Yesterday I received the most meaningful review and testimony from a client. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and I’m humbled by such kind words. I admire this man’s wisdom and courage on so many levels and his willingness to share a piece of his story. “It was an amazing experience working with Lynette. She was able to assist me in transforming my life, while I was going through my medical retirement from the military. I had been holding onto quite a bit of physical and emotional trauma and was seeking an alternative to, The Department of Veterans Affairs standard practices. Well, I was able to find that in Lynette’s Coaching. She helped me challenge my negative thoughts, just as much as she helped me, free myself from the copious amounts of opiates I had been prescribed. “Free the mind and the body will follow.” Thanks to Lynette, I am now able to live a much fuller life. Are there hard days? Of course, but now I have the tools to work through those hard days.” Sometimes I wonder if and how I’m making a difference. This encouraged me and reminded me that I am. This is why I love my work. This is why I do what I do. ———————————————————
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Breathing comes so naturally to us that we hardly ever realize we're doing it.
Today, take a moment to focus on your breath. Just feel yourself breathing in and out.
It's a great form of meditation practice, and you know how I love to meditate!

Tonight we embark on 30 hours of travel to get to our first destination. 😱 I’m wondering if 30 hours of travel, and being 18 weeks pregnant will feel any different. 🤔. Any guesses as to where we are headed first ?

✨life is not happening to you, it’s happening for you ✨ I saw this mantra on the lovely @marissalace page yesterday and everything just fell into place - whenever bad things happen, they’re not happening to you, they’re happening for you: a journey to your enlightenment ✨ #manifestation #thefairytalebloggers #dreamers


📲Now that I’ve caught your attention, lets chat about what the heck MODERN DAY PSYCHIC really means, shall we?

🎡Back in the day, psychics were commonly found at carnivals, or in the very back of a store off of a busy street. Neon signs called you IN. You would enter through beaded doorway curtains, into a dim room, with the smell of incense. Most often a woman awaited you. Styled like a bohemian gypsy goddess. Long flowing, draped dress & scarf wrapped around her long locks of hair. She would have her hands placed ever so gently on her magic CRYSTAL BALL, which would hold your fate. . . & future.

📿Well! I hate to break your heart baby girl. But I’m not the bohemian gypsy psychic with a crystal ball, BUT I do have some AMAZING gifts to offer you. I’ll be dressed in whatever feels comfortable for the day, holding my iced coffee. You wont find me behind tassles or beads. But you WILL find me here on INSTAGRAM ready to help guide you, from ANYWHERE in the world. All you need is 30 minutes + a WIFI connection + I can tune in to YOU.

Curious? DM me. I’m already waiting!😉
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Sometimes life is about perspective!! My taco salad is actually in a serving Bowl instead of a regular sized cereal bowl. Be sure to swipe for comparison. If you missed my video from this afternoon, you should definitely go check it out over on Facebook. The link is in my profile.

I love feeling strong when I lift weights and being able to run fast in Ultimate. I also enjoy feeling my muscles stretch and lengthen in yoga and the sights and sounds I experience when I go for hikes. I appreciate and am grateful for all of the things my body lets me do. I grew up being active and it’s something I find fun and helpful for managing stress. One thing I never do is exercise to compensate for what I ate or plan to eat. I was born with the right to eat food I enjoy in the amount I find satisfying, just like YOU! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #effyourbeautystandards #bodypositive #antidiet #bodyimage #fitness #fitspo #healthspo #move #bodylove #registereddietitian #rd #rdn #nutritionist #nutritionexpert #vegandietitian #8020 #wellness #edrecovery #disorderedeatingrecovery #livewithintention

So for the last few months my skin has been breaking out on and off really bad and I wasn't sure why. 😳
Then I thought about it and between the stress of moving and traveling mixed with the fact that my pharmacy has been giving me different versions of my birth control, my skin has gone haywire. 😐
I was hesitant to post this on social media but this is a real look at what my life is, not some highlight real of the good stuff.
An unfiltered picture with a bunch of unpacked boxes in the background and a make up free face full of pimples (and yes I am grown adult that still has breakouts). At least the lighting is good in my new apartment? 😅
Just remember that everything you see on social media is just a small glimpse into someone's life. #blazersandbluejeans

Be thankful for this life
Spend time in nature ✨
Let go of your worries ✨
Breathe deeply ✨
Forgive yourself & others ✨
Create a life around what YOU love!
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Watch what you wish for y’all🤣
Seriously, Chad was always so against this working out at home thing. Yes, he wanted me to do the business for all he tax benefits but he wasn’t about to do workouts...at home🙄
But if you lead by example long enough, leave them alone and they see not only physical but mental changes in you they start to come around🙌🏼 Especially if they notice some changes in the bedroom🤔 Just keepin’ it real👊🏼
And then there’s THIS! Seriously, mid Instagram story after our workout sharing a few tips and BAM🤬 I believe the screenshot says it all🤣

Ever have one of those priceless moments when you witness the emerging adult in your children?
A moment so intense that your heart aches with pride?
Yesterday my beautiful daughter stepped into her growing maturity with enormous grace and poise.
She offered up a calm, confident, independence way beyond her years.
My eyes water to even write these words.
As a Mum, as a Dad, it’s easy to get lost in the doing of a busy life.
Easy to miss the emotional, mental, soul fuelled transformation taking place before our eyes.
Be a witness to the grace, confidence and independence flourishing within your children.
Nourish and nurture it with your attention, and your love. 💕
My achey Mumma heart is so pride filled today for taking that moment to pause and honour the woman within the girl.
My girl @main_phoenix

6:30am OFF MAT: Let the studying, educating, resourcing, practicing, living with continued intention and passion... be always my guiding light back to to my heart and back to my truest purpose. • Letting GOd in cherished lessons; trusting higher power, I line my path with gratitude and consciousness that always reminds me that this practice is such an incredible gift. 🌟
I am so thankful for the communities and the individuals; around the World, in Portland Maine — of Wellness Minds, Kind Hearts and Strong Souls. The individuals that I have met along this journey are radiant, dedicated, evolutionary, selfless, courageous and divine. They are truly some of the most badass HUMAN BEings on this 🌎. Life feels complete when I stay connected to gratitude and pause to say: THANK YOU 🙏🏻 to those that have supported, loved, encouraged, and nourished me on my own path. May we continue to nourish EACH OTHER, inspire, motivate, and create. Much Love! 💗♥️ Kripalu Bound #500hrytt with Intention, Curiosity, and Dedication... #aroundtheworld #yogaforeveryone #yogaeverydamday

Wat was het gaaf, mooi, prachtig adembenemend! Zoveel gezien van Oostenrijk. Afgelopen zomer. 6 weken terug alweer. Geweldig om af en toe foto’s terug te kijken. Even weer het gevoel van toen, in dat moment terugkruipen. Mijn eigen meditatie momentje ;-)

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