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Saw this sign at Venice Beach today and loved it. I now own it. #knowyouridentity #livewithauthenticity #BeIntentional #family #truewords

Always be you! There can be a lot of pressure from the outside world trying to influence you to be something you're not but knowing yourself and living life aligned to your values will provide much greater fulfilment in life. πŸ’•πŸ“·: @white_space.studio #beyourself #beyoutiful #corevalues #livewithauthenticity

What if every day is the perfect day, to finally be who you were meant to be? - Tyler Gregson #beyou #betruetoyou #livewithauthenticity #goforit #whynot

Living in New York has been one helluva experience. It has been a rough month and a half dealing with time zone changes, a stomach infection (thank god for probiotics) not to mention getting to know my mom and the NY way. The news is always yapping about another robbery or Donald Trump; Commercials always selling medicine or a gadget to be healthier and happier. Winter is always a rough time for me and the people I've met are just very confident, very aggressive and very different from me.
I miss the yoga studio and my job in Korea. I miss the people there that are nothing but caring and loving. I miss meditating and doing yoga for hours. I miss not relying on a car. I kinda really miss CU mart.
On the same breath, I am grateful for the little lessons in life's challenges, struggles and transitions. I am learning to be more upfront, work hard and stay true to myself. I am realizing what it takes to consistently allow yourself to open up in manifesting an unobstructed love. I am realizing that ultimately these are just spaces and ideas. I am so utterly amazed by how supportive people have been through Instagram as I share a little bit of the reality of my life.
When everything has been stripped away, it becomes a little easier to find the foundation of who you are. Yes, I seem reserved maybe passive. Okay, I take my time especially enjoying the little things like a snowstorm and a great chai tea. I let what people said to or about me resonate but that doesn't mean I'm too sensitive or take things too personally. So what if I smile a lot and I don't have a problem with something. I don't care about 401k or the "security" money can get. I live for experiences, sunsets and spontaneity. I don't think I will ever stop drinking wine and being merry. I love the good conversation and company it brings. I won't ever stop being curious. I will always try to seek the good in others.
Remember: Don't ever feel bad for the person you are today. Not even for a moment. Don't become attached to ideas. Be earnest and step forward bravely in your most curious and creative self and be OK with it all #loveandalliscoming #sorrybutnotsorry #aimtrue #livewithauthenticity #sunnykyoga

Beauty is everywhere, you just have to stop and look πŸ‘€ #sanfrancisco #bayarea #livewithauthenticity

AMASA Awarsds - what a lovely evening #hot919 #livelife #livewithauthenticity

It's kinda hard to see, but look closely at the mirror. All the words you see are feelings and emotions that this amazing 7 WEEK KICK START group has faced in their lifetimes. What feelings are you keeping hidden below the surface? How are you coping with them? If you are like most everyone else, we use food to hide, to mask, and to cope. Food never lets us down. It gives companionship. It never disappoints us. It never hurts us. ....or maybe it does. Healthy weight loss isn't about eating off the perfect meal plan. There are so many amazing trainers and nutritionists with fat blasting nutrition programs. Healthy weight loss isn't about the perfect exercise program. We know there's a billion awesome workout plans. Healthy weight loss isn't about starving yourself or punishing yourself.
Healthy weight loss is πŸ’―% about discovering your WHY, getting your head in the game, allowing yourself to actually walk through those emotions instead of stuffing them down with food. It is πŸ’―% being vulnerable. It is πŸ’―% about discovering your inner strengths and fighting your weaknesses. It is πŸ’―% living your life with authenticity and purpose.
#healthyweightloss #7weekkickstart #nextroundbeginsinoctober #whatsholdingyouback #discoveryourwhy #itsyourlifeliveit #livewithpurpose #livewithauthenticity


Always be you! There can be a lot of pressure from the outside world trying to influence you to be something you're not but knowing yourself and living life aligned to your values will provide much greater fulfilment in life. πŸ’•πŸ“·: @white_space.studio #beyourself #beyoutiful #corevalues #livewithauthenticity

In a world 🌎 where you can literally be anything you put your mind to.....for the ❀️ of GOD just be KIND! It's really NOT that hard. All you have to do is NOT be a jerk. Like it's the simplest thing ever people!!!! Treat other humans with RESPECT, KINDNESS, LOVE, and HONOUR. Speak words that encourage, words that don't hurt people, words that are kind and words that reflect a heart ❀️ that is kind. After watching a few friends be spoken to with such utter disrespect it literally boggles my mind how people can treat people so poorly. Folks use your words and your heart to lift up and not tear down. πŸ™ŒπŸ»β€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸ» it's NOT hard. A ❀️ is a terrible thing to waste... so DONT 😞
#bekind #bebetter #bethelight #bethechange #bebigger #livewithauthenticity #lovewithpurpose #usekindwords #honey attracts more bees then #vinegar #smalltown #riseabovethenegativity #bemindfulofyourwords #dountoothers #speakwordsthatlove #dontbeabully #meannessisasignofweakness #lovethyneighbor πŸ˜‰#rise #wisewords #quoteoftheday #wordstoliveby

I had the houses, the cars, the material shit nobody ever needed anything for but to floss. And I've been over that life for years, preferring my simple, gypsy, vagabond peace to keeping up with the Joneses. And that's coming from a material obsessed Taurean like me! I count my blessings everyday and am glad I live in my parents basement in peace and simple comfort rather than with a loveless lover in a house full of materials I can't take with me. Maybe it's because I've learned to suppress that dopamine reward high material often brings. Living life authentically for yourself is rare. Grow on your own terms. 🌱 #thevibrantgoddess #gentlereminders #grow #think #be #learn #actionsmatchwords #livewithauthenticity #sagewords #abundance #mahalakshmi #namostute

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