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My workflow goes something like this: show up to a view, soak it in. Start to wonder what it looks like from that peak... and that one, oh and that one all the way back there. So, I dedicate my life to ticking them off one by one, each view offering a new perspective and appreciation on how grand Mother Earth is. Then I start to wonder what they look like on cloudy days, sunny days, sunrise, sunset... It seems there's endless possibilities to find a new perspective, endless inspiration caused by the same horizon.

I remember being a teenager looking through Cosmopolitan magazine in the lobby of my dentist’s office
“What is your body type?" one of the articles asked.
There they listed 4 shapes: Apple, Pear, Hourglass and a Square.
I looked down at my boyish physique:
I’m a square, I thought to myself.
I am a Mexican American and grew up admiring women with tons of curves.
Lots of apples, pears and hourglasses poured through the front door every Christmas Eve,
But I was the only square.
A couple days later I sat in Geometry glass, learning about angles.
Every time I connected 4 corners, I thought – That’s you.
That’s what you look like.
I don’t think anyone wants to look like a square.
But as I grew older, I learned to love my figure.
This curveless frame has carried me up and down mountains.
Its scaled sheer cliffs and propelled me through choppy bodies of water.
Overtime, I learned to look in the mirror and see possibilities instead of flaws.
The beautiful things I could do with this boxy body allowed me to observe all its goodness staring back at me.
Now, I will still forever be wooed by the figures of the apples, pears and hourglasses who flock to my abuelo’s house for Sunday dinners,
But as a square,
I will always remember something that I learned back in that Geometry class:
Though I don’t have any curves,
I sure do have all the right angles.
(And there’s your corny math joke for the day. You’re welcome)

Recently hatched Baby saltwater crocodiles all huddled together in a bathtub.
Saltwater crocodiles are the most aggressive of the 23 species of crocodiles and as a result the most territorial. Even at this young age , seconds old, one of these little crocs will bite you - and it'll hurt! For the most part they seem to tolerate each other but occasional conflicts do arise. One of the most remarkable facts about saltwater crocodiles is that they start life so small and eventually grow so large. This means as they grow older they are taking on many different roles in the ecosystem, until, of course, they reach full size and become the apex predator of the rivers and swamps of northern Australia. Shot with support from @natgeo and @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #crocodiles #crocs #reptiles #australia #northernterritory #babyanimals #babyanimal #instagood

We got snow in the mountains and we had to go see it for ourselves ❄️ it's our favorite thing

They say to only carry the basic essentials when backpacking to keep your pack weight down. Dog treats and "wally" the walrus dog toy count as basic essentials, right? — @ZukesPets #sponsored #ZukesPack #LiveLifeOffLeash #LetsGoZukes @coastalpetproducts #roamfree #campingwithdogs #rescuedogsrock #herpnwlife

Trek Blogger @beckybooroo has hit the final state. Her updates are always must-reads, and we're stoked to see her reaching her goal. #trektheat #thetrek

Last week while on the trail, I found the first signs of fall...
I'm just like most women who get all excited about the change of wardrobe and eating pumpkin flavored everything this time of year. But really, my favorite part of fall is watching nature transform. What is now green leaves turning into shades of gold and the cooler weather along the trail. Sure, I love a flannel and a scarf as much as the next girl but none of those things compare to looking up at the trees and down at the leaves knowing that the seasons... they are a changin.

And on this fine Monday, we're crushing on @philngyn because desert views + moody = 🙌🏼. Happy #ManCrushMonday everyone! We do these because we want to even out the playing field. Our events are open to your pets, gfs and bfs as long as the registration allows for it. The next time you RSVP for a @MtnChicks hike, being a friend! We're all inclusive- that's how it should be. .
Visit www.mtnchicks.com to join your local #mtnchicks chapter and RSVP for events in your area!
Upcoming @mtnchicks Hikes. Visit mtnchicks.com to RSVP!
SoCal: Rocky Mtn Peak Sunset Hike, Sept 21 | Alberta: Wilcox Pass, Sept 23 | Wyoming: Taggart Lake, Sept 23 | SoCal: Potato Mtn Potluck, Sept 24 | Tennessee: Hike and Float Event, Sept 24 | Arizona: Public Lands Cleanup, Sept 30 | Washington: Public Lands Day Hike, Sept 30 | British Columbia: Joffre Lake Hike, Sept 30 | Pennsylvania: Ricketts Glen Lake

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True friendship is one mind in two bodies. :)

I've been neglecting insta since I had an achilles strain back in Aug. I finally got my #backpacking legs back (thanks to Greenlake PT) and it feels so so good. Here's another one from the #kettlecrest where every step hurt, but every step had views like this. #PNW_UL

You can do it! Grow, baby, grow!! Okay, an I the only one who gets excited to see new trees starting out? 🌲🤓🌲💚

Last year we tried to do Little Lougheed but we had to turn around cuz it was getting too stormy. Last Sunday I went back to try to make it to the summit after about 1hour I realized I am on the wrong trail 🙈 So we tried to find the right trail, bushwhacked, and ended up on a cliff so we finally turned around... One day I will make it to the top I guess. Never give up!

Taking the road less traveled 🚙
It's really easy to fall into routine. To default to our comforts and stick to what's familiar. But when we take a chance to leave the familiar and experience the unknown we give ourselves a chance to grown in unimaginable ways. .
Our trip to Tonga was eye opening. I learned so much about a new culture and way of life that opened my eyes to learn so much about myself. I learned that I am capable of pushing myself well beyond my comfort zone, even more than I thought possible. I learned that I need to give myself a break from technology every once in a while. Nearly 2 weeks without internet and I felt like a new person. I learned that my desire to always be the best at what I do can sometimes (more often than not) be holding me back, a lot. I learned I could go days without a real shower and @leavethefamiliar was not once repulsed by me. And I reminded myself of the power of not only travel, but taking a break from the daily grind. . . .
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I will never forget my first World Wonder - Chichen Itza 🤗 It's historical significance and its imposing presence sparked an interest in my wanderlust >>> leading me on a mission to cross all 7 Wonders off my travel map 🗺 Well here we are 6️⃣ down 1️⃣ to go... I guess I better start planning a trip to Brazil soon 🇧🇷 😆 ~~~~~~~ giveaway still going - like/tag to win an entry - read post for full details~~~~~ #mexico #chichenitza #worldwonder #onamission #mayanruins

"To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world." -John Muir

Evon's first time shooting cars 🙈

The recent rain made this wash glisten in the morning sun.

These are a few of my favorite things 🌳☀🍃

There are three tubs alongside the hot springs creek at Tolovana and I love all of them, but the highest pool wins out for views 😍 #tolovanahotsprings #autumn

You know you're from an @eddiebauer family when... you chose a #cirruslite vest and #multiclava as your bed and pillow. #liveyouradventure #livethebrand #puppiesofinstagram #geoffputmeinthecatalog @eddiebauer0026

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