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⠀Some #flashbackflexinfriday 😁
This has been my very first cover and I was honored to start with such a big magazine 🙏🏼 Over time I got e-mails from Men’s Health staff in South Africa, Brazil and even China who wanted to use my pictures for their respective mag issues 🙈⠀

👠 💼 💄

I am not good with words. Most of the time I don’t know what to say.. and when I do try, I usually say something the wrong way. My family knows this 😬 but I will keep trying. Because I know that God has called us to share. For now I can get this right... “Thank you Lord” 💛

The best what's happened this year. Lenny. ♡
#britishshorthair #dailyfluff

This is Prusik Peak, I've seen pics of it for years, there's a lake very close to it over that ridge that offers photographers an amazing opportunity to get a stunning reflection shot. I have wanted to capture that shot for years. Trouble is, to get to where I'm standing when I took this pic you have to either hike up 6,500 feet elevation over about 7 miles or from the other direction you have to hike about 10 miles in with 4,500 feet elevation to get to it. Short story long, it's not that easy to get to so when you get there you want to make the most of it. Additionally to camp in the area you have to win a lottery, something I've never done, so this is a hike in and out kind of thing which makes for a really big day of hiking. Why am I telling you all this? Last year when I took this pic I was super fit without any serious injuries, I was on that long day hike, was running out of time and had a decision to make, do I go off the main trail and get the pic and risk hiking out in the dark or do I be responsible and keep going. I kept going, thinking I'd be back again soon enough and I'd make sure I had time to get the shot. Well life doesn't always work out the way you planned. Since spring I've had injury after injury, a life of sport at high levels has caught up to my body and I have barely hiked at all this year, and none more than 5 miles so I'm nowhere near in the condition I need to be to get back to this spot to take that shot. Sadly, while I have every intention of getting back there, there's always the chance with my body protesting as it is, that I won't make it unless I can win that lottery and break up the 17-18 mile day hike. The moral in the story? It could be to take the chances you get. Or it could be that you have to adjust your expectations every now and then and not be too hard on yourself for failing. Maybe it's both. Either way I hope that in your life you achieve whatever you want to achieve that seems very far away. Fingers crossed I can get back here someday.

banana pumpkin cream waffles with a spoonful of honey sunflower butter🙋🏻‍♀️ this brekkie totally satisfied my sweet tooth💁🏻‍♀️
paleo waffles topped with bananas, tons of cinnamon, a generous dollop of @siggisdairy pumpkin spice yogurt and @wild__friends pumpkin spice pb😎💯
HAPPY WEDNESDAY #healthymoodsf #wafflewednesday

Little sneak peek of our Leanne bracelet. 👀
The countdown is on for our 12 Days of Christmas!
#RusticCuff #12DaysofChristmas

Виписали мене з лікарні. Наступного тижня будуть класти в іншу.
Але, тут же ж фото з томами Шекспіра, тому час для театральних історій 😂.
Окрім того, що я майже весь цей семестр вивчаю його в універі, так в мене з дитинства з ним, так би мовити, зв'язок. Оскільки мій дід був актором, то й не дивно, що в нашій бібліотеці безліч творів Шекспіра, в різних виданнях, різними мовами. Так ось: коли ставили якісь п'єси на сцені, робили ж звісно скорочення тексту, дід закреслював в книгах цілі фрагменти, і вже в старості, коли не міг читати самостійно, я сиділа і читала йому вголос цілі п'єси. І кожного разу, як я намагалась прочитати ті викреслені місця, дід завжди кричав, що в Шекспіра такого не було 😂.
І ще одна історія. Грав, значить, дід Отелло. А Отелло, як ви знаєте, мавр. І діду завжди наносили на обличчя і руки грим, щоб він "омаврився". І от, якось, на одній з вистав, дід дограв першу дію, забувши, що є ще продовження, змив грим і пішов додому. І тут, після виклику в гримерню виявилося, що діда нема, а глядачі то є, і вистава то триває. А то ще час без мобільних телефонів. Добре, що знали маршрут діда з театру додому, і послали за ним гінця... Отелло в другій дії мавром був лише на словах 😂. Вже не "омаврений". .
От так актори і дістають догани від художніх керівників.
#златокниги #щопочитати #читатимодно #заразячитаю #книгиукраїнською #knigispolki #читання #bookyspace


Sometimes in the wind of change we find our true direction 🗺

Fresh snow likes marshmallow !

Over the last week, I’ve printed one of my largest ever posters... and I’m excited to do more! Tell me - would you get humongous prints?

Upcoming workshops
- 25/11/17 watercolor florals@theartfacultysg
- 2/12/17 brush lettering
- 9/12/17 brush lettering & cake pop making @live.lyf.here
- 16/12/17 brush lettering @theartfacultysg
- 26/12/17 watercolor waves
I have some really bright ideas for 2018 so I probably will have to cut back on my workshops. It’ll be good to sign up for these while you can! ;) #kristenwrites

The best what's happened this year. Lenny. ♡
#britishshorthair #dailyfluff

So pleased to have been able to spend @peter__clark's birthday🎉 yesterday in our Mother City. We landed v early in the morning- but the lack of sleep could not deter us from celebrating this special occasion with family and friends throughout the day, in the blazing sunshine☀️ with much, much eating added to the mix🌮🍻🍰 #birthdayfun

Embracing a moment of rest. Finished my last wedding of my first official season and my goodness, am I thankful for the spirits that have entered my life. Thank you for being a part of my journey friends.

Selfies with my kiddos because we barely had any chance to take pictures. We ended up with just few good shots from our vacation (these two are not out of the good ones 🤡🤣). Cruise was amazing, Florida was great, flights not so much. I swore never to fly again 🤦🏻‍♀️🙅🏻😰

I don’t have a photographer taking photos of me while bouncing crying babes. I don’t have the perfect home, life nor a perfect marriage but I do have love. Love is a pretty amazeballs thing. I️t takes hold of your heart and forgives the craziest things. When we dont feel enough “love wins” love wins in all things. Love isn’t loud it’s soft, love isn’t crazy it’s just doing what it’s got to do. Love has my heart. And so does no make up, spit up on my sleeve, figuring out how it’s all gonna work, insecurities, and hoping to lose the past 5lbs, sleepless nights, and crazy schedules. For me love wins in all of this 😘❤️🤷‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Day Three/21 of #awakenthesoulpaintings for my #21daysofbrave - #savannasdailybraverypaintings
ᜑ “Terra soul” 5 x 7 mini. Acrylic and watercolor on canvas panel. $35 ꥟ comment SOLD or DM which ever works :) ᜑ

Terra means earth in Latin.... I am always vr inspired by Mother Earth ꕖ

Do you get inspired when you see art?
I can’t help but instantly immerse myself when I see a piece of art that speaks to me! I want to live in that painting which brings me to a dear instafriend @taylorcoxart her paintings are my dreams in real life.... I swear 🖤 𐩃𐩃

What we believe determines what we make true. When you alter your beliefs, you alter your reality. I believe in abundance and magic, so I experience an abundance of magical moments all of the time. What’s your belief? Leave a comment below! 😙

Feeling a little homesick today. 😕 It’s getting close to that time of year when you gather around family and share meals together and make new memories while remembering the past. But God is good and is teaching me to be thankful even when it’s tough. He’s shown me His great mercy and how much He has truly blessed me. And Lord willing, I’ll be with my family to celebrate the New Year!

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