When i put this dress on last night for @jessicakess wedding Aaron looked slightly disappointed. Fast forward 24 hours and it turns out he had secretly wanted me to wear it to my birthday surprise date tonight - going to see Hamilton in Vegas! Luckily for him i don’t mind wearing dirty clothes 💁🏻‍♀️

Staying at the coolest little hotel tonight for our last night in Spokane. Tomorrow we start the four-day drive to Nashville! 🌺

🌸💕Full bellies after a yummy brunch, on the way to see Avengers!⚜️ my heart and soul, I love him so much! Thank you for being the sweetest dad ever!! 🌞💐💖

Stopping by certain shops to browse around, explore and play a bit is a must for these two. They find things that they like, have a chat about them, and move to the next thing!

Me: “you’re awesome!”
My dad: “that’s what she said”
Happy Father’s Day!! #mckennaaileen

Happy father’s day to the father of our baby soon-to-to-be-born. I’m so excited to share this journey with you! Thank you for being who you’ve been throughout my pregnancy. I appreciate the patience you’ve grown with me through all this & all that you do, like when you rub my back when I’m in pain or remind me to take deep breaths & take it easy, comfort & hug me when I’m crying or having an emotional breakdown, kiss my belly & talk to Camila, hold my hand when my waddly @$$ can’t walk fast enough, remind me to eat healthy even though I sometimes want to ignore your nutritional rants, and just hearing the way you get excited for Camila and our future. I know she’s going to have such an amazing father. Thank you for all that you do for us. 🙏🏼🤗😊❤️👨‍👩‍👧

No one judges you for using a floaty when you have the whole pool to yourself!

We’ve got some BIG (actually little) news--soon we’ll be blending for three! 😉 Erin and I are expecting! Right now she is about 12 weeks along, not showing yet, but baby S is currently about the size of a lime. We’ve always considered ourselves Christmas elves--so a due date of Dec 22nd has us totally excited and ready for the most amazing Christmas gift of our lives! Watch our YouTube video for a sneak peak at some of our surprise announcements to family and friends, and stay tuned--there will be a whole new chapter of videos, blog posts, and instagram topics coming your way as we experience all of the ups and downs of navigating a plant-powered pregnancy!
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