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How and when did you get introduced to the mountains/the great outdoors and who introduced you? What is your earliest memory?
I often wonder what will be my daughters earliest memory from our adventures in the mountains.
For myself it was when I was 5, my dad was the scout master and he took me along with him on a week long trip into the High Uinta of Utah to the Grandaddy Lake. We built a log raft and the scout would pick me up and throw me into the water.
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I came to say hello 🐳
Photo by @farishindii
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From one of my favorite hikes ever. 🏔
My friend @evolumina and I went to the trailhead of Mount Pilchuck in the evening and napped in the car for an hour or so, made pasta for to go and took the 2185 feet elevation gain without stopping. 💦 Soaked but happy we climbed the last couple meters up to the fire lookout building.
Spent the night in hammocks and woke up for a cotton candy kind of sunrise. 🔥
Nothing more I could've asked for.

Time for more golden mornings like this...🍁💛

If I lived here, I would gaze across the waters and count clouds. Arctic vibes well covered with @save_the_duck #savetheduck #savetheduckers #ad

We woke up at 3:30 AM and started our 2 hour motorbike ride to reach our destination. With a pit stop along the way to purchase more rain ponchos, we made it just in time for sunrise...but it turned out that the storm was too big and hid the sun. We were freezing, soaking wet, and slightly miserable, but I think that helped make this moment so much more memorable.

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couldn't resist... 🏄🏼


I'd write a beautiful caption about this beautiful place but I think @alexvielfaure said it best... 4th photo on his feed - I'll say no more. #reflections

If you ever wondered what the green paradise would look like, than this is probably the closest thing to it. Zelenci Springs is located in the outskirts of Triglav National Park, just 5 km (3 miles) out of Kranjska Gora. The wooden walkway is the perfect leg-stretcher and it leads to the heart of these nature reserve, the turquoise-colored pond, which is also the source of Sava Dolinka river. The place truly is a photographer paradise, since there can be seen small underwater bubbling volcanoes 🌋 at the bottom of the pond. The other thing that makes this place so appealing to every camera owner is the watchtower offering more than 180 degree view. It is 50 shades of green you look.

Look at this majestic, stoic, and fearless tree! Giving off vibrant colors and growing in such a regal pose that nonchalantly says "you wish you could be as badass as me." I do tree, I do wish I could be as badass as you!

First post!
Our roaming adventure begins in the French Alps.
The views are amazing! When the mountains where peeking through the clouds, there was something mysterious about it! One of the many natural wonders that makes me feel small.
'You are not the mountains. The mountains are in you.' - John Muir 🌲🏔 Shot by: @bvdphotography

Taking in the view🌎 @biscuitsnbrady

Squad goals ✌️

My best experience at Baa Atoll! Not the best video quality or composition, but best experience! They just kept coming... about 50 mantas... .
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Got this little guys registered for me and now he can go with me to help with my ptsd, my anxiety is off the charts when I have to leave Home alone! #grateful #pompoms #dogs

Oh hello... 🐄

Sunset drives on the 🇫🇴 island of Vágar towards the tiny village Gásadalur. The village was actually only connected to the public infrastructure in 2004, after being reachable solely through a multiple-hour hike across the island for decades before.
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Looking out at wave after wave breaking on the shore! 🤙🏻

If there's one place in the world you'd want to travel to where would it be? Comment below!
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