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Noite de domingo irada no Liverpool. Obrigado a todos que compareceram ao reencontro, vocês foram demais!! #sevagtur #live4you #TxmStore #reservarecife

Se liga que vai ter maratona de shows nesse fim de semana! É Porto de Galinhas, De Copo Sempre Cheio, G17 e domingão fechando com a Exposição de Animais! 😄 🔝🔝 Chama a galera e #VemComTucaBarros! 🏃💨💨💨 #TucaBarros #ColeçãoDePiriguete #Live4you

Love Her More Than Life It Self ‼️😍
#Live4You #Blessed
#MySeed #Princess

想說的還是一樣,有你的每一天都好快樂❤️️天氣真好,希望四天以後鉯婷曬的跟我一樣黑😂 #penghu #love #couple #live4you #EvxRn

Hoje vai ser encontro do forró lá no Uk Pub com @TucaBarros e @forro_bakana! 🔝 Chega junto que a noite vai ser estourada!! 💥💥💥 #VemComTucaBarros #AmigoMilionario #ColeçãoDePiriguete #live4you

#rip we all gonna miss you ❤️💯😫 #live4you

Our friendship is based on the cheesiest cliché ever; no matter how long it's been since we've seen or spoken to each other, we never miss a beat. Congratulations your new chapter, Alex! 🥂🎓✨#graduation #cameltoe #sebine #live4you & I couldn't not include these cuties in this post 💕

Sexta feira tem a festa de lançamento da nova música do fenômeno Tuca Barros, que promete ser o sucesso deste verão - #ColeçãoDePiriguete - na Bulk Of Sound junto com Felipe & Gabriel! Vai ser estouro garantido! 🚀💥💥💥 Condições especiais para aniversariante, lista de desconto e informações: (81)9 9900.4088 #VemcomTucaBarros #Live4You @TucaBarrosOficial #eventospe

With my fav. person my lil sis.@destanyhall happy4thofjuly #4thofjulyfun #4thofjuly #Unicorn
#UnicornsAreRareButReal #Live4You


I had a client be able to do full push ups for the first time since she started training ! She was so stoked and so thankful for all my help but something she said has stuck with me. She said " my husband and sister said to me, ha you can't do push ups, and I told them ... watch me !! " 💪💪💪 fuck every single person who tells you, you can't, you can do whatever you want if you are willing to work for it! Back yourself ! #mondaymotivation

If you don't invest in yourself who will?? Need a boost and a little help with losing that stubborn weight/fat?? hit me up! #itworksfromthebay #thermofit #lukarfitmyitworks #greens #fatfighters #mealplans #motivation #spartanchica #livelongtime #live4you #live4today

Strength.. the capacity to withstand great force or pressure... when you learn how to do it in training, you are learning how to apply it to life! When you train you aren't just training your body, you are training your mind to become stronger as well. This becomes applicable to all aspects of life. Everyone starts somewhere take that first step into a stronger life ❤️✌️💪

Be exactly who you are and be proud of that person ! Then surround yourself with other weirdo s that enjoy and appreciate your own flavour of quirkiness exactly how it is !! If you ever walk away from "friends" feeling judged, paranoid, down or negative, those are not your people, they are someone else's, let them go ! I am definitely lucky enough to have found some weirdos that Iove me for me 😊❤️ life is to short to hide because of other people's bullshit... NO! live for you !!

Playing around with balance... 🤸‍♂️

Life is going to be hard sometimes, so get the hell up and get your shit together, you are either an ocean or a puddle, don't be a puddle, people walk through puddles like they are nothing, oceans .. oceans destroy cities !!! Take All that energy your channelling into the "but I don't know if I can attitude" and put it into a doing attitude ! Failing is NO where near as bad as never trying and being stuck in the same spot forever!!!! What is it that you have wanted to do for a long time ??? Take a deep breath and take the first step out of comfort zone ! It's time !!

Changing for the BETTER is ALWAYS great!!! I salute you. Cheers to the new you!!! #live4you #liveyourlife2thefullest no one cant make you happy but you

If it resonates with your soul follow it !! I get too see some amazing sunsets travelling up and down the coast on my weekends this one was epic! No better place to be calm and reflect. I'm so happy with what I have done with myself over the past 9 months, it's been very up and down, but persistence to learn, to grow, to get to know myself, to push myself further than I have before has put me here, building a business that supports my interests, values and inspirations. To travel around and see my friends and go on epic adventures chasing waterfalls, sunsets, beaches and different crossfit boxes. And now I have this truely amazing, honest, open minded, supportive, loving boyfriend with whom I'm going travelling around New Zealand with for three weeks at the end of the year in a van 😍❤️ 9 months ago I was a miserable, sick, unhappy mess, I had lost who I was and my worth .. now I'm here, looking at the epic sunset after visiting my best friends and there new babies and taking photo s of, and exploring somersby falls with my amazing man ! I carry confidence in myself as I have become fit and healthy which keeps my mind in a good place! Be brave enough to find out who you are and to build a life around what you are drawn too !! 📸by: @__leeroy_

Make sure the change is for the better #ChangeAhead #GoodChange #AYearInTheLife #365Days #Live4You

Change ...honestly you never have any idea what is going to happen ! My life has shifted once again and there is a degree of uncertainty in it, but this time I am not fearful of it as I have learnt to trust in and follow my path, to just go with where my life leads me, always working, always growing, always making sure of my purpose. Don't fear the unknown, be excited by it !!

Bar Muscle up turn over drill ! This one was quite effective for me in getting my first bar MUP 😎

Sometimes these are the moments that are the best. Simple, quiet, still. 🙌 #tea #bananabread #forest #birds #rest #alonetime

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