“Seek people who encourage you, inspire you, and believe in your dreams.” #liveBANGS 📸 @keoniglory

My adventures been a little lazy today #liveBangs

Yesterday I got my first tattoo. I love it! Shoutout to @kiashastinson and @stephlemmons for keeping me laughing the whole time. Just a heads up, if you go to @liberty_tattoo_atlanta make sure you bring a banana for Finn, one of the coolest bull terriers around. #livebangs #BeHereNow #peonytattoo #mindfulness

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to other states. I haven't had many opportunities to travel in the past, and I always wondered if there was a better state than Arizona. I would ask myself do I love Arizona because I was raised here or because I haven't seen other places. Now I can honestly say that I love Arizona and choose to be here because it is bueatiful, and there is so many microclimates here to explore. I am also happy to be back to hiking with my dogs.
#arizonahiking #letskeepitwild
#hikingwithdogs #hikearizona

Nothing like a beautiful Oregon hike. 🌿🌲🌱 #BANGSShoes #BANGSAmbassador #OregonLife #LiveBANGS

Nothing beats waking up to build a campfire with a hot cup of coffee in hand #camping

livin’, lovin’, and wearing my new favorite pair of shoes alllll summer long! 🌻 #BANGSfam #liveBANGS

#BANGSsummerSunClub kicks off this Wednesday with a sunrise! Sign up through the link in our bio for details & to join a worldwide club built around our universe’s most powerful star! Can’t wait to watch the Sun move with you. Tag a long distance human you want to do this with ☀️👟✌🏼 #BANGSsummerSunClub 📸 @kalenemsley #liveBANGS

When we first start dating, Matthew & I would frequently just take off on adventures. This photo is from when we decided to drive 4.5 hrs to camp on the beach. We pulled off in a town we didn’t know so we could stretch our legs a bit. We found this giant pond and spent an hour wandering around before continuing to the beach where we would then hike 5 miles, in the sand mind you, to our camp spot. I kid you not, as soon as we set up and took a deep breathe and thought about going for a swim, it started to storm. Thunder. Lightening. Winds. Everything. That night was a true test for our relationship, which was so new at the time! Now here we are, 3 years and 10 months later, getting ready for our next big adventure ! Figures crossed the storms go easy on us this time ✨ @g.pappy_ #liveBANGS

Most epic s'more...all homemade! (Even the chocolate) 😉 Baking together, with your love, to create something delcious is blissful. #liveBANGS #BANGSAmbassador

I’ve been a BANGS Ambassador for less than a week.
I’ve had my BANGS Shoes for less than a day.
I’ve loved BANGS Shoes for about 6 months.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
I’m stoked beyond belief. “Because your adventure helps others find theirs.” #livebangs #bangsambassador #VSCO
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I’m so excited to be a #BANGSambassador for another term. It’s the greatest company with even greater opportunities. Every time you buy a pair of shoes, they give money to another entrepreneur so they can live their dream. #liveBANGS

Shoes that give back + you can save with my discount. (DM me for all the deets.) #liveBANGS #BANGSambassador

I’m only a little sunburnt ⚾️ #livebangs

Happy One Year anniversary to the little pop of yellow in my life. I love this car so much. .
#ford #escape #livebangs #earnie #thegastankdoorpopsopenallthetime #bringbacktheyellowaestetic

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