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That sexy car 😍 #livelovelegacy

Super Saturday! You wanna grow fast, you gotta invest in yourself. Ready for a full day of learning with about 300 soon to be friends and some that already are. 💚

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but our #volunteers are still so delightful. Thank you Mallory, Brandon, Karin, Leslie and Tony for spending your Saturday with us to help with a few office projects. We appreciate you and all that you do! #LiveLoveLegacy #DonateLife

boys are off to a fun weekend of camping w daddy!!! #makingmemories #bestdadever #livelovelegacy

This girl used to live on 6 cans of diet Pepsi a day, her diet was not so healthy..... She relied on medication to make her feel better..... she didn't even realize how depressed she was!

She hated being around anyone! She didn't want to get out of bed! She wanted to sleep all day! She had no ambition to do anything!
Basically she faked life for a long time! Pretending to be happy.... Is that the way to live????? I had a choice. ....change or end it!

Well here I am today 13 years later to tell you LIFE IS AMAZING!
I am a proud single mom of 4 beautiful, amazing kids!
I got my health on track, taking personal development classes, exercising and inspiring others on a daily basis. I feel my newsfeed with nothing but positive quotes!

Even when tragedy strikes we fight with a smile!

If you are struggling I am begging you to make a change before it's too late! It may be scary but so is living a miserable life!

I am here if you need any help! I truly mean it!
Send me a message xo

#taylorstrong #livelovelegacy #livetoinspire #nevergiveup #fightdepression

If we can't find a way, we'll make one - Hannibal. Don't be afraid to dream big. #motivated #gogetters #livelovelegacy

Vacation is over! Hitting the gym to get ready for Legacy 2018. What are our Legacies up to?!?! Post and tag us! Use the hash tag #livelovelegacy


Reflecting on my life.... There were so many days that I just wanted to pack up and run away to a place where no one knew me ... Trust me, many.... I hated life, I hated living
Oh, how I hated so many people!!!!!!! Can you imagine living life that way? Are you?
I believe that everything happens for a reason and I am so blessed that back in April of 2014, A total stranger added me on Facebook and I wasn't sure why back then but I do now! (And we are not strangers anymore)

She introduced me to some amazing people and got me into a life changing company!

Some people may call it multilevel marketing we call it multi-level helping ..... And boy did they help me! Which is why I will never give up on this opportunity of helping others!

They taught me personal development and why it's important To take care of your mind, body, and soul!
I can go on and on but my message is When I say everything happens for a reason I mean it because I have been able to handle Taylors accident like a champ!

If this happened to Taylor 4 years ago you probably would be worried about us because I was a disaster waiting to happen!
I am truly blessed..... So if an opportunity knocks on your door and you open it never be afraid but if that door does not open then it wasn't meant to be ..... Understand?
#taylorstrong #beachbody #shakeology #personaldevelopment #team #happinessproject #livelovelegacy #payitforward #life

What kind of life do you want to live?
No matter what life throws our way it is still up to us on how we handle it!
I refuse to live an ordinary life..... I fight every single day to better my life! Is it easy? No, success is never convenient..... When my time is up here on earth, I will look back on my life and have no regrets!
Will you?

#taylorstrong #happinessproject #kindcaringgivingproject #payitforward #livethelifeyoulove #livelovelegacy #personalgrowth

Cheddar fries.... I can't believe I used to eat these cheddar fries all the time before I knew what reading labels was..... Look at all that nasty stuff in there!

Do you look at labels and ingredients? You should because if there are chemicals or ingredients that you can't read or say you should not put it in your body!

Our body and brain do not know how to process ingredients like that so it get stored into and also most chemicals that are in some of our foods are cancer-causing agents!

Please please read ingredients before you eat or drink it!

How long do you plan on living?

Most of that determines how you feed your body.... Just remember this you are either feeding a disease or you are fighting one when you put something in your mouth!

Health is key!

#taylorstrong #livelovelegacy #livetoinspire #healthyfithairstylist #healthylife #organic #nochemicals #eatlikeyouloveyourself #fitmom #fightdepression #nevergiveup

Some behind the scenes shots of the @elanvitalmag commercial shoot yesterday. Grateful that we @il_clothing were able to show some gear in the process. #commercialgigs #ILC #IMPERIAL #dreamwork #teamwork #livelovelegacy #ElanVitalMag #elpaso915 #idontknowwhatotherhashtagstouse

Vacation is over! Hitting the gym to get ready for Legacy 2018. What are our Legacies up to?!?! Post and tag us! Use the hash tag #livelovelegacy

One of the most important questions you can continually ask yourself to make sure you're moving in your right direction is, "What legacy am I leaving?" It will refocus you on things that truly matter and make a difference in the lives of others (and your own!!). And that will most definitely move you in the direction of happiness when you also align it with your core values and innate talents. This sweet note from a mamma I supported reminds me every time I see it that my work is making a difference. ❤️ #grateful #dogood #livelovelegacy

Here's a collection of some of my favorite photos!
1. My college graduation party. I stumbled upon this photo while cleaning. I don't remember having it taken but im so glad I have it!
2. Dad looking serious on vacation. I love this photo because I miss that salt and pepper hair!
3. Volunteer Brandon Boyd and I with our State Rep. Scott Ourth. We shared our stories at the Capitol last year.
4. Our all time favorite photo of dad. He had the opportunity to do a ride along with the Newton Speedway. As you can tell he wasn't very excited! This past summer he had the chance to take more laps with the one and only @joeygase35 His smile grew by the time he was done!
5. The KGGO mini golf fundraiser. @vanderem22 and I had so much fun! I'd like to say we beat him but we all had a blue ball so who really knows!?
6. The last time I held his hand. I miss his hands something fierce! He was a mechanic and I always enjoyed watching him work and his dirty mechanic fingers!
#photosofdad #myfavorites #Donatelife #donordaughter #livelovelegacy #instagramtakeover @malwells86

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