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Bye-bye winter, hello summer?!
The weather can be pretty extreme these days. Not just in LA, but everywhere. Before I digress, definitely make plans to go to the beach this weekend. The weather is supposed to be glorious! .
Santa Monica is one of my favorite beaches in LA, mainly because it’s convenient and there’s so much to do there. Some of my friends prefer other beaches because they’re more residential, quieter, or even secluded. What’s your favorite LA beach? .
Photo credit @seesantamonica .
#santamonica #santamonicapier #santamonicabeach

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Aaaaaahh! On our last video we discovered all the fun activities you can do on Catalina Island if you’re an Adventure seeker, but this time we focused on relaxing and exploring the history on this small, yet notable island. 🏝
From the Pavilion Hotel to taking a tour of the Casino to the famous Island Spa, there’s much to do if you’re looking for a relaxing island getaway. And let’s not forget about the food! No trip would be complete without exploring some of the great local restaurants.
There’s much to discover on Catalina! So watch on and start planning your relaxing island getaway. (Full video on YouTube! Link in bio!)

Video by @ninodgordeli
Special thanks to @visitcatalinaisland and @catalinaexpress!
#voyagersincatalina #catalinaisland #visitcatalina

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I love the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I’m not a huge architecture fan, but when it’s something as impressive as this, I’m just in awe. It’s truly art. And clearly I’m not alone! It’s one of the most photographed buildings in the city. Have you been to the Walt Disney Concert Hall yet? More so, have you taken photos by it yet?! Haha, that’s when you know you’ve become a true Angeleno! .
Can you believe it’s only been open since 2003? That means it’s a mere 15 years old! .
#waltdisneyconcerthall #happeningindtla #concierge

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