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boys are off to a fun weekend of camping w daddy!!! #makingmemories #bestdadever #livelovelegacy

‼️What up residents! Don't forget to resign! Rates are gonna keep going up from here⬆️
24 spots left for 2/2 with a $100 gift card
21 spots left for 1/1 with a $100 gift card... after that we're all out of gift cards‼️ Resign today!!

loved today! amazing colorful meal together w loved ones, walk through community gardens in #sanfrancisco, and game time! lots of laughter and precious memories made. #wellthyroad #christmas2015 #livelovelegacy

loved today! farmer's market, family picnic, family hike, soccer game and tons of memories made! #wellthyroad #livelovelegacy

She dares us to imagine a life bigger than us! #livelovelegacy #healedtoheal #suggestionaire

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but our #volunteers are still so delightful. Thank you Mallory, Brandon, Karin, Leslie and Tony for spending your Saturday with us to help with a few office projects. We appreciate you and all that you do! #LiveLoveLegacy #DonateLife

Thrive Thursday
If you understood the true opportunity we said yes to you would run through a brick wall to grab it. If you could feel the gratitude we have for what was laid out by like-minded, compassionate, servant leaders you would realize why our thankfulness is never ending. Maybe you're asking what it took for me to be where I'm at today? Well, I would love to share that with you! I want nothing more than to present this same gift to as many parents as possible. Is it for everybody, No. But if you've seen my posts and relate in the slightest with me I would be so glad to see if this is a fit for you too. Drop a 💚 emoji and I'll be in touch. #LiveLoveLegacy #startyourlife #servantleaders


Another day to live🙏God is great! #labanlang #livelovelegacy

It's a Thunderous Thursday here at legacy‼️ Don't forget your thunder buddy‼️

‼️What up residents! Don't forget to resign! Rates are gonna keep going up from here⬆️
24 spots left for 2/2 with a $100 gift card
21 spots left for 1/1 with a $100 gift card... after that we're all out of gift cards‼️ Resign today!!

There are only 🔟 renewal spots left at $629 before they go to $639‼️ Think about what you do with that extra money 🤔 You could get 10 cheeseburgers, 5 coffees or even 40 gumballs‼️ Don't miss out‼️

Reflecting on my life.... There were so many days that I just wanted to pack up and run away to a place where no one knew me ... Trust me, many.... I hated life, I hated living
Oh, how I hated so many people!!!!!!! Can you imagine living life that way? Are you?
I believe that everything happens for a reason and I am so blessed that back in April of 2014, A total stranger added me on Facebook and I wasn't sure why back then but I do now! (And we are not strangers anymore)

She introduced me to some amazing people and got me into a life changing company!

Some people may call it multilevel marketing we call it multi-level helping ..... And boy did they help me! Which is why I will never give up on this opportunity of helping others!

They taught me personal development and why it's important To take care of your mind, body, and soul!
I can go on and on but my message is When I say everything happens for a reason I mean it because I have been able to handle Taylors accident like a champ!

If this happened to Taylor 4 years ago you probably would be worried about us because I was a disaster waiting to happen!
I am truly blessed..... So if an opportunity knocks on your door and you open it never be afraid but if that door does not open then it wasn't meant to be ..... Understand?
#taylorstrong #beachbody #shakeology #personaldevelopment #team #happinessproject #livelovelegacy #payitforward #life

What kind of life do you want to live?
No matter what life throws our way it is still up to us on how we handle it!
I refuse to live an ordinary life..... I fight every single day to better my life! Is it easy? No, success is never convenient..... When my time is up here on earth, I will look back on my life and have no regrets!
Will you?

#taylorstrong #happinessproject #kindcaringgivingproject #payitforward #livethelifeyoulove #livelovelegacy #personalgrowth

Cheddar fries.... I can't believe I used to eat these cheddar fries all the time before I knew what reading labels was..... Look at all that nasty stuff in there!

Do you look at labels and ingredients? You should because if there are chemicals or ingredients that you can't read or say you should not put it in your body!

