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Simplesmente Pessoas Vivendo a Vida !!! Isso é estado de presença!!!
Flow!! #monteroraima2017

Morning stretch in Leopard Ombre 🐯#liveinflow #inflowstyle

Control is an illusion. Slow down, relax, and surrender to the natural ebb and flow of life.
#liveinflow #trustyourintuition #zenlife

Making friends with cold water is life changing. Vitality increases exponentially when we stimulate our bodies in challenging and healthy ways.
#missionislove #divein #liveinflow #givethanks #vitalize

Как же круто когда все matchy-matchy✨!
Когда несговариваясь выбрали с Котом одинакового цвета нижнее белье, когда мой приезд домой в нужное время открывает новые возможности для роста в event сфере, когда с первого взгляда для пары подобрала бомбическое место для свадебного семейного ужина и это 100% любовь ❤
Как классно, вновь входить в состояние своего потока, отходить от условностей и традиционного взгляда на жизнь.
Впереди большие перемены и, как говорил один прекрасный человек, а теперь мои знакомые эхом отражают его слова: "дальше - больше, дальше - круче"!
#liveinflow #createinflow #event #eventmanager #организаторотбога

Peace out Texas! Back in Seattle for few days of hiking & yoga.
#yogithom #lovebig #laughhard #liveinflow

Follow The Signs🌌
The Universe is conspiring to serve us, always; even right now in this present moment ✨So maybe you're perceiving yourself to be wallowing in pain and you don't wanna go on any longer, maybe your life just feels average, or maybe you have "everything" but still you feel unfulfilled. It's our focus on this idea is that is perpetuating it. As we remove the blocks we hold for ourselves & those that we've allowed others to cast upon us, we set ourselves free! We open ourselves up to the infinite possibilities in front of us, starting here as we read this post. | 📸 This video was created after I met the incredibly talented @gingerleila & she (at this particular time) was only 16 years old! She's mastering a skill & I'm so proud of her ✨🙌✨I never would have met her & we never would've brought this vision to life if it weren't for making the decision to drive for @uber for extra money last fall & to have a great attitude whilst doing it! Be appreciative of whatever position you're in right now, no matter how small you may deem it to be. Focus on creating your life to be what makes you happy, follow your intuition, & be ready to receive miraculous & infinite possibilities 🌄 #LiveInFlow #LoveYouFam ❤️🙏✌️| 🎶 Music: Ocean by Dream Koala 🎧


Simplesmente Pessoas Vivendo a Vida !!! Isso é estado de presença!!!
Flow!! #monteroraima2017

Today at the office...serenity. No matter the challenges that clients face, my work is in creating a sacred space for acceptance, support and change. It is only then that true healing happens. 🖤

Every event and experience you encountered this year was to help shape you into a wiser, braver, more authentic YOU.
The final weeks of December will be hugely transformative for many as the 21/12 December Solstice rises on the Galactic Cross, flooding planet Earth with lightcodes and frequencies from the Galactic Centre.
Negative or outdated thoughts and beliefs may be coming up for clearing at this time so release them without fear or judgment.
Integrating and anchoring these light frequencies and downloads will be easy if you stay open and receptive - a grateful and humble heart is a magnet for miracles. 💫
Much cosmic love. 🙏

My annual “gratitude party” for my yoga students was a huge success thanks to the delicious creations from Hema with @restore_simply. Listen if you haven’t tried her golden milk or chai blends, you need to get into it! 🖤
#ayurveda #chaichat
#goldenmilk #chai #lovebig #laughhard #liveinflow

v i r g i n i a w o l f
📸cc @glowyogaretreats

Rise and shine kitty cats! We’ve made it to the weekend...let’s do something amazing! What are you up to this weekend? 🖤

“Infinite freedom and power becomes available to you when you accept that the limits in your life are of your own making, and that you can make a choice to shatter them.” — Jiro Taylor

