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GHU TV Live Workout happening now! Start your Monday with a little yoga action with us!

#liveworkouts #GHUTV #ghutvsquad #yoga

Just did a live workout with babe. Look out for more info on our live workouts so ya can tune in. It's going to be fun:
✅no gym membership needed
✅workout from home
✅morning workouts
✅live workouts
I will be posting more information today!
Get fit with us. Summer is over. Let's get this body right before the holidays. Who's with me👋🏽😌. #bodyright

Day 2 Bootcamp in full swing 💪 LIVE workouts posted daily for you to complete & you must report the completion of every workout to ME with photo proof!

Next course starts on the 9th Jan. Enrol NOW 👉 http://bit.ly/2dF67ol [link in bio]

Getting ready to teach LIVE... #momlife #thebest #littlefingers #liveworkouts

Teamwork makes the dream work💪🏾 there's no better feeling then seeing your team working together and motivating each other to get their 20% in tonight 😍 you guys did amazing and like JB said if we ain't looking cray cray means you didn't really workout 😂 mission accomplished!

We've been busy converting a London basement into a filming studio so we can produce 4+ quality live workouts a week.
We want to take interactive, at home workouts and coaching to another level.
Watch this space!
#bodyproject #teambodyproject #liveworkouts #interactivehometraining

Quiet Punch proudly presents Try The Punch, live workout series via Facebook Live. Stay tuned for the official announcement with yours truly and @richstories A little snippet of some 1-2 work on the bag. #quietpunch #trythepunch #liveworkouts #facebooklive

This past week's workouts have been fun! Field trip day with my nieces and nephews to the local science museum downtown (lots of walking and physical activities there 😅), Total Body Barre, yoga, several TIU #liveworkouts, and more.
Today's yoga flow with Kat was just what I needed (fit it in earlier this evening)! Such a wonderful, deep stretch for sore muscles and tired bodies. 👌🏼 I was excited to see that @katrinaascott got to teach yoga to a full stage at #AVP's Manhattan Beach Pro v-ball tournament. What an amazing opportunity! It looked like the TIU crew filmed it, so maybe we'll see the video up online soon...?! 🤞🏼 Hope you babes had a fab weekend!

Are you struggling for motivation? Or do you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your workouts? Then our Live Workouts with Video Replays are for you!

Check out this great feedback: . “The live workouts are my favourite part of the programme you offer. I push myself harder and find it encouraging having someone counting down. I would highly recommend to anyone.” Rochelle . “Nothing but good things to say about it. It is so much easier than doing a power session by myself. When doing a power session by myself I am looking at a clock I am not concentrating hard enough on pushing myself. But hearing you call 10 to go ones, 5 to go twos etc I can push myself a bit further. It also helps with you encouraging to dig deep. Telling me which muscles I'm working and showing how to do the exercises properly. I don't feel like I am alone at home. It helps to motivate me. Someone there to give you that wee bit of a push/ encouragement.” Nicola .

Join at www.dedikate.kateiveyfitness.co.nz/memberships and email us if you have any questions on info@kateiveyfitness.co.nz xx #kateiveyfitness #motivation #dedikate #liveworkouts


Our October challenge is starting soon. It’s not too late to join. September’s had 119 and we already have more people signed up. Join the movement #fallintofitness #quickstart #cellularnutrition #healthierandhappier #liveworkouts #mealpreps #transformationstories #20coaches #octoberchallenge

5min abs (no crunches)
5 moves 1 min each! #abs #goals ##5minabs
Want to workout with me?
Follow the link in bio!

Take a minute to reflect on your everyday! Write down 3 things that make you truly happy! Being in nature is a huge one for me. Dance parties with my daughters and long talks about life with my husband @benhack top my list. What is on your "be happy" list?

