I have spent so much of my life hating myself, self-love truly does take a herculean effort. But I am getting there, and I am proud🖤👄
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Just a few of my pals #liveslowdieold

Some days you feel like a nut 🥜 some days you don’t 🍫

🗝Persistence is key to making cool shit happen though so show up for yourself

Neue Ziele....
Den anderen Zug hab ich verpasst.
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this man right here is the Yoda of ultrarunning, and my race at Limberlost would have had a completely different outcome if it weren't for him. halfway through my second lap i had convinced myself i was going to drop out, and somehow Ron convinced me that it would be a better idea to run an additional 28km (and somehow finish 2nd in my age group). also, he's an absolute legend of a 71-year-old who finished a 56km race and i hope i'm as cool as him when i'm old. #limberlostchallenge #liveslowdieold

Ogiva nuclear de graves do @karelhoz ! Lindo Epiphone EB-3 com afinação baixíssima, do jeito que gostamos.

Regulagem de ação de cordas, polimento dos trastes, hidratação da escala e regulagem de oitavas!
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Yesterday on July 4th in my hometown of Austin, Texas I had the unique pleasure of interviewing my new friend @betoorourke , a fourth generation Texan who hails from the border community of El Paso. Beto is running a d.i.y. grassroots campaign for U.S. Senate against mega-assholian tool, Ted Cruz. Much of Beto’s focus has been on improving the ability for veterans to get the health care — and other earned benefits — that they need. He’s also been focused on curbing the influence of corporate money in Congress. He helped introduce the “No PAC Act,” which would stop candidates for federal office from relying on PACs to bankroll their campaigns. Beto and I talked about punk rock philosophy and values in politics (Beto grew up playing in El Paso punk band “Foss”, which included a young Cedric Bixler-Zavala (At The Drive In, The Mars Volta)), how Texas can be a leader on compassionate and effective immigration reform, and how Texas can help lead the transition from our oil-dependent consumerist culture toward more sustainable energy sources (wind, solar, industrial hemp), and how the current conventional political and cultural systems are inherently suicidal....We also laughed a lot! Beto later sat in on guitar with my family onstage at the end of our show @willienelsonofficial. Beto walks the talk by actively standing up to corporate interests and the corporatist-state infiltration of the U.S. government. By only accepting small donations from we the people to fuel his campaign, Beto is truly serving the prime directive of we the people! Please help our dude out by donating at www.BetoforTexas.com 🤘🇺🇸💩🍄🛸⚡️🎆💥💚🦑 🦄 and don’t forget to VOTE motherfuckers!!! #betofortexas #fuckcorporatefeudalism #liveslowdieold #hempforvictory #texas #austin #punk #thedeclineofwesterncivilization #particlekid #vote

Khemmis - Desolation
Rating: 8/10
Khemmis, Pallbearer’s rock-y, not depressed, younger cousin continue their ascent to the highest peak of the stoner doom mountain. Hand-in-hand with their constant ascension is the gorgeous album art. Aside the visual art the auditory art holds equal company, rising and falling in waves of splendour. Desolation is a monstrous riff fest laced with perfectly placed solos and soaring melodic vocals and marks another forward evolution in Khemmis’ massive sound.
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✨Monday mantra: make things simpler. Keep them easy. Consuming 30+ fruits and vegetables to live a healthier life is easy now 🍎🥦🍋🍐🍓🥕🍌🍑🍒🥒

✨Monday mantra: make things simpler. Keep them easy. Consuming 30+ fruits and vegetables to live a healthier life and have the prettiest and healthiest hair, skin, and nails is so easy now 🍎🥦🍋🍐🍓🥕🍌🍑🍒🥒

Live slow, die old! New-old comic, will be in the next issue of Cheetahs Never Win, coming out by the end of the decade? #comics #tortoise #turtle #illustration #funny #motmot #livefastdieyoung #liveslowdieold #penandinkdrawing

O slow não é um conceito que vai e vem. Na moda, é um movimento sustentável, uma alternativa à produção em massa, que vem ganhando força e veio pra ficar.
Amamos tudo aquilo que o movimento representa: todas essas coisas “eco”, “ética” e “verdes” em um movimento unificado; - o olhar abrangente e holístico; - menos consumo; a diversidade; a manutenção da qualidade e da beleza e a rentabilidade.
A BETANIA tem e trabalha com essa consciência, o que significa que nossas decisões e as de nossos clientes são baseadas em paixões pessoais, personalidade e estilo próprios.
Uma consciência da conexão com os outros e com o meio ambiente e a vontade de agir de forma responsável.
Muitas pessoas amam o que fazem e aspiram fazer a diferença no mundo de uma forma criativa e inovadora, não importando o tamanho de seu alcance. O que tem mesmo significado é o impacto positivo em si mesmo e refletido ao seu redor.
Nós queremos mudar o mundo.
Quem mais quer vir com a gente? ..
PS: Caligrafia vibes de uma das cabeças pensantes e criativas da BETANIA, @betastories . Trabalhamos também nessa frente.👌🏼

“Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress.
No matter how slow.”
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Walk through Life at your own pace and never compare yourself to others. Some of us will go fast, some of us go slow, but we’re all reaching out for our own destination. Time is relative.

There’s commentary in here somewhere. #tranquilino #slowpokerodriguez #norristattoo #liveslowdieold

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