Forget about Prince Charming, find yourself a wolf -
he can see you better, hear you better and eat you better. 🐾

When there’s an auditorium of eyes on you, that fade best be on point! 🖤
Excited to present yoga psychotherapeutics & mindfulness meditation to some incredible professionals. 🖤
Thanks Mac for always working your magic! 🖤
#freshfade @macstoy @pfbarbers

and new blog post!😍
👆Link in bio👆
✨"I believe that sitting in person and crying with strangers can save the world"- Brene Brown✨
One of the most magical and powerful quotes that I have ever read! It resonated so so strongly with me. Something I have always felt on a deep level and have brought into every work I have ever done! .
Do you need a tribe? To belong to and to connect with others like you?
👭"When women gather magic happens"👭
✨Are you ready to feel that magic?✨
✨Is 2018 going to be YOUR year? To unpack all that has been holding you back? ✨To start fresh
✨To heal past wounds
✨To refill, refresh, reconnect and rewild?
@nurturethegoddess and I are so honoured to announce that in 2018 along with out bi-monthly #goddessgathering we will also be facilitating:
🥀A group Closing the Bones ceremony 🔻A menarche reclaiming ceremony
🌹A maiden circle 🍎plus we have some other surprise offerings in the works that will fill your cup, offer deep connection, and support your rewilding!
🤜Dates to be announced soon! .
👉keen to know more? 🔻Part 2 of my blog about harnessing and honouring the magic of your cycle when you don't have a menstrual cycle is up! 🔻
This blog specifically outlines the beauty of these ceremonies and how vital rites of passage are despite their disappearance in our culture! .
🍎 I would love to hear from you about your own journey into each phase, and how connection and belonging has impacted your life 🙏💕🍎
📸 by @kirstenklemaszdoulaphotography .
#selfcare #menarchereclaiming #closingthebones #wombhealing #wombclosing #cyclesmatter #rewild #rewildandflow #flowmovement #liveinflow #lifeinflow #rewildingwombwisdom #wombwisdom #menstruation #period #menstruality #menstrualblood #menopause #motherhood #womanhood #witch #risesisterrise #wakethewild #wakethewitches #ritual #ceremony #blessing #maiden #wildwoman

Thoughts today:
Why do we make excuses? I say we because I am guilty also.
Excuses are hurtful and come from fear, lack, loss, mistrust. Not only of the person you are making excuses to but to yourself!😔 Everytime you choose to make an excuse and not keep your word. The person whom you made the excuse to can loose faith in you and you loose faith in yourself.
Wouldn't it be a more trusting, loving, supportive and in flow thing to just tell the person the truth?! Tell them why you aren't wanting to do what ever it is. Dont commit to do something if its not in your heart.
I know this is my new path. To stay in flow of happiness, service, love, and gratitude. We all deserve a great life.
Let's grow past the hate and live for love and success for everyone!! 💪💗 #noexcuses #liveinflow #love #lifechangers

This family of flow has meant so much to me and transformed my state of being. Allowing my highest intuition to drive decisions has allowed me to embrace intuition instead of question it. It has brought a level of depth and fulfillment that I never knew was possible. It has ACTIVATED my passion and drive to continue to grow, give back and impact others. I am proud that I allowed space in my mind to be open to a deeper level of understanding and living. I will continue to break down the huge walls I built around myself and dive deeper into new possibilities, new energy, new people and new horizons. #liveinflow #fufillmentatthehighestlevel #imactivated #lovethesesouls #anyonecanlivethisway #explore #embrace #grow #flow

I really hate school functions.
I just find socializing with other parents super intimidating.
Like, how do you even small talk? ⤵
I just dont care what kind of car you drive or what job your husband has or where you holiday in the summer.
My brain literally shuts down from a combination boredom and anxiety.
Elliot has his kindergarten graduation this morning and I have no choice but to front up, so hit me with your best tips for overcoming social anxiety, or alternatively, good small talk questions.
Coz I need fucking help! 😳

