Hey guys! Louisville Metro Animal Services is in need of short term large dog fosters. The shelter is currently full and it’s in desperate need of space before this major holiday. If you have the ability, think about giving one of these hippo heads a cozy home and warm bed to cuddle for a couple days. We already have one at our house! 😉 #fostermelouisville #makingshelterdogssmile
Mummy Made is also available for adoption at @louisvillemetroanimalservices on Manslick Road. What’s better than a foster home for Thanksgiving? A forever home!

The beautiful Dilla is still looking for her forever family! We took her on a field trip from @louisvillemetroanimalservices last week and she was just the sweetest, happiest ball of fur. She loves long walks in the park, cheeseburgers and belly rubs on the couch. The shelter is currently at max capacity so if you’ve been thinking about a pup and Dilla has caught your eye or you want to see some other super deserving pups, head to Louisville Metro Animal Services on Manslick Road or Animal House on Newburg Road! Open your heart to a shelter pup this holiday season and you won’t regret it for the rest of their life! #fostermelouisville #tongueouttuesday #makingshelterdogssmile

On Wednesday we took Mummy Mady on a field trip from @louisvillemetroanimalservices. We explored Joe Creason Park and got a cheeseburger from @mcdonalds . This girl was a bit shy and nervous but who wouldn’t be when you’re living in the shelter waiting for your forever family to find you!! Mummy is available through Louisville Metro animal Services on Manslick Road (☝🏻the tagged location) #fostermelouisville #adoptabledog #makingshelterdogssmile

Yesterday we took sweet Lolly on a field trip. She went to @questoutdoors and had a pup cup at @base.camp.coffee . We did a photoshoot in Browns Park and then headed to @whitecastle for burgers. We stopped in to visit the brewer at @3rdturnbrewing and made a trip to @homedepot. She had a real day out on the town. I couldn't possibly say better things about this girl. We enjoyed every minute with her and are hoping and praying so hard that her perfect family finds her soon.
Lolly is available for adoption through @louisvillemetroanimalservices on Manslick Road. Please give this girl a look, she is an incredible sweetheart that has braved so many things no dog should ever have to experience. The best part? She came out the other side and is still the biggest lover!
Also, share away! Let's find this girl her family! #fostermelouisville
Also, special thanks to @dapper.in.the.city for the beautiful bandanas! They are making our shelter dogs feel so beautiful.

October is #adoptadogmonth and it’s not too late! Zoomie is still available for adoption at @louisvillemetroanimalservices
This sweet girl was relaxed in the car, gently ate her burger and was so pumped for a hike in @jeffersonmemorialforest
If you’re looking to add a new furmily member to your house, give this girl a look or head to your local shelter to find your new best friend! You won’t regret it!! 🧡

This is a hard one to post. On Friday, @pharmd_david and I took Jazzy here on a field trip from @louisvillemetroanimalservices just like we had earlier this week with Zoomie. We figured we would take her to a couple of places, get a burger, have a beer and nap on the couch at @3rdturnbrewing and head back. Well, we did all those things. But we also fell in love with her. We went back and forth about adding her to our already large family of 5 dogs but decided we needed some time to think about it because these field trips weren’t about this. We weren’t looking for a new dog. We just wanted to help them find their forever homes...we never thought ours would be one.
It’s bittersweet because Jazzy was adopted Saturday morning, but not by us. We are so glad she found her home and we’re so glad that she opened our hearts to the idea of adding a pit bull to our house...our number 6.
So if and when we fall head over heels again, we’ll be ready to open our home as well.
#fostermelouisville #makingshelterdogssmile

The Icon Apartments in Louisville have everything you could ever need within reach; whether you're working in the business district or taking the night off downtown. And, Cable and internet are included with your rent!! _____
We were excited to be a part of welcoming you home with these high rise signs 🏠

I’ve been watching and waiting for our trees in the backyard to start changing. I’ve been wondering when fall was going to join the party. Up until just last week, the dogs were still playing in the kiddie pool, the trees were full of bright green leaves, and it was 83 degrees out.
But it’s like fall heard me. It knew I needed the leaves to change and the weather to chill. It knew I needed to hike and sit outside by the fire and drink my morning coffee on the bus. Start wearing boots and scarves and all my favorite sweaters.
Because, “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” - f. scott fitzgerald
What is your favorite thing to do during fall? I’d love to try it out because I’m doing everything I can to embrace life’s renewal this year. .
📷 inspired by @jenikrauze

If you’ve seen our story, you might be wondering “did they get ANOTHER dog?!” 😂 No. Not yet, anyway. 😜 Louisville Metro Animal Services allows volunteers to take shelter dogs on field trips out into the world to meet people, get some exercise, eat delicious treats, and hopefully find a forever home! 🐶
Today, we got to bring along Zoomie! We got her a burger, went hiking in @jeffersonmemorialforest, and picked up a pup cup for dessert from @heinebroscoffee . She’s a super sweet girl that has a lot of energy, but has no trouble passing out after a little exertion. “We dwarves are natural sprinters!”
If you’re interested in adopting Zoomie, you can message me for more info, such as her ID#; or visit Louisville Metro Animal Services’ website. Please help @louisvillemetroanimalservices continue to be a #nokillshelter #fostermelouisville

Delilah had a great time at Oktoberfest on Friday. 🍻🇩🇪🐶

Delayed post but had to share pics from a fantastic @phillphill & @ballroomthieves show at @headlinersmusichall #louisville #livelouisville #louisvillelivemusic #livemusic

#Repost of @barkstownroad repost of @leatherheadlouisville 😂
Did you know that any time you bring your Bone Bar treat containers back for a refill, you get 50 cents off the price?
We love supporting local! #supportlocal #bostonsoflouisville

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