Yesterday the @whatsupcycling tour started with some thoughts and knowledge sharing by Jo van Engelen before we got on the bike all together.
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Etappe 4/6 - de zwaarste etappe is in the pocket, inclusief Passo di Fedaia. Stukken 15%, genieten hoor! 🤣😵 Nog twee dagen te gaan!💪🚴‍♀️ #letsdothis #teammindfulcyclingwemeldinge @martinlukasse

Vandaag in the cloud gewerkt! 😎👩🏼‍💻

** Update: after a productive conversation with BWR, I am excited to hear they really want more women involved and the behavior in question was not intentional. Excited to see this support from organizers and to have such respectful, open dialogue about how to empower more women to ride. Good job, BWR.** Ladies cyclists especially, I’m curious for your perspective. An otherwise great gravel ride (@belgianwaffleride) uses women essentially as gimmicks, with scantily clad women spraying water on the majority male riders on one section of the course. I contacted the organizers, encouraging them to rethink this part of the course, or at least balance it out with dudes in speedos, but they have yet to respond. Sure, bathing suits are awesome at the beach, but I feel context is important here. As it is, it’s a way to get away with women wearing as little as possible for entertainment value. In a world where gender inequality in sports still exists, where “podium girls” are still a thing on the biggest stages, I think BWR can do more. And, gravel is picking up, among women too. Why not put more energy into empowering women to ride, less into sexualizing them?

Summer is almost over, but thankfully the garden is still in full bloom! 🍅🌱

And back to work ... the hills had no mercy and yesterday’s wind didn't either. Anyway I had some fantastic days in the saddle but to be honest i'm also happy that today is a recovery day. By the way, the visit to @fixedgearcoffee is definitely a must indeed. Brian is not only serving the best @magistralecyclingcoffee but also knows to tell the best stories about his business, bikes and former career as cyclist. #limburg #coffeeride #nature #liveslowridefast #outsideisfree #oneofthosedays #werideallweather #behindhandlebars #lifebehindbars #velo #cycling #cyclinglife #cyclingphotos #cyclingshots #cyclingaddict #wielrennen #colcollector #cyclingmountains

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