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Looking more and more homey everyday! Swipe to see a closer look at my new floor and cat door.

Enemies in the sky, friends on the ground! @nicolasivanoff is one of a kind. Honored to call him a buddy. .
#livewithpassion #donttakeyourselftooseriously #goulian #airrace

A great book everyone should read, Dr Frankl was a psychiatrist and neurologist, a powerful combination, he was very sadly in Auschwitz and he found that it was mental outlook which was the difference between those that survive and those that don't. He called this well documented theory Will to Meaning. Which is different from theories which are Will to Power (Nietzsche) and Will to Pleasure (Freud). The reality is that they are all true but more true in different circumstances. In times of hardship or survival this is often the most effective, power and pleasure need feeding from external sources often, this is a strength that comes from within. #psychology #frankl

Фото прекрасной @annyshka_sh . Спасибо, Анюта! Твой талант помогает сохранить воспоминания ещё более яркими и живописными! 😍😍😍 #АбрауДюрсо #КраснодарскийКрай #Russia #abraudurso #summer #vacation #livewithpassion #liveinbeauty #liveincalm #liveinlove #ЧтобМыТакВсегдаЖили #КраскиЛета #краскиАбрау

“Gidilmeyene giden ol, aradığını bulan ol, canın sıkıldıkça yok ol, bazen, biraz; gez.” Piri Reis 📷: @godive2000

@livethepride launches THIS WEEK!!!! App green lit, videos keyed up, badass babes caffeinated, training programs ready to rock... let’s goooooooooo! #LiveThePride #WarBraids #FINALLY

به مدت یک‌ هفته سنت شکنی کردم ، و این کتاب رو خوندم، این کتاب پر از تکنیک هایی هست که اعتماد به نفس رو بالا میبره و من این دو ترم سرنوشت ساز رو در پیش رو دارم. من روزی چهارتا از تکنیک ها رو انجام دادم و تمام هفت روز به سی.دی همراه کتاب گوش کردم،
چیزی که خیلی من رو ترغیب کرد این کتاب ها رو بخونم گفته ی خود دکتر پل مکنا بود: ((اینکه شما با مشکل اعتماد به نفس روبرو باشید به دفتر من مراجعه کنید با اینکه این کتاب رو مطالعه کنید هیچ تفاوتی نمی کند.))
پل مکنا یکی از بزرگترین هیپنوتیزور های دنیاست دقیق بخوام بگم ‌نفر دوم جهان هست، و هر چه باشه من تعدادی از تکنیک های پیشرفته ی هیپنوتیزم رو از پل مکنا یاد گرفتم. و‌ حالا که یک هفته تموم شده و بر میگردم به سنت های زندگیم، اونایی که به من نزدیک تر هستن میدون که من در هر شرایطی هم باشم این کارا رو انجام میدم، صبح که بیدار میشم، بیست دقیقه بعد از بیدار شدن، تی.ام انجام میدم، بعد از اون خودم رو هیپنوتیزم میکنم ((خودهیپنوتیزم)) نیوکد ان ال پی تمرین میکنم، عصر ها هم تی.ام تمرین میکنم و شب قبل از خواب تجسم خلاق انجام میدم. اینها سنت زندگی منه، و مجبور شدم که جای چهار سنت زندگیم روزی چهار تا از تکنیک های این کتاب رو انجام بدم و سی دی همراه اونو گوش کنم، در مجموع کتاب فوق العاده ای هست.

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My collection is complete!!! 💛💙💚 #GeneralsLead #ReppintheY #GreenBayPackers #LivewithPassion

•elegance is not catching somebody's eyes, it's staying in somebody's memory• 🎀
_______________________ #saturdaynight
#livewithpassion #live_your_dream
#instalife #instagood #instamood

Mindset shapes your reality. Tag a visionary 🔥

I will slowly but surely make a difference in this world . I had the most amazing time in Vegas hugging on strangers and reminding them of their beauty and strength. We must learn to be more than our outward appearance. I encourage you to have depth and a deeper purpose . Training is amazing and being “buff” is cool but how long will that last ? People will forget a pretty face but they will never forget how you impacted them .My goal is to use every opportunity I have big or small to make a positive impact on everyone I come in contact with . What’s your purpose? Powered by @StanceSupplements Promocode :Christin #StanceSupplements #WhatsYourStance #fit #supplements #power #bethechange #innerbeauty #purpose #livewithpassion #igers #inspiration #strength #kindness #fitness #fitnessmodel #selfie #selfiesaturday #motivated #muscle #realshit #breakthecycle #morethanabody #bodypositivity #bodybuilding @wrkethicsupps @mrolympiallc @trainforher @hannahbunanuhfit @nutrishopusa @oc2tahoe

At the villa waiting for guests to arrive. Not a bad spot to stop for the week.

Lane Change Amalfi Coast Retreat is underway.
Book now for JUNE 2018! .
Mind less. Live, love & laugh more!
For details & to book visit http://lanechange.com.au or click on link in bio
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Went shopping for a week of raw and juicing with @husband_life_jesus_and_oils
Thanks for inspiring us @joethejuicer @jonny_juicer and @fullyrawkristina
We have eliminated meat and dairy from our diet over the past month.

"Friend that became a brother that's just how it goes "

Team building event on the beach! 🌊🌴☀️❤️
We might not have been on the same teams and there might have been some smack talk before we started BUT we still cheered each other throughout the whole thing! 🙃
I just love that I can share this world with him! 💞 He might not actively w o r k the business but that doesn't mean that's he not a part of it! 🙌🏼 He has been my ROCK from the very beginning and there is no way in hell that I could do this without him! So being able to bring him to events like this is e v e r y t h i n g! 💋
And let's just say I am soooo happy that I decided to hold off on my workout this morning 🙏🏼 because HOLY MOLY I'm going to be sore tomorrow! 🙈 But totally worth it because I really do love me some competitive and f u n games! 💃🏼

This is one of my favorite core moves from my workout the other day 💪 crunches without being on the floor!

Happy as a freakin' clam today 🌞🤗 I set up my group this morning for my Live Information Session on coaching and started reading through all of my applications. DUDE, I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am to do this as my job 🙌🏼🙏🏼These women are so passionate about helping others build confidence, and changing not only their physical health but making those mental gains too 💕
I am so lucky to surround myself with such empowering women, and call them my COWORKERS 👭I can't wait to talk to these ladies more, mentor them, and see how many lives they will change!!
There are so many reasons why coaching has been the best choice for me...I finally get to live a life of PURPOSE, and feel good about living my truth. This opportunity allows me to build people UP, to feel good about themselves, and GROW 👏🏼
If you want to join us, fill out the link in my bio or send me a message. No strings - just seeing if this opportunity is right for YOU. If you've got the drive and the passion - I am here to mentor and train you from the bottom up. You just have to WANT it 😘

I can't wait to be back in this uniform next month! #livewithpassion #GroundControl #Insomniac #NocturnalWonderland #Escape

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