narcissus, harbingers of spring // #flowerslovers


delivered two of these bad boys yesterday to announce a baby gender reveal! i thought that was a cute idea.

Give me all the sea glass beads 🙌🏼

Finished this bright 12x12” at the market today just in time! #modernart #inkoncanvas #lovewhatido

She’s learned to say cheese every time I point phone/camera at her 😆

A little bit of everything 🍊🍑🍴 #TBT 📷 by @ArashMoallemi for @BulkBarnFoods

Brett is a member of @thetamcgill! When we asked her what her favourite part of being in a sorority is, she responded “My favorite part of being in a sorority is the unconditional support I get from my sisters. They always push me to be the best version of myself and are there for me through all the ups and downs. I’m so thankful for all the opportunities theta has given me.”
Thank you for being involved in Kappa Alpha Theta, Brett!!

Exactly one week ago today 💕 #swoon

Got to attend the @icavcu preview for @vcualumni last night. The art was incredible, but can I just talk about the crab cheesecake they served? I went back for it three times! 😳🦀🧀

The Therapy of Groups, 2018
by Geof Oppenheimer

Slowly adding new prints to the shop! This one is from my step-by-step series I posted about a few weeks ago (save in the highlights above). It’s the first time I’ve painted landscape in a long time and was refreshing!

Chris & Michelle, I'm so very happy for you! I know that the marriage ahead of you will be full of joy and love! Thank you for letting me photograph the start of it! - xo Rennai | Venue: @grayhawkgolfweddings | MUAH: @allisonpynn #skinandcapo2018

An aesthetic.

❤️ im the co worker that will ask other co workers to snap my pic, also im getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow & everyone needs to know hehehe 🌹#noshame

#DidYouKnow our bodies are made up of 60% water and maintaining this level is crucial to keeping your skin hydrated and healthy 💧#pentawater

Time of blossoms is coming, the city will soon take back it's colors 🌸

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