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No one really cares. Nobody is truly special. We go through our entire day thinking about how other people might be viewing us, but the honest truth is that those people are far too busy thinking the exact same thing as you.

A study done by the National Science Foundation says that people have on average 50,000 thoughts enter their mind during the day. Considering this fact, take note that in any everyday interaction you are but a single thought entering someone's mind for a brief insignificant moment. Yet for some reason we act as if that person is going to remember us indefinitely, and curse our existence every morning upon waking up.
You need to realise that nobody is thinking about you, so go out there and just do you.

COMMUNITY Q: What do you eat after working out to re-fuel? How does it work for you? Let us know in the comments below! #beyondtype1 #livebeyond #typeonerun #T1D #Type1diabetes #exercise #foodstagram #fitnessfood

"My great aunt has supported me through all my hard times as a diabetic and really helps me through anything. She is very nice and good. She does not only help me she helps others, including people she may not even know. I love how she helps everybody in need, and how she has a positive attitude through anything. She is my everything."⠀

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Believe in yourself a little more ✌🏼

*We've heard all about the big reputation that spaghetti squash has as a delicious low carb pasta alternative...but, WHY has no one ever talked about the fun that can be had with it in the bath tub 🛀???

Happy Presidents’ Day! 🇺🇸 I’m excited to not have work today and watch a whole bunch of Olympics after a fun coffee date this morning! ❤️💙 Hope you all have a great Monday!

I extremely grateful for my sweet Austin friends, especially the women. Thank you for always giving everything to our friendship and holding me up when I need it most. ❤️👭👭👭

Flexibility of the body, the mind and the heart allows us to weather whatever challenge life may bring. In every situation, to be your best self, your health must also be in best shape. OSH Fruit Crisps lets you enjoy delicious indulgence without the guilt. Try it today! #imohsohealthy #oshsquad #healthylifestyle #healthymind #veganfriendly #livebeyond #fitness #motivation #wealth #health #natural #stressfree #nopreservatives #cholesterolfree #guiltfree #glutenfree #yoga 👉👉👉Just click to our bio📷 to head on to Lazada Online Shop!

So, my wife’s birthday weekend was pretty awesome. We had a great time hiking through Luray Caverns in Virginia (about 3 hrs drive from home) and our usual weekly family dinner. However, the traveling, ie- sitting in a car for 3+ hrs at a time and all the extra party eating, was not so nice to my BG. This line was from about a half serving of ice cream. That’s it. But I paid for it well into this morning. It happens. Oh well. Moving on. I’m back to a nice number now. 🙂

We watched Cinderella this weekend. Lady Tremaine tries her hardest to fill Cinderella’s mind with lies about her identity and I had to pause to make sure that my daughter understands who and Whose she is. The conversation lasted all of a minute, but I have (hopefully) many more in which I can remind her of her identity. .
There’s more on my blog. #linkinprofile👆

Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons! 💕 #BeUniqueBeYou 💗🕊🌸 Happy Long weekend everyone!
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Out Of Office, on! #livebeyond #thelmaandlouise

We are excited to welcome back Chris Porter, who will be interning with us for a month! This is his second time interning and fourth time in Thomazeau. He is in his fourth year of medical school and his helping Dr. V in the clinic and with research. When asked why he chooses to keep coming back to Thomazeau, Chris says "I'm finding my 2 greatest tools at diagnosing and treating patients are technology and prayer. While prayer isn't lacking in the clinic in Haiti, technology is. And where technology is abounding in the US, prayer is often lacking . I am excited to see the advancement of both for Gods kingdom." Welcome back Chris! #livebeyond #intern

"For 16 years of living with Type 1 diabetes, I've always had someone in my life who gets it. My dad was diagnosed in 1968 (congrats to him on 50 years!). We troubleshoot, vent, and commiserate together when diabetes throws curveballs. We celebrate the days where everything just seems to *work*. I know most people with Type 1 fear the diagnosis of a child. And I know how hard it was for my parents when I was diagnosed. But if we're looking for silver linings - having a dad who is a Type 1 role model and friend has been an amazing, positive part of my life. Thanks pops! Love you."⠀ P.S. Did you know Dana is our awesome Communications Manager?

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Finally made a colour choice and my @myabetic Tina Diabetes Mini Crossbody came today! Only 5 days for it to arrive here in the UK 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 It will be perfect for nights out when I want something less bulky that still holds all the T1D essentials ❤️

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Catch me on a bench sending messages to my pancreas 🤘🏻💉🤳🏻

My grandma always told me, “take care of your health first, and everything else second” 💉
Just some words I live by 🙏🏼
G > ∧∨
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It’s been shaken on with my housemate, which means it’s official: I am not allowed to say “no” to anything for the remainder of the semester. I know how ridiculous this sounds, but hear me out. I have often found myself making excuses for why I don’t want to do something (nights out, day trips, bigger vacations, etc). The reality is, however, that it all ties back to my diabetes. If I haven’t had enough water that day, if my blood is a little wonky during the day, if I have to change my pump that night, I find every excuse in the book to not go out and have fun. I can’t let this disease, or my anxiety surrounding this disease, control my life anymore. I have 2 months left of college before I get thrown into the “real world.” This is my time. I’m not letting this crappy disease ruin anything for me anymore, and neither should you.

Everyone say hi to Brayan! He is working alongside John Kelly has the base manager in Haiti. We are so excited to welcome to the LiveBeyond family. #livebeyond #newhires

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