”In the Midsummer night, if you place two mirrors against each other and look in one, you’ll see your future life-partner in another one.”

By the way, don’t we all just love what a little edit with Photoshop can do? This is made from two different pictures as we only had one mirror with us in the forest.

Looks like my little photo series is coming to its end today, so tell me - have you been enjoying it? Would you like to see more ”themed” series on my insta?♥️

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#Optimism is an intellectual choice. 👏

Any other Lip Balm lovers out there?

This beauty is getting me through some long days at work at the moment. It lives in my vest pocket and gets applied many times through out the day.

I noticed as soon as I started working in the city my lips felt super dry, Lavender Lip Balm to the rescue. Love it no horrible after taste in my mouth 👄 natural beauty all the way 💚 🙌🍃 📷 by @hippygirlatheart .

Have you got any working traditions? I’m all about work-life balance, and to get into a solid summer rhythm I like to keep certain traditions. One of my faves is my annual family reunion in Thailand. For a hilarious (and sometimes stressful visit to a different place every year. I take a break from the business to pour all my attention and gratitude into my family a.k.a. the reasons I work so hard all year. What are you looking forward to this summer?

"When each day is the same as the next,it's because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day that the sun rises." Quote from my current book I'm reading The Alchemist-
This quote spoke directly to me when I read it. Often I think how my days are so repetitive and I do the same thing over and over but I forget the In between the small or big things that happen different everyday. Let's try to look for them because they are there we just have to notice them enjoy them and be grateful. Happy weekend 💕 #littlethingsinlife

Friday vibes...kids are off to sleep while I am trying to put my feet up for a bit! we managed to pick up our first sour cherries from our garden this evening and they were all gone before they even reached the kitchen table😂😂. Hope you all have a nice relaxing evening today! Get some energy boosters for the weekend😀😀

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His and hers 💗☕️

It's been raining off and on all day but it's still a perfect day to wander around little shops in our comfy and cute @tinyhedgehogdesigns shorts.

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