our life, or realizing that all this stress & worry you have in your mind makes no sense. Learning to let it go & burn it off in your workout!! There's soooooooo much value to this fit life! Much MORE than what meets the eye. It's an INSIDE job FIRST. #FitnessIsAMindsetFirst Correcting your perspective along the way. Get the inside right, & the external part of you will change 💪

Whatever you're searching for. Guaranteed 🥇🎆Gods has the solution.
Run 🏃🏽 to your maker He loves ❤️you, and has no other options but to love you ridiculously.
I'd love to tell you more, just private message me. 🙂🤞🏼 @risenapparel .
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"One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat" Every one of us are guilting of this mistake in life from time to time. After I read this quote this morning, it reminded me the lesson that I'm trying to teach my children (and myself!) Back when Taylor was a toddler, she was experiencing a challenge w/ a particular toy. On the floor, w/ her toddler mindset, her stubbornness came out of her, and she repeated "I CAN'T, I CAN'T, I CAN'T DO THIS!" I knew that if I didn't help correct this mindset of hers, overtime she will fall into the mindset of limitations in her life...limitations that doesn't need to be there. I got down on the floor w/ her, trying to figure out what was causing the frustration. Because of my daughter's PERSPECTIVE in the moment, it prevented her from succeeding at what she wanted to accomplish. I taught her in that moment, (and now teach it to my son Connor), that when ever you catch yourself saying "I CAN'T" (and any other limiting mindset self-talk) flip it to "I CAN" & focus on how to accomplish it. It's crazy, but the brain will focus on what we tell it! I remind this value lesson to myself as well. I can easily discourage myself, put up walls that don't need to be there when I'm trying to do something. The running joke in my household now is "What does mom say about "I CAN'T"...my kiddios will say "I CAN"...sometimes w/ excitement and sometimes w/ some stubbornness tone in their voice😉, but it still helps them focus on figuring out how they are going to succeed at the task at hand. I'm crossing fingers my children will continue learning this perspective during their adult years 🤞

These 2 kiddios are my deep reason why in everything I do! Today I worked all this morning so that I could take the full afternoon off, & spent time w/ the kiddios on a road trip to Peggy's Cove. 🌊Every year we enjoy the climb on the rocks...it's never a disappoint! To help me keep me focus on some rather big goals I just set for myself, this picture is now a screensaver to help me focus on WHY I do what I do💕 #familyroadtrip #peggycove #focusonyourwhydaily

"La vida es suficientemente real para tener que oscurecerla con mentiras..." 💛
#livingthelife #livingthetruth

I thought all weekend, "Do my words even matter?" And I found the answer for your voice and mine.
Link of post in bio.
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I don't have to workout...I GET to workout! #killthestubborness #Buildthedetermination
This was my reality check this morning. 5am the alarm clock goes off. So wanting to ignore it, & all I wanted to do was stay longer in bed. But I had realized that I made it a goal to get better at this 5am workout routine NOW, before the kids are back in school!
Reminding myself I wanted to change MORE than remain the same.
So I got my booty out of bed, grabbed my water & coffee, headed down in the basement, pressed play to my workout, & got moving. Changing that perspective of mine, helped me realized that I should be grateful for having the opportunity to improving my health, and stop resisting it. I must continue paying attention to my daily actions, & how those actions affects my upcoming days, months, years to come. There is no better time than the NOW to start.
#cleanslate #mondaymorningwakeupcall #focusforward

Affirmations first thing in the morning, has been a new thing for me. If you think this is silly...I thought so too, for the past 3 years when I 1st learnt about them. So WHY did I change my tune & start my morning ritual w/ them? Because I FINALLY realized I needed something positive to focus on 1st thing in the morning...before my family needed me, before I opened up my inbox, etc...I needed to get this brain of mine to sloooooow down, get some clarity, centre myself, & focus on my goals & life w/ the proper perspective. What a person thinks about, is what they focus on in life & attracts. When you do good for you, you do good for others...it's the ripple effect 💕

Get comfortable being uncomfortable!

