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Happy Anniversary to the love of my life ♥️

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🎶 The Hills are alive 🎶 #rideeurope2017 #Austria #livelovetravel

My happy place 💛The ocean, palm trees, a few coconuts, and our trusty tuk tuk which we used to drive 1000km around Sri Lanka with the guys over at @largeminority 📸Thanks for this photo @jaggedperspective

@veezypie said I must say 10 things about myself and girl that's my favorite subject 😂😂😂..Here goes:
1. I have a political science degree and an MBA both never used 📚📚📚
2. When I was a kid I was writing poetry non stop and talked to myself and the heroes of my poems out loud when in the bathroom 💫💫💫
3. I can communicate well in 5 languages and I'm convinced I can learn any language as long as I get to stay in the country for 4 months 💎💎💎
4. I'm a black belt kickboxer and obsessed with weight lifting and yoga.💪💪💪
5. The reason the above is not that evident is because I eat like a maniac..probably consume like 6000 cal every day .🍡🍡🍡
6. Been with lover for more than 12 years and still fantasise about him when we spent time apart (which happens really often due to our nomadic lifestyle and weird jobs).💕💕💕
7. I'm passionate about the environment and culture and I get so mad when someone messes with either that I'm afraid someday I will end up in the news(the destruction of the ancient city of Palmyra still haunts me) 😤😤😤
8. I have changed profession at least 10 times till now, get bored and feel trapped easily.🏄🏄🏄
9. I only started drinking coffee 4 years ago and love it like crazy☕☕☕
10.I would go anywhere on this earth but I would never ever board a spaceship and leave it to explore other planets.

Now @charmainewakefield @whereintheworldistosh @aliceandthecaterpillar @pebblesdastraycat @nastiastim82 @anntarino @diary_of_ulysses @doctor.in.travel @thelionessyogi @bonko1173
your turn!

Goodbyes are tough. Thank you #santorini 💙💙💙💙💙#livelovetravel #familyfun #ilovesantorini💙🇬🇷

If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet! 🌏✈️ ❤️#LiveLoveTravel

Finally it's been a long 3 day's at work, Officially on vacation! #vacation2017 #livelovetravel


We live in a society that takes us far away from discovering our self, our "TRUE" self. What makes me, who I am? Is it what we think? What we do? Our role in the world? Is it our purpose? .
We are creatures of habit and products of our environment. We determine our self worth and self identity through external experiences, feedback from others-through likes on social media to being noticed by our leaders and team members in the workplace for what we do "right". Is it so absurd to acknowledge our acceptance for a mistake as a strength, as through it we are able to grow individually and together?

There are times in our lives where we all feel unhappy. Even when we think we have overcome a situation that created unhappiness in the past, we are unaware of how it has affected who we are and what we do. We suppress these emotions and subconsciously act on them. We are socially conditioned to think that feeling weak means that there is something wrong with us or that taking a risk and making a mistake is a sign of failure.

I am seen as "an emotional person", but it was always put in a negative light by my family, friends and significant others. I judged myself for being this way, and naturally suppressed tears or anger, instead of accepting these uncomfortable feelings. It affected how I dealt with problems in my relationships and changed the way I felt about myself. Instead of learning how to trust my feelings, I abandoned them (and myself) and adapted to the situation. Realizing this now, I am learning to accept this intrinsic ability to feel deeply , as a compass for what I want and who I am, which also helps me understand others better.

Self growth comes from questioning what you feel and why. Self care/love means taking the time to get to know yourself, reflecting on the past, seeing how circumstance connects us to the now, and envisioning what we want to change for the future.
Believe in yourself.
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When in England visiting Stratford is a must do. The birthplace of Shakespeare holds a special place in my heart, with gorgeous streets and a bustling atmosphere there was so much to love. For a bookworm like myself Stratford was pure heaven, allowing history and literature of the old English town to come to life. 🚣 📚

*OBSESSED* with everything 📸 pictured!
@calpak #regram #jetsetshare 💫👙🌴

Surprise!!! Look what I got in the mail today from my friend in NY who knows that for me TRAVEL IS LIFE! I can't wait to walk down memory lane and mark all the beautiful places I've visited. Soon I'll be off to creating new memories at other beautiful places in this world 🌎. Thank you sooo much! ❤️ #itsthelittlethings #travel #jetsetter #intlbound

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