I am a survivor and thriving in life!!! 🙌🏻 See that mini me? His coming into my life brought out my magic!
Before Jonah, I was simply consuming in this world and not contributing, wasn’t sharing my gifts, just breathing, barely surviving.... A spiritual switch flipped the second I held him in my arms and I knew I was the one to set the example for him to be free and give him the self confidence to fulfill his destiny. It’s a tough job, demanding, time consuming, but the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done or will do! My energy is too much for some people and that’s OK, they are not my people. Jonah is learning this lesson currently, how to be OK with being too much for some people and moving on with those that accept and celebrate him and not try to control him or bring them down to their level.
What revelation or awesome newfound gift have you learned from having a child come into you life? How have you leveled up to lead by example for their benefit? ❤️
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New in the Shoppe! Vintage-style keytags! #neverstopexploring #beadventurous #livethelifeyoudream

What a fun day in #centralpark teaching people. Great start to the FREE @the_mountainmovement #getoutside #communitybuilding #smilesciences .
Want to find a community?

Want to get fit?
Change up your normal routine?
check the LINK IN BIO for the full run down

✨You have something special, you have greatness within you.

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams
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Sail Day Sunday

Test driving my new toy today 😉 #rollsroyce #wishing

It’s been so great hanging out with some of our favourite people in Amsterdam this weekend.. #honeymooncrashers #reunited

All weekend long ☀️🙌

Best escape anyone can have!🏖😎🍻
(📸taken @solhouseibiza August 2018)
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Happy Winter, I mean Fall Ya’ll!!! 🍂🍃 Apparently happy people don’t notice when they have a produce sticker on their jeans during a photo shoot, either... Don’t be “Sticker Shocked” and check out the produce sticker on my left thigh, really?! 😳That’s a total MOM thing, always in a hurry, licking our thumb to get off a crusty milk stash, wiping boogies with a Kleenex that’s been at the bottom of our purse for who knows how many seasons, putting produce stickers on our limbs with the idea of throwing them away when we’re not doing 20 things at once, am I right?! 🤪 What other silly Mom goofs have you been known to do? I’m dying to hear from other hot mess Moms out there.... .
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This is a photo from "back in the day ", but what I learned is still with me. Confidence comes from many sources. So many parents told me their kids were able to get off anxiety medications since taking martial arts classes. Others told me their teenagers became more aware of their surroundings. Others told me their level of physical fitness and stamina increased like never before. #wontstopcantstop #livethelifeyoudream #whatareyouworkingsohardfor #livethelife #dreamsrequireaction #defendyourself #youareanimportantperson 🥋🏃‍♂️

22.09.04 that’s a day I will never forget! Today I celebrate 14 years of Indonesia. I arrived here so young and full of dreams. I knew someday I was gonna achieve the greatest of them... to be able to call it now.. home!! Terima kasih Indo for all the happiness over all those years.
Hoje é uma data muito especial pra mim. 14 anos atrás eu chegava na Indonésia pela primeira vez. Era uma menina, cheia de vontades e sonhos.. no fundo eu sabia que em algum momento ia realizar o maior deles.. poder um dia chamar este lugar de casa! Sou muito grata ao universo e a esse lugar incrível por todos esses anos.
📸💙@leonevesrj obrigada meu amor por fazer parte disso tudo!! .
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This face. This face is in Brooklyn far away from his mother. #livethelifeyoudream #dreamsrequireaction He loves Halloween. 🧛‍♂️🧟‍♂️🥋🏀⛹️‍♂️🤺🎃

Never stop exploring. We live our lives for these awe-inspiring moments that take our breath away. Stay young and reckless #mountains #adventure #adventureculture

#Repost @michaelryanking ・・・
Tomorrow is the day!
Meeting place:
out front of @exceedfit
1477 3rd ave New York, NY
Meeting time:
12 sharp
What to expect:
Be dressed and
ready to workout #justshowup

Don't worry........be hippy 😊✌️☮️ But seriously...... I haven't felt the same since getting back from vacation. 🙄

It could be the bipolar weather that good 'ol WNY has, or it could be that my body is still adjusting to the time since I can fall asleep at the drop of a dime. 😴

Not sure what it is, but I'm ready for a refresh! 😌

I don't normally do detoxes except for after a vacation or a "binge" weekend. By that I mean, holidays, football games, birthdays, you know, a lot of junk eating in a row. 🍔🍕🥪🧀🍿🌮🍹🍸 I do them when I feel sluggish, crappy or just not right.
Like now. 😁 ❇️Yes, you eat ❇️You feel good
❇️You debloat
❇️You can still workout if you want to

If you're like me and sometimes you need a kick is the 🍑 to get moving, DM me so we can do this detox together! It's just 3 days!! 🙏

That's it! We start Monday- that's right I'm spending my birthday detoxing! 💓💓💓💓

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