Wishing you an awesome day and an awesome weekend!
I am very blessed to be friends with the fabulous Dr Fiona. She lives her life in a way that supports and inspires many others.
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Your future starts now and only you can decide it. Don’t follow other people dreams and don’t let them decide your life. Finding what you love is like finding someone to spend the rest of your life. Your work will be a major part of your life so you must enjoy what you do. Even if will be many obstacles imposed through your life, it is important to remain focused on the objectives

Follow your heart and intuition, they already know what you want…

Every day that you put your dreams behind, you are more distant from making them true…

Never stop dreaming…

That 'life' you always wanted has been staring at you right in the face... And you didn't even know it... Want to learn more?
Click the link in my bio and join the rest of us that dare to Dream BIG

Note to self....
Sometimes taking the path of creative, soul-full, authentic living is scary. We don’t know the outcome. For the “control freak “ in me, that’s terrifying. The truth is, We NEVER REALLY know the outcome for sure NO MATTER WHAT. So, why not just play full out, work hard, love hard, make a plan but be flexible. Dig deep. Feel the fear but “Do It” anyway! Go for the BIG STUFF! Choose happy and gratitude. Lift others. Be a fricken sparkly glow in the Universe! #authenticstuff #liveyourlifeonpurpose #creativeliving #yogababes #werisebyliftingothers #iloveyouall #justfeltlikeposting

There may or may not be some snacks involved... But there will definitely be fun!
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Do you have a big, amazing, crazy dream? The kind of dream you don't tell people because they may think you are crazy?

Maybe you want to travel the whole world, or simply just be happy, you have the chance to achieve it.
Believe in yourself and in your dream and you can change the world and have the life that you want to live.

Even if people will think you are crazy, never stop believing that you can achieve your dream, nobody has the right to stop you from dreaming.
Dreams are hope and ideas of a perfect life.
Live the life of your dreams.
If we have a dream we have the chance to fulfill it.

That 'life' you always wanted has been staring at you right in the face... And you didn't even know it... Want to learn more?

Click the link in my bio and join the rest of us that dare to Dream BIG

Insta Live Tonight at 7pm!!! Join me as I share what this incredible event is and why I am stepping into the fear to do something I love!!!
🎶Any guesses as to what song will be in this one’s intro?! 🎤 #publicspeaking #faceyourfears #fearandfailure #speakerslam #beyou #liveyourlifeonpurpose #fthecomfortzone

Are you living life on your own terms? 🤔 Do you realise that you weren’t put here to pay taxes and die? 👀 ✨🥂 Well, Team work makes the dream work right?! 🥂✨ 🔥🔥🚀Surround yourself with people who push you, raise you up and you will go so far!!🚀🔥🔥 👱🏼‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️👩🏼‍💻The LEGENDS I’ve become close with in the last year blow my mind every day and are the people challenging me to grow, level up and realise, we can have the life we want - WE JUST HAVE TO DESIGN IT! #livebydesign👩🏼‍💻💁🏻‍♀️👱🏼‍♀️ ☀️🌈The feeling of being surrounded by people who think like you, have been on the same path as you, the same frequency, and support, encourage, teach and CHEER YOU ON DAILY is nothing short of AMAZING 🌈☀️ I feel sooo lucky to be a business partner in an incredible International Company with a brilliant Corporate, inspiring, driven, successful and HAPPY leaders and a structure that allows you to build that lifestyle where you can work from ANY LOCATION 🏝, CHOOSE your own hours🌜, and lets have you the freedom to build the lifestyle you ACTUALLY want instead of the miserable, repetitive 9-5 grind till 65.

