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Last day in Bangkok and I finally made it down to the river. Definitely a site to see...and people think the Mon is bad.

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Believe in yourself.
Even if you don't,pretend that you do
And at some point,YOU WILL.
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Kissed by Radicool 💋 Beware you WILL stand out from the crowd ✨ #livealifelessordinary #bekissedbyradicool #instoresnow 📸 @talsxoxo

Time to leave #neworleans leaving with some new ink tho 🙈❤️ #secretproject #tattoo #candyskull #livealifelessordinary

It was a bitter sweet day today as we say goodbye to @coachselby17 as he moves on to be the head strength coach with the @nhlflames #AHL affiliate @ahlheat. I've always had the vision and idea in my head to have a work place that operated as a family. Something that was more than just a 9-5. Bringing the right people on board to @thehillacademy1845 & @hillperformancetraining was crucial. I needed people who weren't afraid to take risks and step out and be apart of something bigger than just training athletes. I believed in creating a training environment where the athletes that walked through my doors would experience something different and to be immersed in an environment where excellence both personally and athletically was inevitable. @coachselby17 embraced that vision with open arms and showed up everyday with with a growth mindset, an unrelenting sense of enthusiasm and passion for people and creating change. I am with out a doubt not a conventional guy to work for by any means, I lead with my heart, I am constantly changing my mind, endless new ideas (more bad than good) push the line probably more than I should, I loose my temper and I have the memory of a fish. Alan's willingness to adapt, learn and remain overly optimistic have played an integral role in our success both on business side and with our athletes performance. Over the past 2 years I have seen Alan go from being a good coach to being a great coach. I am thankful to have been a part of his journey and excited to follow it and see what comes next. Despite all the craziness that comes with working for me, the one thing you also get is a fiercely loyal friend and brother. Alan, we are forever bonded. You will always have open shaker cup at my table and a rack in my gym. Thank you for all you have done and given to this program. #livealifelessordinary #itswhatwedo #coachwithpurpose #legacy @andrewabes

We have three chapters left in the book of 2016 so let's make them good ones! Never let anybody get you down #believe #qotd #october #livealifelessordinary


Khaosan Road is an insane party street in central Bangkok where you will be solicited to buy all manner of things...I chose a scorpion cuz why not.
This was filmed on a Monday night and it was as crazy as Bourbon Street on a Friday night.

It tasted kinda like really crispy deep fried turkey skin; not bad actually.

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We ve fitted so much into this long weekend - I wish every weekend was a long one.. it feels less rushed, that extra day to do nothing! Or catch up .. @daddyofgeeks has Friday off as well - so another long weekend to come for Lily's first bday!! So excited! ( not panicking at all!!!! 😂😂) All systems go - lots to get done this week.. will I manage it lol!! #longweekend #bankholiday #morelongweekendsplease #somuchdone #fairyhillcrafts #livealifelessordinary #newweek #newweeknewgoals