I almost allowed a hiccup in my plans to ruin my whole day. I got my dates mixed up, thinking Mia's field trip is tomorrow and our conference with teachers Thursday. Nope! Turns out, her field trip is today, and conference tomorrow.
The old me would have flown into a complete panic and shut down instead of taking it in stride. So my me time is a little shorter today. Big deal. As long as I get my bath, oils, and journaling in, I'm golden.
Going with the flow of the universe is something I am still learning to do. I watch my mentors do this every single day, and I strive to be in the same flow as they are. There are days when I still want absolute control over every aspect of my life. Then there are days when I remind myself that I cannot and do not control everything. In truth, the only thing I can control is how I react. By reacting with bliss and love, my mind is set at ease.
#innergoddess #oilbath #crystaljunkie #clarysage #feminineflow #feminineenergy #badassbusinessbabe #stepinflow #liveinflow #releasecontrol

Chiron, the wounded healer stations direct in Pisces today triggering an awakening of new awareness regarding our own healing powers and abilities. Chiron can also help us with overcoming self limiting beliefs, making peace with our past and fully embracing our personal power.
Mercury squares Chiron on the 10th,
Sun squares Chiron on the 15th, and
Venus squares Chiron on the 20th.
See the pattern?
Our whole lives are shifting right now.
If you're willing to give up the attachments and stories to your pain, alienation and woundedness,
Chiron's energy will support you with deep transformative soul healing.
So much love.✌💚💫
#healthyself #chironinpisces

Beautiful reminder to always keep moving forward🏃🏻‍♀️, be present 🧘🏻‍♀️, go easy on yourself 🙏🏼, keep your thoughts positive 😇, and always keep smiling 😄...because life is precious and beautiful exactly the way it is!✨💖✨

22 Days of Flow is a fun, quick and easy way to learn new flow techniques to optimise your presence, power and sense of purpose.

Get 1 handpicked, tested and proven practice a day with clear instructions and scientific/ philosophical context.

So far... people are loving it, and feeling the flow :) Click link in profile to sign up.

Focus on the powerful, euphoric, magical, synchronistic, beautiful parts of your life and the universe will keep giving them to you. ⤵ 🔮
🔸Now tell me again, how is your day going?🔸

Amazing day teaching Peaceful Warrior Yoga at Holistic Festival of Life! Big love to my brother Ryan for his tribal drum beats! 🖤

All the knowledge and ancient wisdom of the cosmos resides within your body and soul; you are a complete miracle of brilliance, the embodiment of divine perfection, and you don't have to do, be or prove anything to claim it to anyone.
So walk with grace today, breathe with stillness and KNOW, you're the fucking universe baby, and you got this. 💫 #mondaymindset

Что если мир взорвется блёстками в моих руках. И все предопределенное исчезнет, развеется.
Я больше не буду знать куда идти.
Что если останусь только я? Наедине с самой собой и миром, который меня ожидает.
Не будет ли это счастьем?

#nattchi #liveinflow #dreamflow #ночь #мир #счастье #вопросы #бытие #свет #волшебствомира

Сеть, что нас объединяет, те связи, которые рождаются, когда мы встречаемся с кем-то на глубине своих чувств и переживаний, - незримы.
Легче паутины и твёрже алмаза. Они незримо скрепляют нас, и никакие вещи не могут их подтвердить. Потому что этого достаточно.
То как мы изменили друг друга соприкоснувшись, уже не обратить.
Мы навеки несём в себе печать тех, с кем встретились.

