In only three years I’ve changed so much living such a happier THINNER life it’s not about how hard you fall but how you snap back #livingabetterlife #instagay #lovinglife #loveyourself #gay #beautyfulcreatures

Having to drive only 7 minutes to get to work can have a profound affect on a person.... 😂😂😂 but 4 real tho... #LivingABetterLife #NotMyBestYet #JustWaitOnIt

#becauseofpaparazzi Moment for me today. I wanted to go live but I am a little teary because of of what this opportunity has done for me and how HUMBLED AND GRATEFUL I am.
Today, almost 3 months early I was able to pay off my car because of my Paparazzi income. Do you know what that does for a single mom that has struggled? What this continued ability to provide well for my kids and my future husband does for your heart and soul. Today.....is an important day. It’s another step in being able to not only survive, BUT THRIVE in the life we are working too hard to achieve.❤️ I didn’t say it was easy, EVER. What I did say and pray for was that it would be worth it. Make that step for yourself....today. My team is ready for you😘
#carpaidoff #loweringdebt #livingabetterlife #goals #dreams #businessmoves #theworkisworthit #believeinyourself #believeinyourteam #paparazziaccessories #blingangels

REAL GIRL TALK Facebook Live with special guest Author + Pastor @jessica__youngblood 💜
There are 21.5 million people battling substance abuse and we are losing almost 100,000 people each year to drug overdose!! That’s a scary statistic!
If you know someone who is fighting drug or alcohol addiction please listen to Jessicas story on my Empowerment is Beauty Facebook Page and grab her book in print or audiobook today on @amazon .
f you're going to have a life worth living, you're going to have to walk through some pain.... I made this audiobook for you, the hopeless one in a hotel room who wants to end your life. I made this for you, the drug addict who wants to give up because you can't overcome the addictions. I made this for you, the one who thinks the world is out to get you because of the life you were handed.
Rejection, addiction, emptiness, brokenness, and hopelessness can destroy our lives. I know this because I was broken beyond hope, but today I am victorious!
This is my journey from meth to ministry. If God can transform a life like mine, he can do it for you no matter what your story is. You just have to surrender. You have to choose to trust in the midst of the pain.
I am crazy enough to believe that by you listening to this book, God can grab ahold of your heart and remind you that you are loved, valued, and believed in. I believe you will start to see God has a plan and your story isn't over. It is just about to start.
If he did it for me, he can do it for you. It is my prayer that one day you, too, will be able to say, "It is worth the pain." And I promise, the life God has for you, it is worth the pain.

Most times, its hard to accept that what you once had, is currently only but memories.
This requires the need for you to move on and put the memories where they should be (in your heart) and never let it control your life.

Today is a day of THANKFULNESS.

Today is the day of Ashura on which Muslims fast to thank God for saving Moses (peace be upon him) and his people from Pharoah and for obtaining blessings.

Today is the day that I would like to thank God and EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU who has supported me in my business to date.

Whether it be through encouragement, buying the products, spreading the word or sending silent prayers from afar.

Thank you for helping me advance not just in my business but ultimately in helping me achieve the reason why I started doing this.

You have played a part in me serving people...in giving them hope and confidence in themselves and what they are capable of achieving.

This is WAY MORE than shampoo!

🏋️ developing ourselves
🌸 achieving great results
💪 increasing in self esteem
🏄 dealing with life's challenges faster
👭👬 and supporting others in all of the above

If this is something that you would love for yourself and others, then 📞CALL ME 📱TEXT ME 🗣️ SPEAK TO ME

If I can do this, SO CAN YOU!

And I'm here to support you

#ThankfulThursday #servingothers #livingabetterlife #businessowner #selfconfidence #ariskworthtaking #reaptherewardsyousow #Ashura #Fasting #MomentumUK #askmehow

On the menu in 'moos kitchen' 2nite was coconut flour tortillas with mexican beef cheek! Pretty tasty if I do say so!

#ketofood #ketosis #seeingthechange #butcherbydaychefbynight #livingabetterlife #livingthedream #ketowithhusband #coconutflour #beefcheeks #wakanuibeef #butcher #neatmeatnz

Not weightloss related although I am down to 213lbs FINALLY but I had to share.... .
🌟My littlest is 1 year old today✨
❤❤❤❤ She has really given me a new lease on life and Ive become a complete different but better person since I became pregnant with her.... I waited 9 years for this little beauty❤ she has healed my soul! Her brother and sister's love her to pieces 💋💋💋💋
This was my New Years conception and since finding out I was pregnant my life had become super crazy. I was diagnosed with a grape sized lump in my right lung just prior to having found out I was pregnant. The doctors all told me it would be best to terminate my pregnancy for fear my lump may be cancer. I went to specialist after specialist to find out what was going on with me. Being pregnant they don't want to do alot for fear of liability so I was left really up in the air on what was going on.... SO I had to make a choice... And mine was to say "F*ck it... If its cancer Ill deal with it once shes born but I am not giving up this baby!!!!"...... .
I had a rough pregnancy with GD and anemia as well as fighting clinical depression and meds Ive been on for 6 years. I was told she may have a cleft palate and lip. We had many tests and ultrasounds that confirmed she did not but we wouldn't know the full scoop till shes born. I hemoraged after birthing her and it was a rough start but WE MADE IT!!!!! Ive been lucky to have made it through a year of breastfeeding and she is a happy and healthy babygirl named after her heavenly Angel my Dad..... Ive been on a journey since to become a healthier and happier Me... For her and for my other 3 kids. They motivate me to be BETTER❤. . . . . .
Also we found out my lump is not cancerous and has significantly decreased in size. I can't tell you how blessed I feel.

#love #rainbowbaby #mysoul #healing #healthy #livingabetterlife #shecompletesme #momof4 #mysavinggrace #gigimd #miamor #miprincesapreciosa #mixedbabies

Nothing distracts a person from their true purpose in life more than following the crowd mentality.

Ever thought about moving to the Swiss Alps?

Fancy waking up to these views every day?

Why not give us a call on 01379 855203 or drop us a message to discuss making your dream come true

Photo credit to our crew member Leon, stunning!
#movingon #movingweek #movingboxes #movingtime #movingaway #movinginday #movingontobetterthings #movingcompany #movingabroad #livingabetterlife #livingineurope #livinginswitzerland #mountains #stunning #photography

Pain nourishes courage. You can't be brave if you've only had wonderful things happen to you.

My whole life has changed since I made my healing a priority. Making my life better one day and one triumph at a time. I want more and more and more.....#nevergiveup💪 #teamneverquit #addicted #doingthework #livingabetterlife #causeimworthit #lovingmyself #youshouldtoo #foryou #heal #belight

Dedication is belief transistioned into action which is transformed into change.

Fun day with these lovelies! (Monique was busy with business!) A little strategy planning and working with them to educate others on health & wellness... love being around others that are so uplifting and inspiring...😍 #healthandwellness #livingabetterlife #strategicplanning #upliftingwomen #goodpeople #makesmehappy

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