I was thinking the other day I had nt had a give away when I reached 1k, I think I was too giggle happy, it did nt occur to me.. plus it's Lily's birthday this Saturday - so double celebration--- so here it is the give away now 😍
I ll paint the box in your choice of colour - shabby chic or not - decoupage it in which ever papers you want / style you want - and post it to you or whoever you want - gift wrapped too.
All you have to do is like this post - follow my page - screenshot this post and share on your page and tagging me in it ( yeah that's all lol)
Competition Ends Sunday 4th of June at 4pm GMT.
The box is about 20cm by 15.
This give away is nothing to do with Instagram or any other organisation- it is a Fairyhill craft give away only.
Share the love! 😍
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The count down has begun ... family could arrive at any moment.. I ve cleaned .. quickly - covered a lot of things in a short space of time.. I m not going mad cleaning the whole house ( they are not going in the bedroom for a start!) I ve sprayed a lot of bleach around.. it smells clean .. and that counts ?... right? .. if you give me a week to clean - I ll do it all in the 2 hours before someone arrives like a mad woman on crack!! But as it's my mother visiting - I m not going mad - she knows I m a slob and I blame her and her OCD she suffered with when I was growing up .. you could have eaten out of our toilet bowl ! I was made to clean to her standards ( which were bloody high - she cleaned theatres in a private hospital and she had rules!!) The house was hoovered - at min 3 times a day - and she might wake up at 4am and Hoover it again , we slept through it! She bleached walls - doors - door handles - you get the picture. Rules on what to clean with - and where ... so from 8 I was cleaning with her.. so I think by the age of 16 she d burnt out my cleaning gene !! 😂😂 so I can clean - madly well, I just chose not too, because I m lazy! ( well I m also scared if I started cleaning to her level, would I get Ocd too? I don't want to chance it, I clean to a level that keeps us all alive and still leaves something little for our immune systems to fight!! 😂
P.s I m sitting wrapped in a towel not ready for the visit at all - talking to you lovely lot!! Better crack on .
P.ps not being flip about OCD - I saw what it did to my mother and how it drove her and I am actually truly scared of it - it made her miserable - it ruled her - even when she had worked 10 hours cleaning - sterilising theatres - she still came home and cleaned and scrubbed and she was dead on her feet - if she sat down on the kitchen chair she fell a sleep. So I m not flip in the slightest - I m scared of it and feel deep sympathy for anyone who suffers that it makes miserable xx
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I realised the other pictures had nt shown in my other post ! 🙄
So this is the finished drawers and to@say I m happy about about they turned out is an understatement.. I m utterly in love with them!! Can't wait to work on the other cupboards now!! Once I got back home had dinner and a cup of tea - I painted more of the piano - and added more decoupage- bit I mixed it up a little with another couple of decoupage we print.. I wanted to break up the Paris paper a little -
Super excited to work on it more tomorrow!! Eeekkk!! Also bringing in the cocktail cabinet tomorrow - for a coat or two of paint before it takes its rightful place at the top of the stairs to hide all my loo roll and bathroom stuff !! And hopefully even all of our towels. 🤞🤞
We picked up more free paint today - thank you people of freecycle. 😍😍
Another job is bringing two of the sash windows we have to make picture frames with...
I m on a project roll... my brain is buzzing!! Mojo returned / cooking on gas!! #mojo #mojoreturned #creative #creativepreneur #creativemojo #projects #finishedproject #glasshandles #chalkpaint #chalkpaintedfurniture #livealifelessordinary #fairyhillcrafts

It was a lovely day / the weather was perfect - Harper is 1 and she had a great time with all her little friends - lily really enjoyed herself and played nicely - it was lovely to see my cousin who is having her next baby on Wednesday - can't wait to find out what she's having 😍😍
Lily's having a snooze now.. 💖
I need one too!! Zzzzz

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Might not be as sunny as we hoped but getting in the sea as a family is always amazing :) #livealifelessordinary #lovethesea #surf #swim #play #portreath #beach #lowtide #cornwall #familytime❤️ #lucky #together

Laterz weekend 🤘 you've been RAD 🤙 #stayrad #radventures #radicoolkids #peaceout 📷 @talsxoxo

Last day in Bangkok and I finally made it down to the river. Definitely a site to see...and people think the Mon is bad.

#travel #wanderlust #bangkok #livealifelessordinary #livemore

Love being able to #ShopLocal, especially when I can get this lovely lot for only £2, all served up in my #Handmade bowls 😊

Instastories are just like a new friend - we want to impress them, we want them to see the best in us.. but slowly we slip up - drop the odd F-bomb- have a bad hair day.. curse paw patrol.. and you realise that your new friend is just like you... a little Cray.. Cray
#instastories #cray #craycray #livealifelessordinary #makemorefriends #bekind #swear x

Thinking about getting some more work done while drinking #coffee, watching the cows and listening to the river. Not a bad way to start the day. #livealifelessordinary #tinyhouseonwheels #livingincloud9 #winteriscoming #escapetheratrace #farmlife

Just getting on with projects while my eyes hang out. Lily slept 15 mins !!! 😭so no nap for me!
So I m going to power through - she's climbing over the boys at the min while I do this.. I just want to get all my projects sorted..
I have the down stairs cloak room to paint sat - my cooker to clean before it's taken out - and the new one in and cleaned - a power supply put in - drawers to finish ( I left the living room table as it's quite knackered and I need to get the heavy duty sander on it - and screw all the chairs up!! And that's just the top bit of my list!
( carpets to clean ) craft stuff to put in caravan - tidy caravan first - remove to cabinet doors and add material in their place - use cot side rail to make pan hanger from the ceiling .. paint two walls in the kitchen ... it goes on!! )
That's without work stuff! 😂😂
Giving up sleep!! #busymom #busymama #projects #sleepymommy #busylife #lovemylife #cantwaittilllilycanpaint #keepgoing #powerthrough #livealifelessordinary #fairyhillcrafts

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