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Back when Farmer’s Son Co. was little more than me sitting at my kitchen table one night brainstorming ideas for how I was going to turn my hobby into something bigger, I decided that I wanted to do things a bit differently.
I decided then and there that I wanted to make candles inspired by my rural roots, by the people in my life, by my love of the outdoors and by the memories that these places and folks evoked. 🌲🌿🏕👏🏻
While I appreciate nice things and have spent more than my fair share on buffalo check shirts, I decided then and there that I wasn’t going to market myself as a luxury line. Because that’s not who I am or how I grew up. When you grow up on a small family farm in Manitoba of all places, where everyone is expected to chip in, being able to sleep in on a Sunday morning is as close as you get to luxury. Why try to be anything different than what you’re actually all about? A good quality, long lasting product shouldn’t be a luxury.
I use a pure North American produced soy wax, high grade fragrance oils that are free from phthalates and other scary stuff and cotton core wicks to give you a clean burning, long lasting product. Because quality really is everything to me. If you’re buying what I’m making, I’m searching high and low for the best components that I can find.
I pour everything into reusable lowball tumblers that you can use for your Friday night deck drinks (or upside-down old oil pails in the tractor shed if you’re my Dad).
I hand-pour each candle up in my little second floor studio with its crooked tables. Every batch of candles is made with a lot of love & care and occasionally a sloped top because of said crooked work tables.
I don’t rush new items out to market. I take my time to make sure I’m getting it right - which means a lot of trial & error, and a lot of dud candles to get that perfect new scent.
I love that this is my job, and in turn, that it’s become a way of life.
The support of the stockists that I get to work with & of the folks that’s are buying my candles really does mean the world to this farm boy. I might not have been cut out for that life, but I get the work ethic and pride & am bringing that to this venture.

Top of the World, Moab, Utah.

The view makes you realize just how small we each are in the grand beauty of our incredible planet. Mother Nature, no doubt, is the finest artist.

Jerry (@criffindesigns) and our wonder pup, Emma, taking in the view.

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Balayage has become a popular service over the last number of years, and I've played around with many different techniques that I've learned over the years. Its not an easy technique to do and trust me I struggled.
Find the technique that you are most comfortable with. There are so many different avenues out there to learn from, if you feel you are struggling - you're not alone! Keep pushing yourself to learn and grow, there is so much to learn in this industry, it never stops and it continues to evolve. .
. .
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We all know that someone who is head-over-heels in love with their coffee. That someone who has a French press at their desk or on their work bench. Who grinds their beans fresh each morning. Who knows their favourite roast and where it was grown.
We’ve crafted this scent for those folks. You won’t find three pumps do sweetener, caramel glaze, or globs of whip cream of top. Just a rich dark roast, a hint of espresso and the swirl of wood smoke.
Camp Brew is our take on that perfect cup of campsite percolator coffee. The stuff that gets you out of your cozy sleeping bag early to start out on that day of kayaking, that hike or even that day of building fence or hopping into the tractor.
Find Camp Brew this May at @thirdandbird! ☕️🔥🙌🏻
Tag a few of your fave coffee lovers below to let them know that they need this in their life! ☕️☕️

I burn a lot of candles around these parts. Between home and the studio you can count on me to always have a handful of half burnt candles laying around. It’s definitely a perk of this adventure & a chance to to try our new ideas, ensure that the batches that we’re crafting smell just right and that I’m happy with what I’m releasing out into the world. 🔥👏🏻
Lately I’ve found myself thinking about the farm and have been lighting up a few extra Fields of Clover. It’s one of my most personal scents & is inspired by the abandoned farm yard where my Grandpa was born. By the time I was a kid, there was little more to it than an old car out in the bush, a pile of bottles and the hole where the house cellar had once been, but if you walked past the yard, over a hill, you’d come across what was once the old garden that looks out across a big lake. Complete with apple trees that still blossom each spring and a blend of sweet clover and wild pasture grasses that have taken over as ground cover. It’s a comforting scent trio that brings back so many memories of childhood and exploring the yard site each spring.
Our variation of this scent sees the spring apple blossoms and clover take centre-stage. Soft and a bit sweet, it’s balanced out by the scent of what we like to call pasture; prairie wild grasses. 🌾
With the weather slowly warming up this is that perfect scent trio to give your house that burst of spring! 🍎🌿
Find online, or tap picture to explore a few of our amazing stockists!

every choice I’ve made has led me right here and it’s been a beautiful mess. I’m never going to say or do everything “perfect” because i am human. So that’s been kinda hard for me to learn but i have this hope that one day it’s going to all make sense. i think that we as human beings can’t understand or fathom something that we’ve never seen with our own eyes, and i think on that day that we take our last breath we’re going to then understand it all . Atleast that’s what i think. and i promise you that everyday I’m trying to be better than i was yesterday 🐛🦋