#nattchi #liveinflow #dreamflow #встреча #прощание #жизнь #сети #мир #волшебство #гештальттерапия #мо28 #Джанни #красота

Все возвращается, обретает новый смысл...
Начиная с гаданий по голосам детей у храма в Египте, продолжая музыкой в любом плейлисте...
Сегодня я чувствую себя такой живой. Такой теплой и мягкой изнутри, как будто что-то, что мешало течению моей жизни, вдруг растворилось.
И сама повседневность стала чем-то другим.
Услышьте меня, я говорю,
Что буду жить каждым днём.
Я коснусь неба,
Расправляются крылья и взлечу.
Я здесь не для игр -
Я буду жить каждым днём.
Меняясь все чувствуют себя странно,
И никогда не будут прежними.
Тебе интересно, как мир продолжает вращаться.
Жизнь... Я заново учусь жить.
Everyday. Bon Jovy

#nattchi #liveinflow #dreamflow #утро #дорога #счастье #тепло #радость #любовь #мир #ктояесть #жизнь #чудеса #повседневность

Wassup weekend warriors?!? Tell me what you’re doing special just for you this weekend? 🖤
If you’re in DFW, join me for a live drumming experience of my Peaceful Warrior Yoga class Sunday 11am at the Holistic Festival of Life in Plano (FREE). It’s the incredible vision of this man, my dear friend Vijay. 🖤
@holisticfestivaloflife #yogithom #holisticfestivaloflifeandwellness

A movement starts with just one person wanting to make a difference. The SheQi Movement is inspiring and motivating women all over the globe to master their energy so they have the vitality and sustainability to embrace their life and to succeed in missions which make positive changes in the world. Join with us in making the World a better place.
#startingamovement #sheqi #sheqimovement #makingtheworldabetterplace #energise #livewithpurpose #liveinflow #vitality #sustainability #women #feminine #flow #livelife #global #globalwomen #entrepreneur

Что если...
Что если я мистик?
Что если дело моей жизни сдаваться этому потоку жизни?
Что если я должна отказаться от форм и различий, чтобы просто следовать своему пути?
Что если?..
И что тогда?
Тогда я в ужасе, в печали.
Потому что это очень одинокий путь. Наполненный светом, радостью,печалью, болью, глубиной... людьми. Переполненный самим миром. Там помещается всё и уже нельзя от этого закрыться, отдохнуть... Притвориться, что значимое не значимо.
И так мало тех, с кем это, действительно, можно разделить.
Но что если, я здесь для этого?
Что если то, что я читала в книжках и думала: "о, это, наверное, интересно" или "о, как это красиво, замечательно, поэтично, сказочно, невероятно...", непосредственно относится ко мне. Влияет на мою жизнь. И, вовсе, не как ещё одна занимательная теория или способ что-то объяснить.
А для кого-то оно не существует.
Но что если что-то важное, и правда, происходит со мной не обозначенное салютами или свадьбой или чем то ещё привычным или знакомым?
И нет способа открыв своё сердце Миру, закрыть его обратно без травм.
Что если такова теперь моя жизнь?Как мне проживать её? С кем ее разделить?
Какая она?
Мне остаётся, только узнать.

#nattchi #dreamflow #liveinflow #жизнь #мир #точтояделаю #поток

Today’s goals: Create, Protect, Transform •••
Don’t waste your energy on busy work; invest it in meaningful work. 🖤
#yogithom #shiva #goals

Dance to the beat of a different drum! 🖤
Teaching warrior yoga next Sunday (12/3 11am Holistic Festival of Life) with some sick tribal drum beats from this amazing man! If you’re in DFW area, join us.
#holisticfestivaloflifeandwellness #warrior #yogithom

Your wisest teacher is the highest aspect of who you are, your authentic self, your inner you - be your own guru.

