Пирамида в Coba- самая высокая и древняя пирамида на Ривьера Майя. Высота её, как у 16тиэтажного дома, (42 м)😱
На вершине этой пирамиды находится небольшое помещение, в котором расположен алтарь. Археологи считают, что оно использовалось для жертвоприношений.
У нас было всего 10 минут чтобы подняться на пирамиду и спуститься. Я и не осознавала как это страшно, пока не поднялась на вершину. Непередаваемое чувство страха и восторга. Главное смотреть прямо, а не вниз:) Спускались все на попе, держась за веревку😂

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Let’s have a little heart-to-heart tonight. “It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on Instagram. I should post that photo of Mina’s paws that makes my heart skip a beat.” That’s what I’ve thought the last few days, but I haven’t posted yet because my last few posts have been animals. It’ll ruin the aesthetic of my feed...even though it doesn’t really have an aesthetic and when it does its never perfect. That’s not a word that anyone would use to describe me and I’m totally fine with that. I don’t want to post filler content, I want to be real. So. These paws make my heart skip a beat, just like seeing her sitting by the door waiting for me when I come home also makes my heart skip a beat. I’d take a picture of that, but she’s usually rolling I’ve for tummy rubs by time I’m through the door. Life with a Cavalier! 🐾 🐾 I’ve also been a little quiet on the blog. While at VoxCon earlier this year the “why” for Dreams, etc. really came into focus for me, but I haven’t had time to finish fleshing it out, so I decided I needed to take some time to do that. (If you’re not sure what VoxCon is, it’s a conference to help you become a communicator that can’t be ignored. One of the things I have posted recently is five takeaways from the conference. You know where to find the link.) 🐾🐾 Spring is always a time of reflection for me and I’ve been doing a lot of deep thinking lately. 🐾🐾 That has been my April! What has yours been like?

Because sometimes, a pint at sunset is all you want and need! #livesimple #loveyourlife #lovemylife #sunset #docsoysterbar #localspot #beers #water

I put the vision to a test today! White is always a good idea! ❤️

I told my husband that if I could be anywhere it would be on a balcony on a warm evening overlooking an ocean, drinking red wine, and then walking on starlit sands with him after the sun went down. it was just that kind of day where I wanted to get away. so we did, after a fashion, behind the house to dig our feet in the earth and watch the girls play. it wasn't what I imagined, but oh, it was still so good.
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😂 I just wonder what is going through his head...... Do I jump or do I just keep tapping my foot 😂👏🏼 #momofboys #boymom #motherhood #mamasboy #oceanreeves #ocean #waterboy #rainorshine #outdoors #livesimple #lessismore #waterfight #kidsofinstagram #toddlerstyle #toddlersofinstagram

Oh ya know, just connected at the foot! 😋

☁️✨ melancholia in arcadia, 2011 by gabriel lester v @studiolowsheen

Cheeks 😍. MAGs (mags comes from her initials if you are wondering) still loves sleeping in the sunshine & is still measuring “petite” based on her 2 month checkup yesterday.. 2 months blows my mind 🤯❤️ I need her to stay little way longer than this!

✨ To a place I recall.
I was there so long ago✨#chriscornell #likeastone {42/376}

Soy Oat & Soy🌼

Abide with me, fast falls the eventide
The darkness deepens, Lord, with me abide
When other helpers fail and comforts flee
Help of the helpless, O abide with me


For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. Come hell or high water, you + me. (Thanks for asking us to join this beautiful shoot, @mapandcompassphoto. Xoxo)

Get your kids involved. Every mistake from scratch is better than processed anything. I’m not making a political statement and I absolutely could be completely wrong. So forget what you just read.... or remember it. #fatdadcooks #daddadding #holyshitijustinventedthedaddaddinghashtag

We're so excited to bring back our Inside the Makers Workshop series. More than just sharing beautiful work spaces, we want to be a platform where we can open up the discussion about the real stuff, what inspires us, what keeps us going, and the tools we're using to get there 👉▪ More than anything it's a way to show that we're in this together figuring it out, thriving, fn up and changing the world. ✴ If you're a maker, check out our Resources link on our website for tips from MW and other industry professionals. .
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