Our body and brain do not know how to process ingredients like that so it get stored into and also most chemicals that are in some of our foods are cancer-causing agents!

Please please read ingredients before you eat or drink it!

How long do you plan on living?

Most of that determines how you feed your body.... Just remember this you are either feeding a disease or you are fighting one when you put something in your mouth!

Health is key!

#taylorstrong #livelovelegacy #livetoinspire #healthyfithairstylist #healthylife #organic #nochemicals #eatlikeyouloveyourself #fitmom #fightdepression #nevergiveup

Some behind the scenes shots of the @elanvitalmag commercial shoot yesterday. Grateful that we @il_clothing were able to show some gear in the process. #commercialgigs #ILC #IMPERIAL #dreamwork #teamwork #livelovelegacy #ElanVitalMag #elpaso915 #idontknowwhatotherhashtagstouse

Going to an Astros game with my bro and his baseball ⚾️ team!!

Vacation is over! Hitting the gym to get ready for Legacy 2018. What are our Legacies up to?!?! Post and tag us! Use the hash tag #livelovelegacy

One of the most important questions you can continually ask yourself to make sure you're moving in your right direction is, "What legacy am I leaving?" It will refocus you on things that truly matter and make a difference in the lives of others (and your own!!). And that will most definitely move you in the direction of happiness when you also align it with your core values and innate talents. This sweet note from a mamma I supported reminds me every time I see it that my work is making a difference. ❤️ #grateful #dogood #livelovelegacy

Here's a collection of some of my favorite photos!
1. My college graduation party. I stumbled upon this photo while cleaning. I don't remember having it taken but im so glad I have it!
2. Dad looking serious on vacation. I love this photo because I miss that salt and pepper hair!
3. Volunteer Brandon Boyd and I with our State Rep. Scott Ourth. We shared our stories at the Capitol last year.
4. Our all time favorite photo of dad. He had the opportunity to do a ride along with the Newton Speedway. As you can tell he wasn't very excited! This past summer he had the chance to take more laps with the one and only @joeygase35 His smile grew by the time he was done!
5. The KGGO mini golf fundraiser. @vanderem22 and I had so much fun! I'd like to say we beat him but we all had a blue ball so who really knows!?
6. The last time I held his hand. I miss his hands something fierce! He was a mechanic and I always enjoyed watching him work and his dirty mechanic fingers!
#photosofdad #myfavorites #Donatelife #donordaughter #livelovelegacy #instagramtakeover @malwells86

One of my favorite things about Spring! Dad's tree of life! When dad passed away a family friend and her family had this tree planted in #BuxtonPark at #SimpsonCollege. When I was training for my first 5k I made sure to always include a jog by the tree. I love when it starts to be #green again! It's a great reminder that Dad is still alive in others!
#Donatelife #springtree #livelovelegacy #inspireiowa #renew #instagramtakeover @malwells86

Raising 👨🏽‍💻Business and 👶🏼Babies alongside other 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦families is the sweetest J.O.B. in the world. Training calls = family fun. #businessandbabies #startyourlife #fulltimedad #livelovelegacy

Tonight I want to take a minute to share my gratitude to the family that started it all for my family. The Coover's set out almost 15 years ago to impact world health physically and financially. They set out to do better than an company had ever done before by being what they needed in a company when they were building their dreams. Last Friday as Devin and I shared our massive vision with a handful of friends it hit me once again. I'm so grateful that with passion and conviction I can confidently say that this company is exactly what they claim to be. They are always looking out for the families that make-up this legacy company and realize that the well-being of it rests on the well being of its partners. It is with immense gratitude and excitement that my family thanks you Jim, Kathy, Eric and Peta. #livelovelegacy #dreambig #healthandwellness

Super Saturday! You wanna grow fast, you gotta invest in yourself. Ready for a full day of learning with about 300 soon to be friends and some that already are. 💚

