They told me I wouldn’t have it; Now .. I got it #LivingMyBestLife

I took his yesterday while soaking in sweat. I twisted my ankle on Friday and still hiked 8 miles on Sunday with my ankle brace on for half the day. It was beautiful. I was searching for the birds. There’s no time to be wasted on a twisted ankle 😂 I didn’t dress for the evening weather so I felt like shit by 5 PM even though I was winning at 7:30 AM. It was all worth it. #happylife #livingmybestlife #outdooradventures #birdingadventures #sweatyselfie #xiththesolivagant

🌻🔆🌸🦄 happyyyyy Monday. It's a great day to get in a BACK WORKOUT. These are three of my favorite/staple lifts. I literally do some type of variation of the first two every time I train back. •

Give emmmm a try high high high rep, low weight. Or go super heavy and get in 6 to 8 reps. End with pull-ups because pull-ups are hard but SO GOOD. 🔥🔥

OH and on the third lift.. DON'T hyperextend backwards. The move should be slow and controlled... not lookin like a Viking ship swing at the carnival. 🐲

so happy that I got to check another item off my bucket list this year 😍😍 this place is insanely beautiful & the 20+ miles hike was well worth it 😭🏜 .
#havasupai #grandcanyon #beaverfalls #hiking #soakingitallin #actuallyfreezing #livingmybestlife

perfect representation of me this year - doing everything spontaneously and enjoying every second of every experience life throws at me 💕 #livinginthemoment even if my hair is messy 👀 ...
also this place is an absolute dream 😍🙌🏼 @ Mooney Falls Mother Nature never fails to surprise me💙
#havasupai #hiking #grandcanyon #livingmybestlife

•hi fit fam•
It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been to the gym so today felt amazing. I love getting back into the swing of things.

It’s so important to remember that everyone has setbacks but overcoming them is the beauty of them❤️❤️ #floridahereicome🌴 #fitness #legday #booty #livingmybestlife #happy #planetfitness #nike #gymmotivation

I do what I like to call Imagery writing !
Where I let the picture give me a descriptive story based on intuition:

This is how it goes:
“I wish I could meddle the petals,
Of your mind Of love,
perhaps the love,
that draws the lifelines between,
I want you and I need you.
Can I feel the depths of what love,
Feels to you?
The petals that are as soft as the backs
of our skin as we feel the magnetic
sting coming from within.
Floating as if we no longer need
A timeline for this love.
As we roller skate gracefully,
In a new dimension.
Only to mention, that
Maybe my reflection of you,
Just became clearer to myself.
That’s why you stuck to me anyways.
We mastered the idea of hope,
Into trusting love from source above.
So we’d like to think so...
But the power isn’t what is,
It’s what we thought of it as,
And so it became that.
But still somewhere we, hope,
In a world of uncertainty,
But never for divine love,
For human love.
That’s why,
And I hope your love is as gentle as
These petals, from a flower,
The has its seasons of
Endings and beginnings, too.
Cause I know I change
Just like you.” - petal thoughts 💭
Keke Powers

What does this photo say to you?
I’m learning that turning my words into art, maybe someone can relate to it. I always back and forth myself with posting these in depth freestyles of my feelings. Hope it can encourage you to heal yourself . 🌻💎👑

I contemplated sharing this earlier today & then a post by @katenorthrup inspired me. This photo right here is the image of my biggest personal goal being achieved this year. It’s finally getting Finn to nurse without a nipple shield today. For 116 days, I’ve consistently worked towards achieving this goal & after putting in the work, here we are, sharing this moment for the first time, together.
You see, consistency is key, in life in general. Whether it be home life or biz life. We have to show up and work for what we want. Not giving up, not feeling discouraged, and pushing thru when it’s harder than you ever thought it would be.
Also, I’m sharing the message from @katenorthrup that inspired me (swipe right). This hit home for me in so many ways. If you’re on my email list, I shared a very personal message this week. I’m “on” on the home front. I’m measuring the value of my time in love right now and not so much at the growing part of my biz. And you know, that’s absolutely okay. Sustaining is crucial too, and that’s what I’m focused on.
So, what about you? Are you being consistent enough? Are you “on” in home or biz right now, or rocking both really well?

Long weekends are often for gardening... but a little lake time doesn’t hurt either. 🏕#maytwofour #familycampingtrip #laketime

Today we had the best fun EVER 😎The jetboat was unreal and gave such an adrenaline rush before the helicopter tour 🚁. Amazing experience and stunning views 💯 #jetboatextreme #helitours #helicopter #waves #adrenalinerush #fun #livingmybestlife #surfersparadise #goldcoast #queensland #australia #instagood

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