My new adidas training kicks take the gym today💪🏻 , been waiting on purchasing these babies for too long ! #liveahealthylifestyle

It’s been a good day when you had a killer workout and a delicious vegan bowl #fitness #healthyfood #liveahealthylifestyle

What’s your favourite workout song at the moment ? Needing some new tunes 🎧 #liveahealthylifestyle #workoutmotivation

"Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food"
~ Hippocrates.

The Greatest #Wealth is #Health.
#Food is our #Common Ground, A #Universal #Experience!!

5 Reasons to start running:
1. Improves self esteem
2. No expensive equipment needed
3. Strengthen your joints and bones 💪🏻
4. Better sleep , get your full 8 hours
5. Reduces stress
Even if you’ve never ran before , try it I promise you will love it. #liveahealthylifestyle #livehappy

Diets typically require unnecessary or drastic restrictions that produce temporary results at best that eventually "die" out. Living a healthy lifestyle only requires you to be consistently active via strength and cardio training while practicing optimal nutritional habits. There is a definite connection and it requires you to be your own biggest advocate. The best way to "heal" any type of poor health is to start living a healthy lifestyle. Make the connection and let the healing begin! You got this!
#healyourhealth #dietsdieout #liveahealthylifestyle #doitforyou #maketheconnection #healyourself #beyourownadvocate #healthyisgood #letthehealingbegin #fitness #results #healthylifestyles #noexcuses #yougotthis #realfitnessforreallife #prov31:25

3-1/2 pounds gone‼️It’s easy when you STOP 🛑 making excuses and settling for less than your best. Today’s an intermittent fast day for me. Lots of stress surrounding me but I won’t use that as an excuse to lose my focus and put my health lower on my list of priorities.

I’ve had a lot of moms message me over the last couple of months asking how I keep my body in shape even after shortly having a baby. Well I’m not going to tell you it’s easy, I’m going to tell you the raw truth, it’s really hard and it takes time! I’m not a fitness guru by any means, but I know when you want something so badly, you’ll do anything to make it happen. It’s not always the “want” that gets you to your ultimate goal, it’s your ability to visualize yourself already having it and feeling as strong inside to push yourself to be stronger on the outside. I don’t always have the energy to work out everyday especially after working, the endless duties of being a mom, cooking, cleaning, and everything else I do in between... But I still tell myself to get your butt up and make time to go for a walk, eat 5-6x a day, take your vitamins, drink a gallon of water everyday, and work out 3-4x a week to get to your goal! You will fail if you don’t mentally prepare yourself first and create daily goals to eventually reach your main goal. That includes making time in your busy schedule to workout and prepare healthy meals and shakes everyday. My goal has always been to be healthy and strong, so that I can live a long life, to physically and mentally feel young, have energy as I get older to stay active, travel and keep up with my boys, and be an inspiration to them lifelong. Figure out YOUR personal goal, write that sh** down, and never stop working on yourself! #itstartswithyou #therestisuptoyou #hopethishelpsyou #workhard #doit #noexcuses #nolimits #everydamnday #livestrong #mentalhealth #fitlife #liveahealthylifestyle #lift #gains #getoutofyourcomfortzone #loveyourself #grow #inspire #greatnessisinyou #makeithappen

As I sit here watching my beautiful baby waiting for him to wake up, so I can go inside and give them a bath.
I love being a mom more than anything, it also drives me absolutely insane at times. I see myself in my oldest, strong-willed, determined and loves people. I see my oldest in his little brothers. I see my step son in my oldest as well.
It's funny how the cycle of life goes, you're young and you can't wait to grow up, when you grow up you wish time would stand still!
The older I get and the older my kids get, the more I see the common events that occur in the life of a child, a teenager and a parent.
It's a circle that never ends.

Day 1 of the #11daycleanse is going well! I’ve avoided the pizza the drug rep brought in for lunch and am drinking more water than I have been lately! Around 3pm today will be a challenge...that’s usually my “hungry hour.”

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