I just finished two full days of assisting @daniellewulffjusthair in #redken #cutandknowhy program and i cannot thank her enough for the amazing education she continues to share.
I have now attended/shadowed this same class 7 times and everytime I learn something new.
There is truly something amazing about continued education, growth and support.
I have always had more of an investment in colour, but everytime I take this course I fall more in love with design. .
Phtocred @growlovelyphotography .
. .
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If you know us, you know that coffee is life around these parts. Whether it’s a good pour over, a French press, a drip roast, or a percolator pot over a campfire, we’re into it.
With its rich blend of dark roast, espresso and a hint of woodsmoke, Camp Brew is that perfect cup of backwoods percolator coffee. ☕️🌲🌲
Deep and rich, this’ll get you up and out of the tent ahead of the day’s adventure. 🛶🏕
Available in our rustic 9oz reusable enamel cups, this elusive scent that we’ve teased over the past while will be making its return at Third + Bird this May 3rd, 4th and 5th! Catch it while you can!

a butterfly can’t see its own beauty but everyone else can. And the same goes for people as well. we see you and you’re beautiful 🦋

today’s been beautiful, soaking it up 🌞

all i did was wonder where a road went to and it literally took me to this sweet spot. i had no idea where i was going ( like usual) but i guess these kinda treasures help me appreciate being here 🌲 and all i did when i arrived was wanted to share it with someone 💕

does anyone else find a really cool song they like and play it on repeat for days at a time ? i just wanna know if that’s a thing or if that’s a Brittani thing 🤔

With so many folks discovering Farmer’s Son Co. I figured it was time to take a few minutes to say hi.
With all the new algorithms on instagram this will probably show up in your feed sometime next week, but let’s just pretend that this is a #fridayintroductions that you’re actually going to see today.
I’m Dan and I’m the farmer’s son behind the line. I grew up on a small family farm in Manitoba’s Parkland region (represent!). As much as I like the country I realized after I tipped a grain truck into a slough that I wasn’t cut out to be a farmer so spent the next decade working as a retail buyer and product developer. I liked sourcing & creating but wanted to do it for myself. Buying truck winches isn’t that exciting or fun if your heart just isn’t into it.
So I started Farmer’s Son Co. as a side hustle before pushing ahead with it as a full time venture this past fall.
To say it’s been a learning experience would be an understatement. It’s been one heck of a ride & but is one that I wouldn’t change for the world. I’ve met some amazing folks along the way and have learnt a lot about myself & about business that I wasn’t expecting to.
What else can I tell you?
When I went to Panama City, Panama this past winter I dragged my better-half to the top five coffee houses in the city over the course of one morning. Coffee’s pretty important around here.
I’m super excited for spring and for the chance to do some landscaping. I’ve spent the winter flipping through magazines coming up with ideas and ways to rip up our yard.
Wandering through a junk shop or hitting up a farm auction sale is my idea of a good time. My favourite finds have been an old Union Jack flag that would have been in a classroom years ago & an album of postcards that belonged to one family and spans 70 years.
What else? I love a good guilty pleasure album & you’ll randomly hear Donna Summers’ greatest hits followed by Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues being played in the studio.
Lastly, I’ll be at @thirdandbird this coming May and would love to get to know you! Come on by so that we can talk candles, records I should listen to and which small town Manitoba bakeries have the best doughnuts.

While a few of our scents have come together easily, others have taken their sweet time and a lot of trial and error to nail down that “right” scent combo.
Homestead’s no exception. With its blend of aged leather, whiskey and black pepper it’s rich and complex and was 18 months in the making. 🥃
We stumbled across an amazing whiskey fragrance ages ago that we knew we needed, but realized after a few test burns that something just wasn’t right. We tried mixing it with a few things but just weren’t happy with the outcome so stuck it on the shelf for a later day.
Flash forward to this past fall when we were introduced to an amazingly real leather scent. In another life we designed and sourced leather gloves....and this scent took us straight back to those glove factory visits & reviewing pre-production pairs. Rich, fresh and oh so good.
We quickly poured a few candles, but again something was off. It was missing something. We played around for awhile but again, felt like we were hitting a wall. That is until we started to envision the spring line. How could we mix leather into it? We tried a few things and then settled on a whiskey and black pepper mix which smelt pretty dang good.
We were just about to send artwork designs to the printer when the bottle of whiskey fragrance ended up on the work table on on a whim we decided to add a bit of whiskey into the leather / pepper blend.
Long story short, we knew we needed that whiskey finally found a home. It just set the tone for this candle & raised the bar on what had already been a great scent.
For us it was proof enough that we should hang onto a few of those “I’m not sure about this” ideas for a rainy day down the road, because they just might find their place in our collection. 🔥👏🏻
Available in select stores now, or shop for in our new online shop. Free shipping on purchases over $100.00 CDN.

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