Step 1. START
All you have to do is show up and you are half way there. Remind yourself that you made the decision and you were already committed!! Step 2. DON'T QUIT
Keep pushing forward and drop the excuses. The point when you're about to give up is the precise moment when the other guy gives up. Ask yourself what's driving you and why are you doing this!

STEP 3. Push past your comfort zone daily!
Build your mental and physical "toughness" within!

I used to think I had to follow a bunch of rules to earn God's acceptance and love. But what God's been telling me is He doesn't care about my life's "resume" or highlight reel of all the good and holy things I've done. He sees my heart and that's what matters. Don't let "religion" trick you into thinking you have to fit a perfect image to be a follower of Christ. It's your heart that God sees. All God wants is a heart that desires more of Him, less of yourself. The rest will fall into place as you fall more deeply in love with the one who made you and loves you more than you'll ever know.

Restarted the Swift Shop this morning! This time around, more tracking will be taking place...tracking my measurements, photos, & my food intake (highly recommend to use the app " Lifesum"!). To all my mom friends....don't let weights scare you off!!! It's perfectly normal to feel a bit intimidated by them but don't let that fear keep you from enjoying the many benefits of lifting!!! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 💪🏻Weight training builds muscle, as lean muscle increases so does metabolism. ... 💪🏻Gain Strength without Bulking. ... 💪🏻Decrease Risk of Osteoporosis. ... 💪🏻Reduce Risk of Injury. ... 💪🏻Burn More Calories. ... 💪🏻Improve Posture and Reduce Back Pain. ... 💪🏻Enhance Mood and reduce stress

All of us mamas could use a little extra strength these days to keep up with our kiddos!!

Super Speed 50 was accomplished! 😯💦 I decided to challenge myself more this morning, w/ messy hair & all 😉
Please don't be fearful of challenging yourself...it's within the challenge is where you discover a new part of yourself! You are much STRONGER than you think. Speaking from personal experience. Push a side the negative mindset messages ...ex: I can't, it's too hard, I don't want to, etc and learn to over ride it & focus on what you want.
Encourage yourself! This is your journey. You have everything within you to succeed.

Missing my husband on this little 5 day adventure got me thinking about how I miss God when I go days without spending quality time with Him. I didn't bring my Bible and journal on my trip this weekend and I am feeling spiritually hungry because of it. My temper has been short at times, I've allowed my mouth to freely speak judgement of others, and most of all I just feel weak, like I'm relying on my own strength to be a "good person" and treat others well but I'm failing. I shouldn't ever have to "try" to be a good person in the first place because my desire to live for God and not myself is what effects my actions; not following rules, but rather listening to convictions from the Holy Spirit as I learn more about Jesus and how He lived His life through example.
I encourage you as much as I'm encouraging myself to not neglect communication with God through prayer and reading His word. The more spiritually fed you and I are, the stronger we will be in the choices we make, the wiser we will be in the things we allow ourselves to believe, and the kinder we will be in the way we love others.

I beat the old habit of hitting that darn old snooze button this morning 🙌, got up & took action at 5am...50 minutes of strength training 💪

My 1st small success win of the day.
Overcoming that hesitation, is hard but feels good to overcome it every time!
Needing some more reasons to get moving, here ya go!: 10 reasons to workout TODAY

1. I will have more CONFIDENCE 😘
2. I will be one step CLOSER to my fitness goals
3. I will be MORE mentally alert ☺️
4. I will be HAPPIER 😁😁
5. I will have a DESIRE to eat healthy foods 🍎🍐🍇🍓🍈🍆🌶🍍🍠
6. I will be MORE motivated to workout tomorrow 💪🏃🏋🚴
7. I will burn MORE calories the rest of the day ✔️
8. I will have an INCREASED amount of energy!! 😄
9. I will be doing something for ME 😜
10. I will be HEALTHIER 🙌

Double tap if you got your workout in today!!!

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