Whoop Whoop!
Two fit parties this week and you are invited!
Wednesday: Local meetup for YFB members and we are inviting everyone. Link in my bio.
Thursday 8:30 am cst LIVE ON INSTAGRAM YOGA FLOW with @studio9to5!
See you all soon!
#personaltrainerminneapolis #fitnesminneapolis #fitmpls #workoutminneapolis #edina #mols #peopleofmpls #wayzata #liveworkouts #yourfitbody #yourfitwithsasha #athleta
Image @carlymilbrath
Outfit @athleta

Prizes are so fun to give! The VIP Inner Circle is now open for registration! October is "Let's Focus on Weights" with 4+ workouts, 2+ cardio plans, mindset work and so much more! You get instant access to the Facebook group and all content is open on October 1st! Join today!

My workout was a little different today! I worked out at the Oregon Zoo!
• You read it right! I said ZOO! 😃 It was the perfect venue because there were a lot of hot "cougars" there! 😉That is where my conference was held and let me tell you...it was so much FUN!
• We did a LIVE workout at the end of the conference with Danielle Natoni! Now that is what I call taking your workout anywhere!
❤️ Make the time to cook, laugh and be good to your body!
#iamteambeachbody #womensupportingwomen #makingworkingoutfun #makingfitnessfun #insanity #insanityworkout #liveworkouts #daniellenatoni #momswhoinspire #makethechange #youmatter #takecareofyoufirst #challengeyourself #fitnessonthego #workoutonthego

What an amazing event today with @thumbsupfoundation and @asha.yoga!! The kids yoga was a huge hit with my daughter and the other kids. I taught a Kickboxing Tabata class which warmed us all up. Thanks for hosting and thank you to all those who came by. Next years event will be even better!!

Baby or puppy? This little girl is growing a little! #cockapoopuppy #cockapoosofinstagram

I love teaching all these beautiful women! Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, New Jersey, and Calgary represented during this class! 25+ classes, no need to leave your house...... a great community of women. Free trial class for everyone (link in the profile) ❤️💪❤️💪

7$ drop in or 5$ for 5!! Now that's a deal! 7$ for a 1 hour workout, where you learn form and what exercises target which muscles! Nothing like educating yourself while getting in an amazing workout. 😀 Direct Message for details on time and place! ALL levels of fitness welcome! There is no Move that can't be modified to fit specific needs!! #twostrongsister #twostrongsistersofficial #liveworkouts #everysunday #happyhealthy #fitness #fitnesssolutionsgymvt #vermontfitgirls #alllevelsoffitnesswelcome

Only exercise on the days you want to be happy!

We were up bright and early punching and kicking this morning!! 🥊🥊❤️❤️🥊🥊 We offer 25+ classes each week and Kickboxing is just one of them! You can get sweaty and work hard with women all over North America without leaving your house! We are a community of women who get it. We get it is sometimes so hard to get your workout in. We get the excuses that run through our head. We get ALL the stuff we have to do instead of exercise. That is why we do it together. Accountable. Motivational. Fun! Online LIVE Interactive Group Classes are for everyone.

Another reason why Online LIVE Interactive Group Classes ROCK!

FaceTime with Maddie & Mocha ❤️❤️ I love being away and enjoying "Lindsay" time BUT love getting back to my family! I will be able to hug them tonight (not until late but still....)

LIVE and interactive from Phoenix! On Location - on my balcony!! Play hard - Play hard since I LOVE what I do!

Sometimes collapsing on the floor after a good solid workout is needed! I am so done after my hike. I loved how my legs screamed and my lungs puffed. I loved how my mind tried to go into negative places (I can't..... this is too hard.... I am too tired) and I fought back. I love the feeling of giving everything, putting it all out there and reaching your goal. It was so worth it. ❤️❤️

F O C U S is #onpoint this week.
What drives and motivates you? Let this picture of @jennadouros inspire you to achieve anything you set your mind too this week #highflive

The classics are being rolled out this week for our #mondaymotivation
Old School feels in a new school world!
#highflive #fitnessrevolution #workoutvideos #reebokclassics

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