The best medicine for the soul. Sundays are my day to recover. It's my time to breathe, move and nourish my body; it's when I reconnect, check in and get back into flow - the perfect preparation for the week ahead. The rituals vary, but they are always centred around looking after my body, my mind, my Self.
We spend so much of our time and energy on others, on responsibilities and "obligations". Time to reclaim some YOU time. Time to check in. Because you matter. What's your Favourite self care ritual? 👇Tell me 😍✨🙏 📸cc @baronbaptisteyoga .
#selfcaresunday #sundayvibes #selfcareissacred #metime #selfcaretips #selflovecoach #flowstates #liveinflow #selfcareritual #internationaltribedesign

В моей жизни есть люди, которые больше не рядом со мной. Не потому что они умерли, а потому что наши пути разошлись.
Они были мне близкими, некоторые не были, многих из них я любила... Но сейчас обращаясь к ним, зная что они где-то есть, я не знаю что я чувствую, и некому меня расспросить.
Это великая загадка: что это было? Чем это станет? Станет ли?
Потому что оказалось, что даже если эти люди когда-то создали меня, наше прошлое не имеет значения. Важно только то, что есть между нами сейчас.
И я не знаю что это.

#nattchi #liveinflow #dreamflow #жизнь #люди #настроение #чувства #вопросы #мир #глубина #любовь #память #сейчас

Feeling extremely thankful. It’s been another year of laughter, tears and laughter through tears. And for it all, and all of you who’ve played a part...thank you! 🖤

To some people, the sight of hundreds of dead Puffer Fish along their morning walk would mean nothing.
But if you're one of those "everything-is-a-sign" type of people (like me - I mean, maybe I'm just nucking futs but you're all familiar with my kind of crazy by now and you're still here, so let's do this) then you're gonna go investigate the Spirit message of those poor little Puffer Fish.
For us earth folk, the Puffer Fish shows up as a spirit guide when:
▪We are looking for strength to stand up for ourselves.
▪We require some assistance in achieving knowledge with study.
▪We wish to be loved by others despite some of the flaws we may have.
▪We are wanting a harmonious relationship with the people around us,
▪We require deep healing.
Pretty spot on there little fishy. 💙
💫 Death also represents the end of a cycle and Neptune stationed direct in Pisces yesterday, coincidence? 💫
I say it all the time but it really is true, Mother Nature is our best teacher and our greatest healer.
This is what it's like to live in flow. 🙏
#mothernature #spiritanimal #pufferfish #liveinflow #thanksliving

If you want love,
BE love.
Image via @soulguidance
#wearemagnetic 💕

Tá chegando a hora!!! Sexta-feira embarco para mais uma Missão !!! Junto com uma equipe de alta performance do @sescrr e de outros amantes da aventura, vamos realizar a expedição do Monte Roraima. Serão 8 dias que certamente contribuirão para sermos seres humanos melhores !!! #liveinflow





☝ An actual photo of me saging your negative ass shit outta my life for good. #byefelicia 👋
Image via one of my favorites @universal_lovah 😘

These runes have a message for you, before you rush headlong into the energy of growth after the new moon - a time to stop and be still and hear your soul speaking. (Link in Bio)
#newmoon #scorpiomoon #mooninscorpio #runereading #intuition #soul #guidance #liveinflow #meditate #justbe #stillness

Coming into the holidays, financial stress for most people gets triggered at heightened levels that go on to impact our relationships, our health and many other factors. Don't you deserve to understand why and how to address your unique relationship with money? .
Find out the best way you were meant to make a living and attract money into your life >> bit.ly/themoneyreport
#moneyreport #josephinecorcoran #Astrology #relationshipwithmoney #abundance #joy #liveinflow #authenticpurpose #holisticexecutivecoach

Control is an illusion. Slow down, relax, and surrender to the natural ebb and flow of life.
#liveinflow #trustyourintuition #zenlife

Europe trip Flashback...working out in Rome.

How when and where you show up for yourself is a CHOICE. It's also a factor in what shows up for you in life in return.

So... Are you gonna show up for your workout today to stay in good health, boost your confidence, and get to know your own strength?

Are you going to show up for your craft and gift today to increase your casting opportunities and time on #set?

Are you gonna show up for a friend today to get love and support back when you need it most?

This week My Stars, CHOOSE to show up for yourself.

Have you signed-up for my Free 7-Day Camera-Ready Virtual Accountability group yet?