Was so excited when I said YES to coming on board and never thought I could have so much love for the tribe of #bossbabes we have!!! ✨✨✨ 🚀🚀 I am looking for 9 more PEOPLE (MEN this is not just for the Ladies!) to join my team... These people probably... 🍷 Love good wine and having a glass with friends 🙋🏼‍♀️
🥂 Love wine tasting
🎁 Love getting things for free 😕 Dread getting up for work in the morning and wondering is THIS really as good as it gets?!
🏝 Want to be able to afford their dream holiday this year but not quite sure how
📲 Wish they could work from their smart phone/laptop ANYWHERE 👩‍👧‍👦 Wish they had a way to spend more time with their kids while working ✈️ Want to travel more 🌏
💶 Could do with a bit more coming in to knock over a few more bills for the month
If any of this speaks to you and you think, how did she know?! That’s me🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️, drop me below one word or emoji that represents DREAM LIFE to you !!! 🥂🏝🌈✨✈️🍷🌏🌺🌱🐕🐠🦄
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Uluru, the last 3 days and now onwards to Katherine then Darwin!

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Our first 7 recruits for 2019 are in and the province of Saskatchewan🇨🇦 is leading the way with 3 of their own!

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Hour of Power holds a special place in our hearts. It is a time where, as a community, we come together and pray. Although we may have individual intentions and prayers, Jesus says where there is two or more gathered, He is also there.
During Hour of Power, Jesus, who is truly present in the Eucharist, is exposed for all to see and pray to him. We pray through music, songs, silence and meditating on a part of the Bible. We also get to pray for others and any intentions we may have directly to Jesus.

Collectively, as a team, we have come to know Jesus in many ways- one of which is through Eucharistic Adoration. So come along and see what you can find this Thursday.

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I was revisiting some of by goals yesterday and felt a little…. less then. Then I came across this quote and it immediately flipped a switch. Why not me? Why not now? Game on!
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#thenextepisode !
➡️Link in Bio!!! 🏹

Thank you @biancarollo for joining me and sharing this week! 💜💫 This weeks’ focus is on #trust, #listening and #friendship foundation in relationships!... and those awkward early dating moments 🤣
💫 Thank you to @magiccutmedia for your video creation skillz!!!
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Luke Hyland is 18 years old from Canberra, Australia’s capital city.
He enjoys reading, long distance running and using metaphors to describe things.
Luke’s favourite colour is dark blue (like the deep ocean), and he doesn’t have a favourite song because he doesn’t like to confine music to narrow descriptions and categories.

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Are you an Iona student between the years of 10-12 looking for something to do at lunch?
WELL, do we have some news for you.
This Friday we are hosting our first chill n chat! Come on over to the Fitzpatrick room for some fun and games while you eat your lunch. Get to know us, NETTERs, and hang out and celebrate the end of the first week of term!
#netaus #30years #liveyourlifeonpurpose

Should I make Turkey Chili or Turkey Sloppy Joes? Go to my IG Story and take my poll. Happy Monday everyone! New day, new week, new tasks to complete toward your goals... #3thingseverdaytowardyourgoals

Happy Monday!! Who else is living their life on purpose? If not, why not?? If you have something to say, say it! If you have something to share, share it!! If you can help someone in some way, then do it!! Make a difference in this world, it feels good ❤️
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I had an amazing conversation with a very highly regarded and successful business woman in the community last week and it left me inspired, changed ~ a huge ah-ha moment.💫
I had just explained to her some personal stories about my life and commented on how sometimes I wonder what it would be like for people who don’t experience that kind of pain and loss and other sh%#.💫
She responded with something I had heard in variation before. And again, though it was the third or even fourth time I had heard it, this time it struck a deeper cord. It resonated deeper and it stuck. 💫
She said that in life we have two ways of living:
The first way: ➖➖➖➖➖~ life that looks like this straight line. Steady, straight-forward, predictable even.
The second way: 🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔 ~ life that has peaks and valleys, a lot like these mountains. There are ups and downs. The lowest of lows but also the really incredible high points.
✨ In that moment I realized that despite the fact that I would take back tragedy and loss and heartbreak in a heart beat…. I wouldn't trade it for anything, if it meant to not experience the most life-changing and fantastic experiences of my life. 💫
Today and every day forward I am grateful for all of life’s experiences. And I choose to see everything as a MIRACLE.
Thank you D.D for your vast wisdom and insight 🙏🏼

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