It’s ten o’clock at night and the sound of a sledge hammer is my bath time serenade 😂 That white sunroom you see there>> it’s now up on the renovation list. When we moved here, I adored the sun room. I painted it my all time favorite blue paint shade, (“sigh” by valspar) and dreamed of adding a swing bed and having dozens of plants in my own little sanctuary space. Being in this house for a little over a year now we’ve realized it just doesn’t work with what we want. We realized we weren’t using our backyard because well- we couldn’t see it! The sunroom just wasn’t cutting it. But a back porch?!? Yep that’s exactly what would work. So we are busting out the walls and dreaming of long tables for hosting, rocking chairs for seating and open views to see my backyard flowers. What can I say, we are just porch people! 🌻 #welcometothewilletts

So excited to finally share our living room with y’all! This room was originally two tone cucumber green! (Not cute) so we painted the main room white and then did a dark blue half accent wall to help bring down the 13ft ceilings! Our rug we got on eBay, those white shelves are from ikea, and I handmade that long white banner with lyrics from our favorite @joshgarrels song! What’s your favorite part of the living room?! .
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It’s about to start raining so naturally a photo is in order! I love the color of the light when the air is saturated and the clouds are thick. #thesewoods

Filling the squares with more of my favorite barnyard, pasture, hen house, lake, and yard friends. Somedays I feel if I take a step, something is going to get stepped.....or more likely stepped in😁!!!
There's lots to step in. Gratefully we have 65 acres at the house and lease 100 more down the road.
.. We're trying to get the leased land ready to move cows to, so we can rotate even more. I think it'll be fun when we walk the herd down th road....it's a dirt county road fenced on both sides.....to the next pasture. I'd love to have folks come watch the cattle drive.
Thanks for letting me share my little snippets of our lives.❤
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Sometimes the most important renovations take place where nobody sees or even notices. We hired an awesome handyman from our community to replace and update ALL the light switches and outlets on the ground floor! He also reassured us that the electrical work that had been done before wasn’t as bad as we had originally thought! Having these new updates give us a peace of mind and confidence to move on to other renovations on the list! HOORAY!
#mashulavillefarmhouse #noxubeecountyliving #maconit #mississippionthemap #mississippi #americanfarmhouse #livinginthecountry #escapetothecountry #farmhousestyle #dreamhome #southernliving #farmhousedecor #farmhousedesign #fixerrupper #electricity #peaceofmind #lightswitch #outlets #movingon #yay

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