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He stripped away my self worth, layer by layer until there was nothing left of my personality. Yet I never forgot about the girl who I used to be. She lived inside, my caged soul, waiting for the day I would set her free. Casting her light into my dark mind hoping that I would see, flashes of a better life, glimpses of possibility. I was never alone because she believed in me. #domesticabuse #neversettleforless #knowyourworth #neverfeelalone #livingabetterlife #livingahealthylife #blessedwiththebest #supportivecircle #loveyouall #❤️

You need people that will pull you into your destiny. Sometimes you can't go to the next level without someone pulling you up. If you're crippled in some area so to speak, and you surround yourself with people just like you, there's no one there to help you up. You have to get around somebody stronger, somebody more successful so they can lift you up. Stay away from people that tell you where you are is where you going to be. - Joel olsteen

Super hot day at the yoga fest today!Loads of talk about hemp @hemptalks_ ,many nice people,breathing,meditation and good vibes. I i think i heard ‘good vibes’ at least 150 times today, and how nice is that❤️🙏 .
#hemptalks #satimed #goodvibes #florida #phytocannabinoids #organic #livingabetterlife #immunesystem #antiinflamatoryfoods #supplements

First Time In Many Years I Haven’t Been On Some Type Of Diet, Counting My Calories, Or Watching My Portions Of Food In Take. A Friend Asked Me What Day Was My Cheat Day? Literally I Don’t Have A Cheat Day🤗 If I Want A Vegan Pizza, Vegan Cookies, Vegan Sandwiches, Or French Fries I Eat it, Just Very Aware Of Where My Food Comes From. On This Journey Of A Plant~Based Life Style Has Change Me From The Outside Yes, (over 25 pounds down) But What’s Most Important For Me, Is What It Has Done For My Spirit, My Soul, My Humanity, My Very BEING😍🐾😘
#plantbasedjourney #livingabetterlife #gratefuleveryday #BeWhoYouAreAnyWay

21/30 “Jean Day”says no one ever lol well at least not me ugh 😑 I have so so so many 👖!!! And I haven’t worn in years and I refuse to to buy bigger jeans... just not for me!! This is another goal of mine too fit in these babies lol #jeans #breakfast #quotes #gear #alittlelate #givingupisnotallowed #sweat #mealprepping #vegancooking #30dayphotochallenge #water #loseweight #livingabetterlife #veganbeauty #veganbeginner #workoutmotivation #5lbslater #startoffright #day21done #revengebody #nomoreexcuses #plank

Sunday selfie and feeling fine :) As a writer, I enjoy noticing little differences in language between US and NZ. "Fine" is one of them. Where in the US it tends to mean, "eh, wasn't good, wasn't bad" (and we say it a lot), my Kiwi friends tend to use it to say something -- usually the weather/day -- was exceptionally good. I like that, and that's definitely how I'm feeling about this weekend. It's fine :) #expatlife #aucklandmum #auckland #ilovenz #blue #livingabetterlife

Namaste! Come for the ultimate OM tomorrow @yogafestfl ! Will be a lot of fun and yes,stop at our Hemp Talks booth ,number 25 (by the fountains) Pure joy! .
#hemptalks #satimed #yogafortlauderdale #organiccbd #cbdfortlauderdale #cbdsouthflorida #phytocannabinoids #livingabetterlife #autoimmune #holisticnutrition #lasolas #fortlauderdale

#facetofacefriday this is 1st one I have ever done. Was looking at old pics the other day and I came across this one from a couple years sgo. I had been thinking to myself I wish I could lose some weight in my face. Well I guess I had and did not realize it till I did this side by side.
#myketojourney #ketoforlife #livingabetterlife #becomingabetterhealthier me
#lovingmyself #ketorocks

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. -William Arthur Eard

Little #throwbackthursday because this photo just popped up on my Facebook memories and I was discussing nutrition info and the change from the first picture and the second picture is so much more than physical. In the first photo I was disgustingly depressed, completely isolated, and obsessively counting calories and limiting myself to 300 a day on top of high school sports (all of which I had to quit due to constant chest pain and my energy levels being in the toilet) and working out at home and/or at the gym. Second picture- I eat intuitively, don’t count SHIT, don’t measure or weigh my food, and I’m lifting to get strong and don’t give a f%&k what anybody thinks about my body. 👊🏼 This body of mine carried my little baby soul through my childhood, held itself together when I was slicing it to shreds, poisoning it with drugs and alcohol, starving, and overworking it to the absolute extremes. It carried me through addiction when I was told my liver wasn’t functioning properly, it carried me through psychiatric wards, it got me through treatment strong and healthy, and now here I am today nearly 7 months sober and grateful as all hell. 💪🏼 To those who may be struggling with the cunning, baffling, and powerful disease of addiction- keep fighting. You can live a better life. And to those who are just trying to make it through the day without entertaining or giving in to the wants of their eating disorder- I’m proud of you and you can do this. You are stronger than you think, and life can be so much sweeter than you ever expected. 🌸

Treated Myself To The DELICIOUS Vegan Cobb Salad From @cheesecakefactory With The Birthday Coins💰HUNTY🙋🏾‍♀️ It’s The Most YUMMIEST Salad Ever😋
#birthdaymoney #cheesecakefactory #vegancobbsalad #plantbasedfoods #livingabetterlife #BeWhoYouAreAnyWay

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

My husband Eric posted this earlier today. I have been there through his pain, and now a witness to his pain free days. We have both seen our own results, and loving the outcome. #blessing #healthyliving #livingabetterlife #seeingresults #littleyellowpill #scienceproven

Excuses sounds best to those who use them. Are you ready to move past them?

Found An Amazing Vegan Cream Cheese That’s Soy Free Too🤗 I Love It For A Quick Breakfast With A Slice Of My Sprouted ‘Protein’ Bread Toasted YUM😋 Great Thing About It~ The Chive & Onion By @daiyafoods Taste EXACTLY Like Dairy Cream Cheese~ SAY WHAT😱 My Mommy @deloresknox Is Also Enjoying These DELICIOUS Clean Eating Products😍
#plantbasedjourney #daiyacreamcheese #ezekielbread #livingabetterlife #BeWhoYouAreAnyWay

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