👯My idea of a business meeting 👯

I've always been a believer in promoting what you love❤️ instead of bashing what you hate. People always ask me to compare Isagenix products to other Nutritional supplements out there.... I don't waste my time doing that. I focus on what we have to offer👌🏻
This little shake right here is what changed my whole world. It wasn't just the fact that it was a healthy & convenient option--it was the EXPERIENCE I had after I put the shake in my body!
Flooding my body with the right amount of protein, trace minerals, & vitamins made me LIGHT UP💥
My whole family has one everyday because we CRAVE them!
#livelovelegacy #livefree

Yo Soy El Hefe • Live Like a Boss
Friday Night "meeting" with a few of my boss babes. #bossbabe #eljefe #livelovelegacy

"To Be a Full-Time Family"
That's what I wanted so badly just a short year and a half ago. I didn't want to see another year go by holding out for the ONE day a week that my husband got off of work. I was ready to NOT SETTLE for "someday." I was ready to not be limited by my challenges and start challenging my limits.
So I began! I began as a beginner. And Day in and Day out I did what I could and was open to growing in all areas as a person. My wild consistency and relentless commitment to myself and my family paid off. Today, and for the last year, we have spent everyday together. Our goal? It's to see other families thriving also. We work hard everyday to keep our dreams alive and yet it doesn't feel like work. I've never been in so much growth and gratitude for the place I am in life and it all started by taking a look.
There's no amount of convincing that could change my mind about what I get to do every day now. If you're looking for change, have a place in your life where you could use a increase of time, money or both, reach out. I'd love to show you what the opportunity looks like. If it's a fit, GREAT! If not, that's great too. I lead with my heart and my desire is to share my truth about what it's done for us and so many others. If you see that it aligns with you too I'd be thrilled to have you join us all. I look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to know more. Reach out with a 💌 and I'll be in touch. #fulltimefamily

My littlest assistant taking over my social scene. Lots of work and play happening today! If I'm happiest with my family, outdoors in the sunshine and working hard towards my dreams why not do them all, all at the same time?! Freedom to choose. #livelovelegacy

Sunshine is my energy source. ☀️🌊

Headed into next week with Ease! Bring on a new week! I'm all Hustle + Heart ❤ best part is Monday's don't bring frazzle anymore...just more time to do what I LOVE. A life of service and seeing others crushing their dreams. Ready Set, Grow! #livelovelegacy

Keep it Real.

Southern California Winters are brutal #livebythesea

No wonder she was quiet for a few minutes. 💄💋#girls

Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy. #love


You know you're a #Californian when sandals still happen even with footie pjs. #kids❤️

My shakes have the perfect composition for a macro nutrient meal. That's why we feel and see the difference. 8g Fibre = 4 Tbsp Linseed
24g Carbohydrate = 1/4 Cup cooked quinoa with 2 small beetroots
24g Protein = 4 Eggs
240mg Calcium = 1 1/2 cups cottage cheese
70mcg Folate = 3/4 cup brussel sprouts
2.5mcg Vitamin D = 200g cod fillets
3mg Iron = 170 g tenderloin steak
4mg Zinc = 2 cups baked beans
380mcg Potassium = 1 Banana
54mcg Iodine = 1 tbsp cooked seaweed
187.5mcg Vitamin A = 1 red Capsicum
80mg Magnesium = 1/2 cup cooked spinach
#nutritiononpoint #alldaylong

Favorite coast line

My Wild Flower #🌻

If He's brought you to it know you are equipped to go through it. #youareenough

Girls Night Out @eschmutzer @laceyjmarshall

Keep your mind right, your soul straight and your heart strong. #mindset #soulfull #heartstrong

soulfull living #livelovelegacy

Wake Up, Beauty! It's time to Beast! #trainingday #amworkout

Going through Life like #goodvibesonly

Perfect Breakfast Nook. #sunshine #daydreams #happyplace

🥒🥕Cucumber Towers!!! 🥒🥕#veggieslover

Happy Little Babes

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