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New Adveture, New Country , New hat 🎩 loVe it - find out how I travel the world on the regular and I make and income from my laptop I CAN'T WAIT TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU AND HELP YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE - follow me on my Facebook fan page click bio on my link 👉🏼 @highlife_discovery 💙💛🌎💙💛🌎🌎💙💛🌎💙💛#changeyourlife #travel #dowhatyoulove #livebyyourownrules

Island boy just having some fun on the beach #paddleboarding #livebyyourownrules

Never rush, never settle. Walk your own path, follow where God takes you and be Happy. ❤️ #webleedthesameblood #butwearenotthesame #livebyyourownrules @ehmalaysia #Feb2016

Happy Friday! It's a day to celebrate new adventures. After a lot of reflection over the last year, I've decided that at this point in my life, teaching is not the right path for me. I resigned from my job and this past week started a new gig working with @runwiththehouse . So far I'm very happy and learning a ton! Here's to taking risks and advocating for your own happiness. Cheers!
#livebyyourownrules #newadventures #exploremore #friyay #dowhatyoulove

The more your love your decisions, the less you need others to love them... 😉 #itsyourlife #livebyyourownrules

We rocked the Saco today! Absolutely perfect! 🚣🏼☀️⚓️ #familyadventureday #thisismonday #lifebydesign #livebyyourownrules #mytribe❤

Oh Darling! Don't forget you are LIMITLESS!
#dowhatyoulove #livebyyourownrules


My new book will be landing in inboxes tomorrow- yay! If you haven't preordered a copy yet (for half price) then follow the link in the profile to find out more - today's the last day to preorder. In '40 After 40' I'm sharing the exact process I used to shift my life to another level & have more fun & adventure (like launching a magazine, going on a solo retreat & lots more), plus I share the life-changing event that made me more determined to really love my life after 40 & the stories of some amazing women smashing stereotypes for life after 40. Can't wait to share with you ❤️❤️

We sometimes forget how lucky we are !!! And We also forget that we have full power to make our life the most enjoyable journey!!! #lifeisparty #livebyyourownrules #loveeverymoment #livethelifestyle #locationfreedom #freedomlifestyle [Check the link in my bio @yolo_freedomlifestyle ]

Oh Rumi you are beautiful. New jacket by Lenni, so in love. Thank you @bohemiansundays @_aimecollecte_ @lenni_thelabel for such a beautiful piece.

Why do you exist ? 
My purpose in life is to help and show others that it's Possible to live a fulfilled life, full of opportunity to do what you truly love. 
Is what your are doing right now your life mission ? #lifeisparty #livebyyourownrules #loveeverymoment #livethelifestyle #locationfreedom #freedomlifestyle [Check the link in my bio @yolo_freedomlifestyle ]

Wasn't going to upload this for one stupid reason. Here's to countlessly reteaching yourself the things that really matter in life and shutting out the moronic naysayer in your head. Tell that bitch to go home #beautyisintheeyesofthebeholder #findyourself #focus #publicopinion #meansnothing #livebyyourownrules

Sometimes we need to be reminded to be fearless and be ALIVE. #livebyyourownrules #befearless #findyourself #donmiguelruiz #thefouragreements #page17

It's high summer here in the Austrian Alps. After months of pretty much only work, I'm doing what I would tell my clients to do in that situation. Taking some time off.
I'm recharging my batteries.
That means going into the mountains for me! Hiking and even doing a little bit of climbing too.
Which is why you could find me in this dashing and elegant outfit 😜😝😂 climbing a Via Ferrata earlier this week.
What are you doing to recharge your batteries?
#LiveYourOwnLife #TakeABreak

Innovation is what stands out today, be unique #lifeisparty #livebyyourownrules #loveeverymoment #livethelifestyle #locationfreedom #freedomlifestyle [Check the link in my bio @yolo_freedomlifestyle ]

Keeping it up and is the body I will live in for the rest of my life  #lifeisparty #livebyyourownrules #loveeverymoment #livethelifestyle #locationfreedom #freedomlifestyle [Check the link in my bio @yolo_freedomlifestyle

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