What’s your favorite musical genre?

by all means, feel free to make an appearance *this evening* [8/16] in DUMBO. should you be in attendance, find the archway from which emanates the sweet sounds of one mellifluous nerd and his steadfast compatriots.
there is a time for silence and there is a time for music. and, of late, they are sometimes paradoxically joined and overlapping. but find that place of such complex coexistence—and you may be at the vanguard of wonders.
at least, that is what we strive for.

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'cause after the #afterparty is the: thoughtful expression representing the insincere avarice for affection ...party. #Coquettish [starring @bski and @chevonnestagram and myself; filmed on location by @manishgosalia at @rockwoodmusichall.] #livebymusic #lavieboheme

When there’s only one cool hat in the studio, you learn to share // #sessionlife #livebymusic #hatlife #hats #singersongwriter #songwriter

Not all views lead to Hollywood, but this one does. Where’s your favorite place to listen to music?
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if music be the food of love, or something like that, then i'm cooking with the #akiebermissTrio in just a couple days' time. in DUMBO, you can see this rather juicy-faced fellow (me) sing his song re: aliens falling in love. yes, the food of love feeds all intelligent life; all who think and wander. set the table, raise your glasses, give thanks, and eat. also: it's free, rain or shine. #livebymusic #alienlovesongs

True words. Tell us, what music hits YOU?

Record shopping

#tbt to Monday night when we had ourselves a little late-night throwdown at @icehousempls with the #abT. #knowhere #nerdinMPLS #livebymusic

Four days in heaven. Much love to @robintaylorlandry and @soniczen for having me up to perform in such an incredible location. I can’t wait to go back ✈️ // #britishcolumbia #desolationsound #lauracove #minkisland #livebymusic #singersongwriter #canada #adventure #kenmoreair

Dusting off our ABBA records💎 What do you guys like the most? Good old Abba, Mamma Mia on Broadway, or the Mamma Mia movies? Chime in!

one last show with the trio—but this one is in Brooklyn, ya'll! on the 16th of august, we'll play a FREE, OUT-OF-DOORS, ALL-AGES show down in DUMBO. it's called #liveatthearchway and i assure you with the #akiebermissTrio in tow: it will be live AF. #livebymusic

Quote of the day combined with a discount code for our instagram followers.

💫🌌 - one for your sleepy ears #fleetfoxes

rehearsal was a low-key affair. #livebymusic #Repost @danashmusic with @get_repost
abT rehearsal in Minneapolis. Because, you know, Grand Oak Opry tonight, and the Icehouse Monday night. @akiebermiss @andrewdizzygillespie

ברגעים של שכרון חושים ...🤘🏼🎸🎼 #music #livebymusic #events #fun #happiness #style #crazy #fashion #dance #guitar

ok. THIS NERD is FULLY in Minneapolis mode. reunited with this bookstore (which is now a bookstore-stroke-pizza place-stroke-beer garden-stroke-performance-venue) @moonpalacebooks. sweet googily moogily! between fits of ecstasy, i'll be playing with the #akiebermissTrio at @grandoakopry and monday night at @icehousempls. hope to see all the folks i adore out here. and any coffee/espresso suggestion welcome. and... more nerdy things...when i remember. #livebymusic #alienlovesong #abT

lovely time in New York last night. but now we turn our eyes westerly to majestic Minnesota. home of lakes, sweet wilds, excellent coffee, and — this weekend — one exceptionally melodic nerd [i am referencing myself here]. one of my favorite places in the world. #livebymusic #Repost @andrewdizzygillespie with @get_repost
this cat @akiebermiss is in town this weekend, a long with the bass maestro @danashmusic and collectively we are the abT (akie bermiss trio) and have shows at the grand oak opry on Saturday 4th and Icehouse Monday 6th. Please join us as this is a rare opportunity to see these two dudes in our neck of the woods and it is my immense honor to have them here. There'll be songs about aliens and songs about love, but most importantly, there'll be *the* #alienlovesongs 👽 💘
#abT#grandoakopry #icehouse

this was meant to be a mundane reminder about my show this evening. BUT THEN, there was excitement because a much tireder, travel-bleary akie (not me—the extremely well put together akie who is writing to you now) originally advertised the show a good thirty minutes later than it is. nonetheless, tonight AT TEN O'CLOCK, i'll be performing some 'chunes solo at @rockwoodmusichall. now, hopefully we can *all* get there on time (yours truly, well-put together, and jaw-droppingly charismatic) and enjoy a complete show. so: bad news, this news comes late in the game. good news, you'll get to go home slightly earlier than you originally thought. plenty of time for journaling or a night-cap where one can rave with dear friends about just how well put-together and charming a certain nicely-dressed young man was earlier in the evening. also, mea cupla. #livebymusic #butthenexcitement #tenPM

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