I believe God has something so amazing in store for me, that’s why these tests are becoming tougher. I’m equipped to pass them all & stay the course. I will forever keep those who genuinely love me close to me❤️. #ASmileADayKeepsThePainAway #ThisTooShallPass #Blessed #Thankful #SelfLove #FamilyLove #Loyal #Genuine #LivingLovingLife #lfl

Cold winter day we love our gumbo but we Love a Crab Stew too! #lovetocook #crabstew #smellinggoodupinhere #crabbing #livinglovinglife #livingofftheland

Getting our curtains up and upscaling our chest of drawers #womenwhocan #doitdoit #bedroom #makeover #qboutthattime #wifeatwork #itsabouttohappen #home #livinglovinglife

@Regran_ed from @chiquisoficial - My Dress is blue, but my heart isn’t. 😊 #LivingLovingLife 💙
Dress from @fashionnova! Search “A Girls Life Maxi Dress” USE CODE: XoChiquis for a discount! #FashionNova #NovaBabe #MaxiDress #Blue #FashionByChiquis #Thursday - #TeamChiquis

I am never satisfied with the status-quo. I’m always looking for more. I’m a ♊️ & well we get bored easily. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I like to work - scratch that - I need to work...I mean I’ve got kids & all of the expenses that come with them.
But I also crave FREEDOM, CHOICES and I want to get PAID for my efforts! 💲

Over the years my situation has changed several times. I’ve done a lot of things on the side of my regular job because a day job is well, always still a J.O.B. We all need a “Plan B”, right?
But everything I tried still wound up taking a TON of TIME and more of my own money. There was inventories, home parties, classes, online classes, facebook parties and despite what they said NONE of it was duplicatable. 😥

Until now ... Now I’m super busy with the teenager, health & wellness school...there is no way I could do anything on the side - and seriously why would I??? UNLESS it was super easy, effortless and WORTH IT.

It’s that good folks! And I REALLY want to show you - especially if you want those same things: FREEDOM, CHOICES and MONEY

If you’re not up for that...perfectly OK 👌🏽.....keep on scrolling
But if you like having FUN & making a little money at the same time, then stick with me here 🚀 🧨 I want to give you a free sneak peek into what I do! 🙈 ★·.·´¯`·.·★ Шнааатттт ★·.·´¯`·.·★ Drop a 👍🏼 in comments or just shoot me a message to be added to this exclusive sneak peek group starting TOMORROW.🤩 Be sure to reserve your spot now, because over the course of the next 3️⃣days, I am going to share #allthethings with YOU.
All. Of. Them. 💃🏼 Yep. What it’s really like to do what I do and just how fun and simple it really is.💯 Absolutely zero pressure-NADA-just fun!

I like fun!! How about you??? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ Here’s what we will be talking about: 🌀 A day in the life of a Social Marketer - and how you can do this full time or totally on the side. 🌀 How we make money.💰
🌀 How we have totally disrupted the network marketing industry by creating MASSIVE curiosity surrounding our company, our products, and how you can learn our simple system. 👉🏼 We officially launch Wednesday, November 14th for the pre-launch party! Who’s in?

😘 Start your day being thankful for everything that teaches you a new lesson. Look forward to new beginnings & Amazing adventures!
Happy new day!
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💥Drinking coffee does not fix your fatigue.
💥Applying zit cream does not stop you from having breakouts.
💥Avoiding gluten does not heal your intolerance.
💥Allergy remedies do not eliminate the source of your cause.
💥Applying lotion to skin conditions does not address why you are getting them in the first place.
💥Taking Ibuprofen for chronic pain and inflammation does not address why you are hurting in the first place.
💥Taking a sleeping pill does not get rid of your sleep disorder. 🔑What does? Getting to the ROOT cause!!!
In many cases that involves blood sugar imbalance, gut health &/or swelling. Work on the cause instead of masking the symptoms!
Let’s get our guts healthy together!

6 months ago I was tired 😴
Like....ALL. OF. THE. TIME!

We got a 🐶 that had way more energy than I did. Way more energy! ⚡️ My daughter was graduating high school and the teenager was...well a teenager 🤦‍♀️ I seriously wanted to nap 💤 every chance that I could which wasn’t possible. My cortisol levels were horrible & my body was working against me. Couldn’t lose weight. Blood pressure was out of whack. Cholesterol was out of whack. 😏 And because I’m super random about some things & Uber picky, I hated my deodorant, I had learned about the toxins in it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I knew that my eating & lack of doing anything physical wasn’t helping matters either but I was in a viscous cycle. I decided to start looking at natural ways to fix this.
It started with a deodorant. 🙋🏼‍♀️ Yep, deodorant. A natural one. Random, I know...it’s me. 💃🏼 The company that I ordered the deodorant from had a system. A simple system, a natural system 🌱 for having more energy, losing weight & feeling better. I wasn’t sure if it would work but I did love the deodorant and what I was doing it (which was nothing), wasn’t working. And there was a guarantee, who doesn’t love a guarantee 🤗

30 days into it, I didn’t notice the weight at first. But the energy...it was sneaky! No jitters, better mood, next thing you know it’s tricked me into walking said 🐶 more & more each day. Then someone asks me if I’ve lost weight. 😲 Had I? Turns out, I had! And inches too!
6 months now, I’m walking 3 miles a day, working out 3 days a week 💪🏼, cholesterol is perfect, inches are gone, weight is still dropping and blood pressure is golden. Oh...& I got a 🐶 for our first 🐶. 🤨 Watch out World! Change is happening! So thankful for that deodorant ☺️ #earbobsandcarharts #livinglovinglife #changingweighs

@Regran_ed from @chiquisoficial - My Dress is blue, but my heart isn’t. 😊 #LivingLovingLife 💙
Dress from @fashionnova! Search “A Girls Life Maxi Dress” USE CODE: XoChiquis for a discount! #FashionNova #NovaBabe #MaxiDress #Blue #FashionByChiquis #Thursday - #chiquisrivera #TeamChiquis28

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