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My special wall, what do you think 🙈😁💕 #alphafoodie #pink

Ne demiş Hermann Hesse:
"Sanatta güncelliğin değil, zamansızlığın sözü geçer."
Zynp de der ki:
Tbt mebete gününü bekleyemem, reposttan vazgeçemem.🙊💙

#Sponsored: The Pair Up with JCPenney Program really pulls at the strings of my heart. When JCPenney asked Jude and I to fly out to Los Angeles to collaborate on this project, I felt extremely humbled. Back then as a 17-year old pregnant teen, I would’ve never imagined living my life as it is now. I was working hard to make ends meet, living on government assistance, and trying to make every little thing I had stretch beyond my means. My children were also part of the YMCA, and I am thankful the Y was there to help enrich my children’s lives during such challenging times for me. Now here I am today, doing what I love and doing it well. I overcame that part of my life. And through faith and hard work, that part of my past has led me to where I am today. It took YEARS of patience and perseverance, but I wouldn’t change a thing. In today’s times, studies show that 55% of children who did not have underwear and socks to wear wanted to skip school or refused to go to school because they were embarrassed by not having any*. What an eye opener for me! Thanks to the Pair Up with JCPenney program --- from August 1-15, for each pack of kids’ socks or underwear sold, JCPenney will donate a pack to the Y to help kids in need—up to 750,000 pairs. And JCPenney offers a variety of high-quality, stylish pieces at a great value, they’re my go-to choice for back to school shopping year after year – so worth it! Go to http://chtp.co/jcppairup for more details on the JCPenney Pair Up program (the link is also in my bio). #SoWorthIt *American Families: The Need for Basic Necessities. A National Survey Conducted for JCPenney in support of a campaign to benefit charity partner YMCA Associations nationwide by Morar Consulting April 2017

Birthday-Match 🏐🌴🎁 #birthday #birthdayboy

Waiting for that beat to drop 🎵

I call this look "Gatsby(lady) on the lawn" a little 1920s inspired look with daytime elements. I'm a little addicted to little white dresses in the summertime & this @gatsbylady dress works like a charm 👌✨ #flashesofdelight#pursuepretty#livethelittlethings#everydaymagic#fbloggersuk#fblogger#gatsbylady#1920s#flappergirl

Мы вооооооот так все улыбались, читая сообщения в директе)
Случайное сториз где просто бабушка просто несет внучке кукурузку устроило шквал)))
Спасииииибо, девочки 💋💋💋 Нам очень приятно, а бабушке ещё больше)
Сообщения были очень милые и смешные)))
И то что бабушка зажигалочка, и то что ноги у неё бомбические, и огонь 🔥 и секси-шмекси) и просьбы все круассаны отдать бабушке, потому что она стройная как кипарис))) Но самое смешное, вот это!!! 💋
"Господи, Люба! Мне б фигуру как у вашей бабушки!♥️ в чем секрет, слизь улиток, слюна дракона, волос единорога? Кааааааак?".
. Настя, мама сказала секрет прост - вечером заклеиваешь себе рот скотчем! А лучше и днём )))

Cannot forget the connection of these 2 stylish people 🖤
Shot at @ice_wrkshp #ice_wrkshp


it's just the best when people pop back into your life ✨ one of our 2018 brides, amanda, + linda worked at the same kids camp 10+ years ago and it had been that long since they'd seen each other too 😆 it's been so fun to reconnect + dream with this sweet couple about their big day! 📷 @lovebirdsandlace .

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"All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost." #jrrtolkein

Because sometimes you just have to take a weekend to drop the kids off at the grandparents, pop the Frozen soundtrack out of your CD player, and slap on lipstick to go spend some quality time catching up with your girls from around the globe. Late nights, lots of rosé, and celebrating this crazy time in our lives -- I'm still recovering (three days later 👵🏼) but so thankful we made it all happen! 💕

Dia and Sea Lion

Happy Thursday! This moment between Mum and son is so precious... just moments before they say I do a kiss for good luck 😉

Hump day no way...not when you can seriously say you are loving what you do each day and feeling inspired by the people in your life
I truly feel very lucky to have a business like @sault_daylesford to be writing and producing a foodie adventure with my dear friend @lisaeatworld
Be surrounded by true friends and family who I adore
Reach for the stars and go for it...we only get one shot
Have a beautiful day 💙💙💙
Happy capture of fits of laughter on location by the talented @jookelly
@miniaustralia @minigirlsclub

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"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive & go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive"~ #howardthurman

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Sharing books and making friends at this cool record store meets hair salon in Highland Park while dad gets his hairs cut 🎶📚✂️

One of the items on my perpetual to-do list is to try to remember everything. I suppose part of the reason for this is that I want to be able to one day travel back in my memory to remember ordinary days like this one, marked by little else besides the disposition I find myself in right now -- a simple thing I'm sure a future version of myself would take joy in remembering. This season will be marked by wobbly bangs and quiet, hot afternoons spent drinking cold coffee + reading on the porch. .
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Lights, camera, action! Love this shot from @greensborolocalnc of the historic theater! #regram #anthrogreensboro #anthronorthcarolina #anthropologie #anthrops

From the fine line, a puka and Tahitian pearl necklace, strung along a delicate rose gold chain // #tahitianpearls #pukashells #handmadejewelry #staceygjewelry

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