Redwoods. The ultimate symbol of resilience. First one on the trail that morning. Dennis, park volunteer, was kind enough to open the visitor's center an hour early for me. We spent almost a half hour discussing history, science and his amusement with Berkeley studying the trees during the 4-year drought when you can trace California history back to a 150 year-long lack of water these beauties managed to survive. Talk about #adaptandovercome He gave me some trail tips before I left and a little history lesson about the #limekilns I'd be hiking to. He said he was glad to see that the pouring rain didn't stop me from enjoying these magestic giants. I'll never understand how a little water could stop someone from experiencing anything worth exploring. The mud can be cleaned off your shoes. Your clothes will dry. And a post-hike brew is medically proven to prevent colds...right? 🌲 #fallcreek #henrycowellstatepark

Don't mind if I do. Haven't been hiking nearly as much as I want or need to. And you know what I've noticed? The less time I spend outdoors, the less patience I have for bs. 🙊💁 #redwoods #getoutstayout

Another day, another park, another adventure. 🌵 #joshuatree #nps

Spring has sprung at Switzer Falls. Hikers + bugs are out in full force. And I'm still over here waiting for winter...

Drinking in the day
The sun feels like bliss on my chest
Free and wild and running
This was made for me and us
This is the only way I want to live
I’m only convinced
This is assurance
Written onto my skin by the Universe
That I’m making the right decision
In leaving
For a place like this
Every day
On days like this
I’m filled with grace
Effortless grace.
Those who are leaving,
Are hiding the tears,
And try to be calm,
They are biting their lips,
And their hands are quite shaking.
Those who are staying,
Are waving “goodbye”,
To those who are leaving,
And trying to forget.
A deep sorrow and grief.
For those who are leaving,
For those who are staying,
The breeze is quite similar,
A bitter taste,
At the tip of the tongue.
As the ones who leave,
Miss those who are staying.
As the ones who stay,
Miss those who are leaving.
How much pain,
Can they last,
The question lies,
In my heart.
Those who are leaving,
Left for their reasons,
Those who are staying,
Stay for their reasons.
The first ones,
Leave because they cannot handle,
Nor control,
All this pressure,
While the last ones,
Stay because they try to handle,
And control,
All this pressure.
A flower is born,
At the middle of,
This seperation,
And half of it is white,
The other half is black.
One child, :one day,
Will pick it up,
Without thinking,
Will blow away,
All the petals.
Only the core will remain,
A yellow,
Innocent core,
And the mother will cry,
A pure tear.
The child will grow,
Will decide to leave,
The mother will stay,
But not forever.
Alive and dead,
They leave to live,
And they stay,
For the end,
That one can never avoid.
#livetoleave #or #leavetolive

Winter has finally arrived. Better late than never. ❄️

Smokey says...... 🚫🌲🔥


다행히 오징어가 되지 않았다
#서울 #가로수길 #89mansion

Outside is the best side. 🍁🌲

#고흥 #할머니집에서 #남열해돋이해수욕장

영환이 할머님께 깊은 감사드립니다!
훈련전, 새해에 의미있게 또 즐겁게.

Все, что сегодня кажется таким значимым, на самом деле ничего не значит. Это лишь еще один шаг к эволюции. #легкаяфилософиябытия #моятеорияотносительности #livetoleave #letitgo #newyearfromscratch

Hoping 2018 brings more travels + trails. P.S. thanks for liking my face ✌️ #2017bestnine

Finishing what I started. #hike52 of #52HikeChallenge2017 was 7.31 miles of Malibu hills on Dec 26th...the perfect relaxing hike after a busy holiday. On June 18th I began this hike in 95+ degree weather with no water after completing other hikes earlier in the day. Needless to say, I turned around and told myself I'd be back. I couldn't think of a better hike to finish off this challenge and I'll happily call this my last before I'm met with new challenges in 2018. Words can't fully describe what's gained by getting outdoors. Strength. Perspective. Memories. Those only name a few. I pushed myself to my limits physically and mentally this past year hiking over 250 total miles [the equivalent of walking to Sequoia NP from my house], conquering literal mountains and the ones which were merely figments of my imagination trying to limit itself. I look forward to putting in more miles on the trail this upcoming year..a new year's resolution I will gladly keep. Join me? #MASH #malibu #goalscrushed #fearless #onwardandupward #52hikechallenge

#hike51 needs #nofilter. The last time I was on this trail it was pouring rain and I got stuck in mud. But tonight..the light shone through the trees perfectly for me. Around 6 miles of me and mother nature. Perfect end to our Thanksgiving break. One away from completing the #52HikeChallenge2017

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