Three guesses as to who this stunner is...I always knew her as a sultry, super sexy blonde. But look at her body here - va va voom! It’s actress/Alzheimer’s spokeswoman Angie Dickinson. I vaguely remember her on the series “Police Woman” (1974-1978) when I was just a kid. I think her nickname was “Pepper”. I was surprised to read she was born in 1931 in North Dakota of all places, but even more surprised to hear she graduated high school in the city I was born in, Burbank, California. Goodness, she’s 87 years old next month; her last role according to IMDB was in a Hallmark TV movie in 2009. Her sister Mary Lou, at the young age of 57, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Angie took charge caring for her sister, overseeing all her care, getting her sister’s children in Alzheimer’s support groups, educating the public about this horrible disease, raising awareness about this horrific disease by testifying in front of Congress and desperately trying to get more funding for research for a cure. Her sister Mary Lou battled the disease for 20 years before dying at 77. Angie’s tireless work caring for her sister, raising awareness for the disease for the public and trying to get more funding/research for a cure shows what an amazing woman she is. She wasn’t simply another pretty face or shallow, vapid blonde bombshell. Sadly, in 2007 she lost her only child, her 40 year-old autistic daughter to suicide. P.S. To my knowledge, Dickinson does not have Alzheimer’s disease. #actresses #blondesexybombshells #angiedickinson #is87yearsoldonseptember30th #marriedtwice #hadaffairswithsinatraandjohnfkennedy #secondhusbandwasburtbacharach #in1966shehadseverelyprematuredaughterwhowasautisticnamedNikki #in2007herdaughtNikkicommittedsuicideinherapartmentat40yearsold #hadanaffairwithandwasgoodfriendswithfranksinatra #bestknownforher1970sTVshowPoliceWomanforwhichshewonaGoldenGlobeandwasnominatedforotherawards #hersisterdevelopedAlzheimersdiseaseat57 #alsoknownforhertirelesseffortstoraiseawarenessandresearchforAlzheimersdisease #retirednowatalmost87yearsold #livesinlosangeles #imfairlycertainshedoesnthaveAlzheimer’s #inmanywaysshehadsometrulysadanddevastatingeventshapoeninherlife

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite artists @shanafrase . You are and have always been a wonderful friend, your talent is beyond inspiring, and thank goodness we have your memory- 1B forever ;) 😘
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My sweet little Grand Dog...the little dog with the big personality ❤️. #granddoggie #Oscar #dogsofinstagram #cutenessoverloaded❤ #doogie #lovehim❤ #livesinlosangeles :(

Allowing and letting be 40x40"

Gary Oldman. Extraordinarily talented British-born actor, director, filmmaker, musician and author. He is considered one of the most celebrated thespians of his generation, with his diverse career encompassing theatre, film, and television. Oldman was born 21 March 1958 in New Cross, London, UK, the son of a homemaker and a welder. Oldman won a scholarship to Britain's Rose Bruford Drama College, in Sidcup, Kent, where he received a B.A. in theatre arts in 1979. He then went on to study with the Greenwich Young People's Theatre where he appeared in a number of plays in the 1980's. Around 1985/1986 he won Time Out's Fringe Award for Best Newcomer and he also won the British Theatre Association's Drama Magazine Award as Best Actor in 1985. Before he was able to support himself acting, he worked in an assembly line, and as a porter in an operating theater; he also had jobs selling shoes and beheading pigs - hopefully not at the same time. 😉 He'd had his film debut in 1982, in Remembrance - though his most memorable early role (and the first time I ever saw him) came when he played Sex Pistol Sid Vicious in the biopic Sid and Nancy in 1986. I was 19 and Gary was 28, and I think it was clear to anyone who saw this film in '86 that he had tremendous talent. Indeed, he won The Evening Standard Film Award as Best Newcomer for his role as the punk icon, and then, for his role as Joe Orton in "Prick Up Your Ears" he received a Best Actor Nomination from BAFTA in 1987. After seeing him in Sid and Nancy, I not only found him extremely sexy, but saw every film he was in. Some of my favorite movies with Oldman include Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, State of Grace, JFK, True Romance, Léon: The Professional, Immortal Beloved, The Scarlet Letter, The Fifth Element, Hannibal, Friends (yes, the comedy TV show), all 3 Harry Potter films, all 3 Batman films, and David Bowie's "The Next Day" video. Oldman has been married 4 times, and has three sons. #garyoldman #Britishactor #greatestactorofhisgeneration #sober #recoveringalcoholic #prolific #cute #thisphototookmeabackathowoldhelooks #buthestilllooksgreat #greatfriendtomyloveDavidBowie #livesinLosAngeles #actorsactor

Another masterpiece created by @durgagoddess!! For custom artwork contact me. Info in bio. @saintrecords #artforsale #artistfromflorida #livesinlosangeles #Godgivengift #blessedbyGod #youngandtalented

When your mum makes a raw key lime pie because she's #vegan & #livesinLosAngeles

Specialty Dry Goods + Cathy Callahan collaboration project Dot Stripe Linen Leather no.7 will reside in Los Angeles however next weekend no.7 will find itself in Boston. #specialtydrygoods #cathycallahan #collaboration #ediekahulapereira #leatherbags #textileandleatherbags #modernartisandesign #handcrafted #basedinlosangeles #livesinlosangeles #willtravel @cathy_callahan

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