Spots are filling up fast, so grab a spot to surround yourself with other Stars who are making the choice to become a Mindful Healthy Actor after all the goodies they enjoyed on Thanksgiving day.😋 Last two days to join...the accountability group starts the lovely Monday after Turkey Day! 👆LINK IN PROFILE👆

MindsetMonday #choice #accountabilityiskey #thepowerofaccountability #actorsflowlife #mindfulhealthyactor #actorstrong #workingactress #workingactor #healthylifestyle #liveinflow #bookinflow #livestruly #getcast #bookmore #actorshealthylifestyle

Confusion and chaos or clarity and calm?
With every moment, the choice is ours.
Each mindful breath is an opportunity to disengage from our disordered thoughts, our tangled emotions, the fear and doubt.
Many of us are experiencing feelings of groundlessness as we cycle through unprecedented life changes and shifts, not to mention the holiday season can stir up feelings of sadness and grief surrounding our families and relationships, bringing their own unique annual emotional signatures.
🌫 Your breath is the lifeforce that restores you to the present moment - with each inhale you bring awareness back into your body, and with each exhale you deepen that awareness, whilst releasing resistance and stress.🌫
↪ So whenever you find yourself in a state of confusion and chaos, ask yourself,
↪"How am I breathing?" #mindfulnessawareness

Start the week with clarity...everything is either serving or sabotaging your purpose.🖤
#lovebig #laughhard #liveinflow #yogithom

A cousin-in-law got married and we celebrated a friend at their engagement party. It was a weekend of celebrations for love. ❤️ Give yourself some love after the Thanksgiving holiday, taking good care of you - showing up in your everyday life and acting career in a healthy strong, vibrant and powerful version of YOU.

Sign up for my FREE 7-Day Camera-Ready Virtual Accountability Group that serves you up with how to become a Mindful Healthy Actor for your everyday life and career. 🙋🏽LINK IN PROFILE🙋🏽 SoulfulSunday #love #familyandfriends #actorsupport #selflove #actorsflowlife #mindfulhealthyactor #actorstrong #workingactress #workingactor #healthylifestyle #liveinflow #bookinflow #livestruly #getcast #bookmore #actorshealthylifestyle

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius ♐ kicks off on December 3rd but we've been in the shadow period since November 15th last week.
As with all Mercury retrogrades, this time is an opportunity to slow down, reflect, reconnect and restore, particularly as it will coincide with Saturn making its final move out of Sagittarius and back into Capricorn for the first time in 30 years.

Scorpio energy is all about the cycle of death and rebirth and many of us have been experiencing the emotional elements of 'death' recently, with endings and completions playing out in different aspects of ourselves and our lives.
The New Moon in Scorpio is a powerful one, offering us the opportunity for deep transformation and healing if we embrace the changes in our lives without resistance.
Take time today to connect with your intuition by being grounded and present - your higher self always has answers for you.
Blessings moon lovers. 🌙

This pumpkin soup has been hitting the spot this week for lunch.😋 Hubs suggested adding red bell pepper and squash to the mix too and I’m lovin’ the hint of bell pepper!🌶 Enjoy this recipe! >> http://bit.ly/2zQmT0n

P.S. Thanksgiving got you thinking about those extra 5 lbs that usually show up later to the party?

Kick the worry and stress of those added pounds and sign-up for my FREE 7-Day Camera-Ready Virtual Accountability Group that serves you up with how to become a Mindful Healthy Actor for your everyday life and career. >> http://bit.ly/2jwmHzr 🙋🏽LINK IN PROFILE🙋🏽 WerkWednesday #actorsflowlife #mindfulhealthyactor #actorstrong #workingactress #workingactor #healthylifestyle #liveinflow #bookinflow #livestruly #getcast #bookmore #actorshealthylifestyle

Feel The Flow and Rise To The Next Level #levelup #liveinflow #attracting #abundance #level🔝🔝🔝 👌👑💪 link in bio #lifetransformation

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