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I’d rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck. 🌸
So happy when I saw those flower fields in Iceland 🇮🇸 for the first time and got even more excited when I found huge ones here in @purenewzealand 🇳🇿

A freezing cold morning on top of rainbow mountain is something I will never forget. I can confidently say this is my favourite place in the world so far.

Another day out in the mountains 🏔 Thanks to problems with our car we started late on this day. But the conditions were perfect and made up for the delay. We hiked the same mountain twice and had two fun runs. Exhausted but happy we made it back to the parking lot in darkness... #DoWhatYouCant -
This was shot on the #GalaxyS8 #sponsored by @samsungmobile_de

Some hearts understand each other even in silence.
Captured by @breeannalasher ----------------------------------------------------
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Iceland | The End. With the mattress on top of the Landy and a bike and guitar inside, I'm leaving Iceland for the winter. I'll definitely be back soon, but the time has come to explore new frontiers, and I am pretty stoked honestly. So much good stuff coming up.
Yesterday, @frankframesthings and I started our YouTube channel Riders of the Frame and put our first vlog. Check it out if you have a spare minute, link is love in bio 🤘subscribe if you like and stay tuned for more, we have epic plans and trips lined up and a whole winter of adventure! #iceland #landroverdefender 📸: by @frankframesthings

On a boat ride through the kingdom of @visitnordlys . Where the ocean meets the mountains, where extremes get along with each other very well.
#norway #northernorway

❂ 📷 by @arnarkristjans_photography
❂ congratulations #depths_arnarkristjans_photography
❂ chosen by @mattyjameshopkins⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#depthsofEarth #eclectic_shotz
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Handsome little boy, who isn’t so little. 😆 Sometimes when I photograph him, he still looks so puppyish. Other times, he’s so mature. ❤️ I can’t believe he’s turning 1.


Greenwich Park

Kairos (n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement; also, weather ⊶ ☾ ╼ ☾ ⊶ ☾ ╼ ☾ ⊶ ☾ ╼
Kairos, from a biblical perspective, is God's dimension - one unmarked by the past, present, or future. It is God’s "right time" or "appointed season" (Titus 1:3). When Jesus came, it was the fulfillment of everything, a tearing of the veil so we could sit with Him in person; a cosmic collision of the sacred and secular. It was God’s holy intervention in order to save humanity from itself. The arrival of Christ was the perfect moment as it was God’s kairos piercing its way into creation at just the right time.
When Jesus died on the cross, it was another kairos moment (Romans 5:6-8); these events are glimpses of Gods work being done in our lives— for a generation that was and for all those to come, whether we acknowledge it as true or not. In these times, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to recognise such things especially when our prospects appear bleak as a result of storms we might be standing in. Rather then seeking God’s advice, we tend to sway toward our own understanding, oblivious to the handiwork being done in us. So many distractions blind us from His will, and more importantly, in being thankful for all the times He has intersected on our behalf.
As Christmas approaches hand in hand with the New Year, remember that God has and always will prioritise you and your needs, even down to the simplest of things, because you matter. He is filling your life with beautiful moments, even when we fail to see them right away... so take time to reminisce, and pause to truly look around. There will always be grace and redemption, because His kairos timing is perfect.

Fun Fact: Franklin HATES wearing a harness or coat - we call him a nudist 😳

1 year 🐶

Did you know the Southeast produces a lot of timber? Forestry is a huge commodity here. A few research papers that I’ve been working on and will be published next year include how droughts negatively impact our forests and how it may worsen with the changing climate. Droughts stress trees and make them susceptible to pest and parasites. They also do not grow as quickly during drought conditions. The list goes on. Climate change is not a political issue. It’s a scientific fact. #climatechange

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Ultralight Beam 🔭

Sunsets in Joshua Tree. ✨

Zen vibes from the Garden Island for #tbt 🙏

#tbt contemplando essa vista linda de Bergen, que é rodeada por 7 montanhas. Visitei a Noruega há 1 mês e fiquei apaixonada com o país. .
P.S. tem post novo no blog com dicas do que fazer em Oslo 🇩🇰
📍Bergen - Norway

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That colour 😍💐

I can't remember ever not loving the snow. I remember wearing bright neon onesie snow clothes as a kid and playing with our cat in the snow. As I got a little older, building elaborate snow caves in the backyard (still proud of them). In high school on snow days I would walk to the ski resort to snowboard. And now, still snowboarding, hiking, and having snowball fights. I adore winter.

How strange to find that the present contained such a bright shard of the living past, damaged and eroded but not destroyed. 🌙

***Throwback Thursday***
One of the best experiences...ever! 🌊🦈 @ikiya3
A must try!

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Last light from the other night, because it looks right. Alps is not shite.

Exploring the Reservoir before it gets too cold and freezes over ❄️❄️❄️

[⛰ > 📚 ]

Reine reflections in Lofoten Islands. This was my first but hopefully not last experience above the Arctic Circle.
#lofoten #ilovenorway #norway #reflections #fjords #visitnorway #bestofnorway

Nothing like starting your morning with a snowy sunrise.
© Goldilockѕ αиd τhe ωolf ρhoτogrαρhγ

Eagles nest!

Winter in Hawaii 🌊💦💙

Who’s excited for fluffy snow and cozy cabins? ❄️🏠 Tag your cuddle buddy in the comments👇🏻 #thecabinchronicles

Ya no lo quiere oír, le suelta la mano.
La conciencia le abre la puerta, le dice que puede andar.
Que son solo dos días y lo efímero se subestima.
No lo quiere oir y quiere andar, a su temperatura.
Su ritmo puede retroceder y volver a preguntar,
que si estamos vivos, que cual es mi por qué.
Y trastabillar, y quebrar.
Pero no va a romper.
A su pulso, va escribiendo capítulos.
E improvisando suele sonreir.

Jo, líbi se mi moc, tak ji dám i sem. Zářivá matička Praha jako na dlani. Už mi z toho trochu jebe. Potřebuji vypadnout někam do přírody.. Někdo s autem v Praze???😄
Jinak další test, další spokjenost. Canon 6D mark ii se v noci chová skvěle!

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Jotun wonders when I will stop taking photos and give him some food!

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