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Just dance & have some fun people!! ✌#justdance #MyHits #keisywillbekeisy #livethelifeyouwillremember

Hands down the best show I've been so far! #cardiff #konvictkarteluktour #livethelifeyouwillremember #workhardplayhard


Singapore, un posto straordinario. Tra centri commerciali che non finiscono mai e costruzioni spettacolari. #emozioni #singapore #amazing #bynight #trip #livethelifeyouwillremember

50 % fun , 50 % serious, 100% no nonsense!
When it comes to my business, I take it very seriously. Instagram is my business and I do have a LOT of FUN with it but one thing I have zero tolerance for are accounts that are still stuck at the FOLLOW-UNFOLLOW game! 🙄
If you have grown your account playing this then I feel bad for you! Not only following someone just so they could follow you back and then unfollowing is downright mean , many users lose respect for the brands that use this technique.
Your follower ratio doesn't mean anything if your audience isn't engaging in your content. Rather than wasting time following-unfollowing random accounts, spend the same amount of time engaging with other accounts. Research a little bit on who your ideal audience is and then leave a genuine comment on 1-2 of their posts. This will surely bring them back to your account and if your content is truly interesting to them, they will follow you back and engage with your content. You create relationships rather than just adding a number to your following .
How do you feel about the FOLLOW-UNFOLLOW method?
📸: @_photosbyv_ .
#socialique #sizzleyoursocial

I also wanna throw this up this morning and give a huge thank you to my brotha @skullohmie_purge for all the double tap love! Means alot bro! 🔥🔥💨 everyone if you dont already follow him go do it now you will be very happy, he takes some of the top shots iv ever seen! 🔥💯

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